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Chapter 3 An Unruly Person

 In the entire morning, Chu Yunsheng was fidgeting. It was not because of the resignation, but the things that happened last night and this morning. The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was amiss. However, no matter, how he tried to think, he still could not tell exactly what it was. He could only sit before his computer. clicked on "my computer", closed "my computer" repeatedly while thinking that once he got the money from selling his flat, where could he get the supplies.

"Engineer Chu, manager Wen wants everyone to go to the No. 2 conference room for a meeting." Xiao Yang, the administrative assistant, put a meeting sheet on the table of Chu Yunsheng and said quietly.

"Got it." Chu Yunsheng nodded and packed up his thing.

As soon as he entered the office in the morning, the first thing he did was to submit the resignation letter to the HR department, but since it has not been approved, he could not just leave immediately. The main problem was that he needed to make sure that he would get his salary first.

Chu Yunsheng has been working in the company for several years now, he also had some sentimental attachment to it. But when facing the impending upheaval, which would happen after two months, this feeling was not enough to let him stay here. In any case, he must get the salary and bonus of the projects he did, which should be more than Thirty thousand Chinese Yuan. And this amount of money, to him was extremely precious at the moment. Because he needed money to get more supplies.

The No. 2 conference room is the largest conference room of the three conference rooms in the company. When Chu Yunsheng came in with his notebook, most of the people had already arrived. There was even a blond hair, and blue eyes foreigner in the conference room, it seemed like the big boss was determined to work with the American company now.

The Vice manager Wen was sitting on the center seat. With a short neat bob haircut, a blue business suit, she looked very competent. At the moment, she was using English talking something to the representative from the American company.

It was also the first time, that Chu Yunsheng met her. Glancing around, he quickly found a corner place to sit down. Since he wanted to leave the company, he did not want to join any discussion they were going to have. He just wanted to make sure that HR would not find any excuse to deduct his money.

Seeing almost everyone had arrived, the manager of the engineering department, manager Zhao, cleared his throat and stood up. Glancing around, he forced himself to make a smile and said, "everyone, let me first formally introduce you to the new Vice General Manager of this company Miss Wen Luo, and Oricel of American GTM company!"

As soon as he finished, there was a burst of applause in the conference room and a suitable smile on everyone's face.

Wen Luo nodded to everyone, and the manager Zhao continued, "the manager Wen graduated from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a place full of business elites. In the future, if you are lucky enough to work under the leadership of the manager Wen, you must learn more from her... "

The manager Zhao fully displayed a unique spirit of talking nonsense, gushing words of compliments and praises non-stop. When he was still talking enthusiastically, The eyelids of Chu Yunsheng, who was sitting in the corner suddenly jumped.

'University of Pennsylvania. Why do I feel that I have heard of this name from somewhere else? It seemed like someone also graduated from that school?'

It was a strange feeling. Clearly, he felt that he had heard it before, but no matter how hard he tried to think about it, he just could not recall the details. It was just like clouds and fogs, once you touched it, it would disperse.

The meeting did not stop because he was distracted. As soon as the manager Zhao's speech was over, the new vice manager Wen Luo began to preside the meeting. Her style seemed to be simple and straightforward. She asked the assistants to hand out documents to everyone while she only explained the key points.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng did not listen. He was thinking about something else while frowning all the time.


"... So, starting from today, the engineering department will be the starting point. It will be the first department to implement the standardized management system to form the core competitiveness using technology. All documents must be completed by the end of this month, the workload is very huge, of course, you will be asked to work overtime, I will request for your additional bonus from the company. In addition to that, in order to improve efficiency, the engineering department will be divided into four groups, they will be working directly under me. The following are the four group leaders that are temporarily appointed... "


"Engineer Chu? Engineer Chu? Chu Yunsheng?"

Wen Luo called Chu Yunsheng's name several times, but no one responded. All the colleagues in the meeting room had already turned around to look at him. But they did not expect that Chu Yunsheng was biting the end of his pen absentmindedly.

Wen Luo was slightly dissatisfied. She has seen all the engineering staff's file, this Chu Yunsheng was a senior employee, his ability was average, but his interpersonal relationship was quite good, and he was led by the senior employee the manager Zhao. In order to maintain the stability of the engineering department at this stage to the greatest extent, she still listed Chu Yunsheng as one of the group leaders.

Yu Xiaohai hurriedly pushed Chu Yunsheng and coughed a few times to remind him.

Only until this moment did Chu Yunsheng realize that everyone was looking at him. However, not knowing why they were looking at him, he hurriedly "mhm"-ed in acknowledgment.

The impression of Chu Yunsheng in Wen Luo's mind dropped two-levels, but she still smiled professionally and said, "Engineer Chu, are you familiar with the points that we have just discussed. Do you have any suggestions?"

'What discussion?' Chu Yunsheng did not listen to what they were saying at all. How could he have any suggestions? But as if Wen Luo's words reminded him something, he suddenly patted his notebook, and blurted out: "Finally!"

