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Chapter 4 Ragging Roars

 Three o 'clock in the afternoon.

Chu Yunsheng was in the toilet when his phone rang. Seeing that it was a strange number, that he didn't recognize, he thought that it might be the estate agent, so he answered the call.

"Hello, are you Chu Yunsheng?"

A man's deep voice came from the other end of the phone. There was something strange in his tone, but Chu Yunsheng could not tell what it was.

"Yes, who are you? Century Estate?" Chu Yunsheng shook a little, pulled up the zipper, said while walking to the basin, he did not seem to pay any attention to the tone of the man.

The man on the other side of the phone, "Mr. Chu, I am a lawyer, and my client was involved in a car accident this morning on Qiulin road. I hope that I can talk to you alone in detail about the accident. I don't know if you have time now, I'm just right outside your company."

Chu Yunsheng was startled. He hurriedly switched off the tap, quickly walked through the office area without giving the man an immediate answer. Arriving at the corner of the windows, where he could see the street outside his company building, he looked down to the street, however, he didn't see any suspicious person. He frowned and said, "I am still working, wait for me after 5:30 when I finished my work."

The man on the other side cleared his throat and said, "Mr. Chu, the comrades of the Public Security Bureau will arrive at your company soon. I have heard that you just resigned, however, it won't look nice with those people coming up to invite you, right?"

"What do you mean? It was not me who hit the person. Why do I need to be scared?" Chu Yunsheng lowered his voice and said. It seemed that he was quite very angry about it.

Although he said this, saying that he wasn't panicking was lying. What kind of background those people had? Just looking at the car number plate, it was more than enough for him to know. At the noon, he had specially checked it online, with that car alone, it was worth millions of Chinese Yuan. Those people and he were from two completely different worlds.

The man from the other side of the phone, "no, no, Mr. Chu, you have misunderstood me, I just want to know the details of the accident. It won't delay you too much time, and I promise that the comrades from the public security bureau won't appear in your company."

Chu Yunsheng hesitated, he understood the hidden meaning in the man's words. What he said was that if he didn't come down now, the people from the public security bureau would come to his company to get him.

Although he did nothing wrong, being taken away by those people would have a huge effect on his plan of hoarding materials later on. So he had to treat it seriously.

Whatever is meant to happen will eventually happen, there is no use in resisting it. Gritting his teeth, Chu Yunsheng said, "Okay, let me tell my colleague first, I'll be there in a minute."

The man at the other end of the line, "I'll wait for you on Song Hui road, inside a black Audi."

After hearing it clearly, Chu Yunsheng immediately hung up the phone, returned to the office area, and found some random reasons to ask for a break from manager Yang.

Manager Yang also didn't make things difficult for him. Chu Yunsheng has been working underneath him for more than two years, the relationship of them, was quite good. Not only did he not ask any more questions about why he suddenly wanted a break, but he also asked with concerned, that if he was okay, and if he really didn't feel well, he could finish work early today. After all, handling his tasks to other people couldn't be done in one day.

Chu Yunsheng thanked him, and then hurriedly walked out of the office. While he was in the elevator, his both eyes were gazing at himself in the elevator mirror, the image of himself was also gazing back at him. When "two people" were looking at each other, Chu Yunsheng didn't know why, the longer he looked at it, the more scared he was.

Absentmindedly, he went out of the building. Across the road, he could see a black Audi parked under a green parking sign. Chu Yunsheng tightened his collars, calmed down, pretended to be very casual and walked over. Looking around, seeing that there were no police around, he knocked on the car window.

Actually, the way he behaved was very strange. He was just the witness of a car accident, there was no need for him to act like he had done a serious crime.

Inside the car sat a 30ish years old heroic-looking man, short hair, dressed in a black suit. If Chu Yunsheng wanted to use a phrase to describe this man, it would be, "Tall, rich, and handsome."

"Hello, Mr. Chu, my client is the owner of the car. I want to know the details about the incident from you." The tall, rich, and handsome man waited until Chu Yunsheng seated down and closed the door before he reached out his right hand and said with a smile.

