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Chapter 5 That Familiar Feeling Again.

 On the other side of the city, still inside that villa. After answering a phone call, the secretary Yang's face instantly changed. He hurriedly rushed into the study room and said sternly, "the military secret service department demands to block all the access to all the materials regarding the case and prohibits the local police to continue investigating, and they'll send someone over to pick up Yingying. In addition, the publicity department has issued a ban on all media networks from reporting it."

The eyes of the middle-aged man behind the desk revealed a sharp gleam, but it quickly faded.


At this moment, in a quiet corner of a private restaurant in Xu Jiahui, amongst many celebrities and superstars from all over the world, two beautiful women were chatting in low voices.

"Excuse me, I need to answer this call." Sitting opposite Wen Luo, the long-haired girl apologized and stood up, she walked to the side and whispered, "professor Sun, mhm, I'm at Xujiahui."

Her project was a military secret, that she did not dare to reveal even to her close friends.

From the other end of the phone call came an old man's excited voice, "you need to come back as soon as possible... No, I will ask them to pick you up. Otherwise, it will be too late! The thing we found this time is more than enough to let us rebuild the model!"

"What happened?" The long-haired woman couldn't help but ask.

The old man in the telephone was probably too excited, he blurted it out, "there was a car accident this morning, I can't tell you much in detail over the phone, but there is one thing at the scene, that doesn't belong here!"


Chu Yunsheng was brought into a small white room blindfolded. When someone took off his blindfold, the strong light on the top of the room made his eyes unable to open for a while.

Chu Yunsheng thought, that it was probably the unluckiest day in his entire life. He had never gotten up this early before. But he just got up this early once, it brought so many troubles to him.

To this point, he was no longer nervous. Instead, he was trying to think about what to do quickly.

The ID that the person, who came to him, showed him left him with no other choices but to follow him. That was the military ID of the People's Liberation Army. Although he didn't know that ID, the red words on the ID were not something that someone would want to joke around.

When leaving the hotel, he deliberately did not take his backpack with him. Because inside it, there was his ancient book. He believed that if he left it with Xiaohai, he would definitely take care of it for him.

With the current situation, it was much safer to leave with the book with Xiaohai than keep it next to him.

The soldier indeed searched his body as he had expected. They even searched his shoes as well. Chu Yunsheng couldn't stand it anymore and began to complain about it loudly. He was not a criminal, why did they treat him like this.

Maybe the complaint indeed worked, from outside the room came an officer like middle-aged man, wearing a military uniform. He waved his hand to signal everyone else to leave the room.

"Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, it was just the routine security check to ensure this place's safety. Please don't get mad. My surname is Wang and I am in charge of the investigation of the accident this morning." The officer signaled Chu Yunsheng to sit down and said slowly.

'That accident again!'

Chu Yunsheng was so frustrated. The troubles, that were brought by that accident, became bigger and bigger, it was now completely beyond even a criminal case.

Letting out a sigh of frustration, he asked dubiously, "Sir, the whole incident, I have already explained it to the district police in the police station, they also made a record, I believe that with your ability, you should have gotten it already? I can assure you that I didn't hide anything, and there is no need for me to hide. I was waiting for my bus there and then I saw a car accident, and if you don't believe me, I heard the police said, that there was a camera there too!"

The military officer Wang waved his the hand to signal Chu Yunsheng to calm down and said with a smile, "Mr. Chu, actually, the camera was facing toward the other side of the road, it could only see you at the stop sign, the place of the accident is outside it's shooting range. This is the reason why we invite you here. please come here. We want to know some information from you directly. First, can you tell me if you saw this man at the scene."

After saying it, he took out a photo from a folder and pushed the photo to Chu Yunsheng from the bright and clean table and tapped on it twice. And he probably thought, that Chu Yunsheng might be worried about something else, he added, "and don't worry, I have requested the protection for you. So don't be afraid, that what you said may offend anyone. I can guarantee, that no one will do anything to you."

Seeing his attitude was much better than the tall, rich, and handsome man, the dissatisfied feeling of being forced to come here also reduced slightly. However, when he picked up the photos to have a look, he was dazed for a second.

It was that cleaner again!

Chu Yunsheng's headache was getting even worse, he immediately put down the photo and said, "No."

The military officer Wang frowned and reminded him, "Mr. Chu, don't jump to the conclusion so quickly. Please look at it again and think carefully. This is a serious matter, but it has nothing to do with the car accident. I hope you can understand it."