Seeing the man didn't seem to want to introduce himself, Chu Yunsheng guessed, that someone probably didn't want this conversation to be known by the public. Since it probably mattered to someone, who had an important background, Chu Yunsheng also didn't bother to ask. He just shook the man's hand softly and asked, "how did you find me?"

"It wasn't hard to find you. Don't worry. I just wanted to know what happened to my client at that time." The tall, rich, and handsome man dodged the question and said.

Chu Yunsheng was not a fool. Although he didn't know much about the law. He had read quite a lot of news. There was one case in the past he read, of which the parents of the suspect were trying to bribe the witness. In the end, both the witness and the parents of the suspects were locked up by the police. Because the incident was so unprecedented, it caused a huge discussion at that time. Although the incident didn't happen in China, he believed that there must be similar laws to prevent this kind of thing from happening in China as well. Therefore, although he didn't know if the man had some other intentions or not, he must be careful.

"And what do you want to know?" Chu Yunsheng was very straightforward. Clearly, those people were not someone that he wanted to have problems with. They were even able to stop the police from looking for him. And the reason why this man was here, would be more than just asking about some information. However, no matter what he wanted him to do or say, he would cooperate fully. After all, he didn't want to cause any more trouble.

In this magical land, making a person disappeared from the public was not a strange thing.

The man probably often dealt with such a sudden incident before, he seemed to come prepared. No matter what kind of response he got from Chu Yunsheng, he just simply carried on, "okay then, please tell me the incident from the beginning."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and then began to tell him what happened from the very beginning, "probably about four o 'clock, I don't remember the exact time. At that time, I was waiting for my bus, and then I saw an orange Lamborghini drove past in front of me. It even splashed a puddle of water over me, and then I heard a crashing noise. I thought that it must be an accident, so I ran towards the place where the noise came from, then I saw the mini cleaning car was knocked over... But I couldn't see anyone, so I asked the car owner to call the police. And then my bus also arrived... So this is the whole thing."

When Chu Yunsheng was telling the incident, the tall, rich, and handsome man leaned slightly forward. He seemed to be listening to what Chu Yunsheng said very carefully, not wanting to miss a single word. Sometimes, he frowned his brows, and some times his eyes flashed strange gleams. When Chu Yunsheng finished talking, he took out a photo from the black briefcase, showed it to Chu Yunsheng and said, "do you know this person?"

Chu Yunsheng looked at the tall, rich, and handsome man for a second, not knowing what he meant. But he still took the picture and had a close look. The man in the photo was around 50 years old, wearing work clothes, very skinny. His eyes were sunken, and his skin had a very unhealthy color.


After seeing the photo, Chu Yunsheng said with certainty and returned the photo back to the man.

The man smiled and said ambiguously while still holding the photo, "he is the owner of the mini cleaning car, 56 years old this year, not from local and lives alone. His wife has already passed away, but he still has a daughter back in his hometown, and he has not gone back to his hometown for many years. Three months ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, so he coughed very often. Are you sure that you did not see him or hear any noises at the scene?"

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. He understood what the man was trying to hint him. Saying that the man had cancer in front of him so bluntly, he meant that even if he did not want to cooperate with them, they could still use the money to solve it. They needed Chu Yunsheng's statement, so they could finish the case smoothly, but it was not absolutely necessary.

That man, Chu Yunsheng indeed did not see him, but the cough he had heard it. However, that was on the street outside his own balcony, it was on a different road, even if he said that he heard it, it was not much of evidence. So he simply just chose to avoid providing unnecessary information.

The man seemed to appreciate Chu Yunsheng's cooperation. He took back the photo, thought for a second, and then said sternly, "okay, Mr. Chu, thank you for your time, I think I know how it happened. What you saw was, that my client lost control of her car because of the slippery road and hit a mini cleaning car, but you didn't see my client hit the cleaner, am I correct?"

The man's eyes fixed firmly on Chu Yunsheng. There were a few words in this sentence, he intentionally spoke with emphasis. The intention was self-evident, he also believed that with the imposing aura that he had developed over many years after working in a law firm, it was more than enough to intimidate this ordinary small employee before him.