Hearing what he said, Chu Yunsheng had no choice but to pick the photo up and look at it again. After carefully looking at for a while, he said it again, "I'm sorry, but I really have never seen this person before."

The military officer thought for a moment and then said, "okay, Mr. Chu, the man in the photo has been in charge of cleaning near your community. He has lung cancer. According to his colleague's description, he often coughs violently. Base on those descriptions, can you think again. Especially, did you hear anyone cough at that time?"

Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes to take a quick glance at him. He pressed his lips and thought that it was impossible to conceal this matter now, so he simply nodded and admitted, "when I got up in the morning, I did hear someone coughing on the street, on the balcony, but it was on another road. So I don't know whether it was this person or not."

The military officer Wang nodded heavily and wrote down, "this information is very important. Now we can be sure that it was him."

Chu Yunsheng did not know what he meant. So far, everything was too mysterious to him. Thinking about people saying that the cleaner was mysteriously missing, he could not help but ask, "why?"

The military officer did not raise his head, he just kept writing something while saying, "because according to the municipal records, there were no other cleaners nearby at the time, and since you did hear someone coughing on the road, it could only mean he was indeed working at that time. What happened was..."

Then he suddenly stopped, raised his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng curiously.

"I, I just heard from a colleague, saying that on the Internet, people said that this person mysteriously disappeared, so, so... I am just curious, curious!" Chu Yunsheng avoided his curious eyes and hurriedly explained.

But the military officer Wang's expression suddenly changed and said with certainty, "your colleague was right! He indeed disappeared. That is why we also need you to see something!"

Chu Yunsheng almost regretted to death. He cursed at himself silently in his mind, that why he was being so nosy. Didn't he have enough trouble already?

"Mr. Chu, please follow me. This is a military area. For your safety, please don't run around without any permission." The military officer Wang packed up the document and made a "follow me" hand gesture.

This time, there was no way Chu Yunsheng could leave. Therefore, he could only grit his teeth and follow him.

After passing a corridor and taking an elevator, they finally arrived at an inner hall, which was the size of a basketball court. It surrounded by four security doors leading to a larger hall filled with all sorts of machines.

In addition to the heavily-armed soldiers, behind the security door, there were countless people in white coats, moving around hurridly busy doing something.

This time, not only Chu Yunsheng needed to do the whole body examination, even the military officer Wang was no exception. Then only after they were asked to put on a white coat were they finally allowed to go in. Anyone could easily tell that there must be some top-secret thing going on inside the door.

"Mr. Chu, this way." The military officer Wang was still that polite. It made Chu Yunsheng feel slightly better, and his unwillingness was also slightly reduced.

Soon, two people arrived at outside of an independent lab one after another. The wall of the lab was reinforced with steel, very tight. After checking the document, they finally arrived at the destination.

There were about two dozen people in the white coats in the room, old and young, but now they all surrounded a transparent glass-looking box. From time to time, they would all exclaim in amazement.

"Professor sun, they're here, and there's a girl." The military officer Wang looked at his watch and said, "she should be here soon, too."

From the crowd, came out an old man. Quickly glancing at Chu Yunsheng, his eyes still had a trace of excitement. "How may I address you?"

The military officer Wang introduced on behalf of Chu Yunsheng, "this is Chu Yunsheng, the only witness at the scene."

"Oh, hello hello, I'll call you, little Chu." That old man pulled Chu Yunsheng aside and said hurriedly, "I have a question that I must ask you. Did you see the cleaner disappeared in person?"

Chu Yunsheng immediately shook his head, and said positively, "no, I only saw the broom flew away, I did not see anyone."

"Are you positive?" "The old man asked again.

"I am just an ordinary civilian, why would I lie to the police and them?" Chu Yunsheng pointed to The military officer Wang and said.

"Such a shame, a shame!" The old man's eyes revealed the disappointed look, but he quickly collected himself and said, "there is one more thing. You need to take a look. little Zhao, can you get the photos for me, please."

"Yes, professor." from the crowd walked out a girl, with delicate eyebrows, dainty nose, and a bookish charm.

When she took a stack of photos, walked to them step by step, Chu Yunsheng did not know why all of sudden he felt, that this scene was so familiar to him.

The girl, the old man, and the jade pendant on the girl's neck...

Has he seen them from somewhere before?

Why did he have this kind of feeling again?...