But he was wrong, very wrong. What he shouldn't have done the most was to stare into Chu Yunsheng's eyes.

The eyes of Chu Yunsheng, who knew the intention of the man, suddenly constricted. It seemed like a normal psychological reaction, but in a flash, at the deep end of the pupils, there seemed to hide a stormy black vortex. All of sudden, countless fragments rushed out from both of his eyes, and in the next moment, there seemed to be an overwhelming force sucking his soul into Chu Yunsheng's black eyes. Then everywhere around him became completely dark. There was no light, but he seemed to be surrounded by the raging roars.

"Yes, I didn't see it, and I don't think there were other people there at that time."

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to lie, but he also didn't want to get into trouble. Fortunately, he indeed did not see the cleaner at that time. The tall, rich, and handsome man was playing the trick on the words, although they were exactly the same word, by simply rearranging the order of the words, a criminal case was turned into an ordinary traffic incident.

"If there's nothing else, I need to go now." Seeing the man was staring blankly at him. Chu Yunsheng just opened the door and left the car. From the beginning to the end, he didn't seem to realize the changes in his eyes.

After he left, the face of the tall, rich, and handsome man suddenly went pale, as if he had just had a nightmare. He was having cold sweat, and even his fingers were still trembling very hard as if there was a great fear spreading inside his mind.

The police car then "timely" drove out from the corner of the street slowly, however, there was no siren. After the police car drove past the black Audi, the driver of the Audi nodded at the two police officers inside the police car, then the police car stopped Chu Yunsheng and then asked him to go with them.

Wait until the police car took Chu Yunsheng away, the tall, rich, and handsome man finally calmed down. Since he became a lawyer, it was the first time that he had lost his composure. Taking out his phone with his still shaking hand, he coughed for a few times and finally returned normal.


When Chu Yunsheng came out from the police station, it was already over eight o 'clock in the evening. It was not that the police officer had asked him a lot of questions, but he had been left alone in a room and ignored by all the people since he entered the police station. Only until half an hour ago, after an older police officer simply asked him a few words, did they finally let him out.

The police station would not give him a meal while he was in there. Even if they do, it was not the meal that Chu Yunsheng wanted to eat. As soon as he came out of the station, he immediately called Yu Xiaohai back. When he got the name of the place that they were going to eat dinner, he immediately stopped a taxi and left the place.

Around eight colleagues, that had good relationships with Chu Yunsheng, had already been waiting in the restaurant for a while. Seeing Chu Yunsheng finally appeared, they quickly led him to the booth.

"Brother Chu, what happened? Someone in the company saw you were taken away by the police?"

"Older chu, is everything all right?"

"Xiao Chu, I have a relative in the police station, do you want me to ask him about what happened?"


Inside the booth, a girl suddenly shouted, "come, come, brother Chu, there is news online now. 'A bizarre car accident on Qiulin this morning' Huh? Qiulin road? Brother Chu, isn't that place near your home? Is it because of this? Wait! Don't take my tablet! There are still some more information, 'The cleaner is still missing!'"

"What?!" Originally, Chu Yunsheng didn't really care about it. He knew that those bored friends of his were just pulling his legs. But when he heard this sentence, he unexpectedly had a chill down to his spine.

Those people were simply too audacious! How could they ignore the law completely!

Chu Yunsheng hurriedly walked around the round table, to see the tablet in the female colleague's hand in the hands, but Yu Xiaohai suddenly grabbed and pointed at the door nervously.

"Excuse me, which one of you is Chu Yunsheng?"

In the doorway stood two tall men, in dark suits with earphones in their ears, and something faintly around their waists.

"It's a gun!" Yu Xiaohai saw it and quickly whispered to Chu Yunsheng.

"I am." Chu Yunsheng suddenly calmed down, although he did not know where he got the courage from.

"There's something we need to ask you. We'd like you to go with us. I hope you'll cooperate." One of the men said gravely.

"Who are you?" Chu Yunsheng did not seem to be afraid at all. He was strangly calm and collected.