His voice was very loud and clear. The conference room all of a sudden became deadly silent, the colleagues, who usually had a very good relationship with Chu Yunsheng, all looked at him in shock. This tone, this reaction, he was clearly not satisfied with the Manager Wen's arrangement.

Where did older Chu get this kind of courage? Did the manager Zhao prepare to take him with him? But even if he wanted to quit, he should not have done this in front of everyone.

Everyone was thinking this way, even Yu Xiaohai was no exception. He secretly thought that no wonder why brother Chu said he wanted to quit, so it was this reason.

Not only his colleagues thought this way, but Wen Luo also frowned, and the corner of her eyes glanced at the manager Zhao, while still smiling as if she did not keep it in mind.

The manager Zhao was speechless. He indeed wanted to take Chu Yunsheng to another company. Privately, he had also asked him, but he was rejected by Chu Yunsheng resolutely. But he did not expect that Chu Yunsheng would do this in the meeting. After all, everyone was still working in the same industry, even if they leave the company, they would still need to see each other from time to time. Causing troubles for the old company in the meeting before leaving was a big no-no! His reputation would be ruined by this.

No one knew why Chu Yunsheng was doing this, apart from himself. Since last night, strange things happened one after another, and there was also a strange feeling that always haunted him. Only until now did he just realized, that the word, that he was looking for to describe that strange feeling, was "familiar!"

That's right. Apart from "familiar" this word, he could not find a more suitable word to describe this feeling. He did not expect that Wen Luo's question would help him to solve the question he had since this morning.


Although he could not remember much about the nightmare, there was definitely a sense of familiarity, and the shadow and the bloody face, whether it was an illusion or a ghost, it was still that strangely familiar feeling. And even worse, the girl who caused the car accident this morning, he also had a familiar feeling, as if everything had happened in the past before.

And that the University of Pennsylvania, too, he also had a familiar feeling. But where exactly had he heard it before? Chu Yunsheng was very frustrated.

The more he thought about it, the more he could not sit quietly in the meeting room. This strange familiar feeling caused a tremendous panic deep inside his heart. It had already exceeded the panic that the ancient book had brought to him.

One was from the inner self panic, the other was the external fear and pressure, those two were completely different.

"I'm sorry." Realizing that he had done something inappropriate, he stood up and said, "excuse me, manager Wen and manager Zhao, I have submitted the resignation letter this morning, HR may have not given it to you to approve it. I, I feel a little uncomfortable, I need to leave first."

After he said it, the whole room was shocked. In any workplace, openly talking about resignation in the meeting in front of a new boss, was a big taboo. Unless the employee really hated the company, otherwise, nobody would do such a thing. Even if people were dissatisfied with the new arrangement, at most, they would just talk to each other in private. Chu Yunsheng has always been a nice guy in the company. He has never offended anyone before. So even if Wen Luo was not familiar with Chu Yunsheng, seeing him suddenly acting like this, she also realized that if something really did not happen to this man, then he definitely did it on purpose.

However, Chu Yunsheng was not joking. He immediately stood up, moved back the chair, and walked out. Yu Xiaohai quickly pulled him while his forehead was covered with cold sweat and said in low voice, "Brother Chu, the door is over there."

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a moment, then immediately turned around. At this time Wen Luo suddenly said, "Engineer Chu, if you are not feeling comfortable, the company can give you a holiday to rest for a period of time, in terms of the resignation letter, we can talk about it in the future."

It was not that Wen Luo wanted to give in, she has just arrived at the company, it would only cause panic if she fired someone on the first day. Although it was Chu Yunsheng himself wanted to quit, rumors could always confused people. Especially at this critical stage, even if it was not related to her, people would think it was because of her.

But the thing about this man openly resigned in the conference room, would make the new policy became very difficult to implement, and it would also make her look very incompetent. So she did not think that it was really Chu Yunsheng's personal problem. Someone must have incited him to do it.

Of course, she wouldn't give the person behind Chu Yunsheng a chance.

But she did not expect that Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped at the door, turned around, and asked a very strange question in a stern tone, "Miss. Wen, Miss. Oricel, you two just came back from the United States, do you believe in the apocalypse?"


That afternoon, Chu Yunsheng got the resignation confirmation, at the same time, a rumor also began to spread in the company, "Chu Yunsheng from the engineering department seemed to have lost his mind."

But there were still quite a few people had a very good relationship with Chu Yunsheng. They all wanted to help Chu Yunsheng as much as they could. Leading by Yu Xiaohai, those people were discussing where they should host a leaving-do for Chu Yunsheng. Those people were mostly ordinary employees. In terms of the management level, it seemed to be very calm. However, no one knew, that a global catastrophe was approaching every day!

When Chu Yunsheng was going through the procedure of handing over his job to his other colleagues, Wen Luo, in the vice manager's office, picked up the phone, that was vibrating, walked toward the floor-to-ceiling window, looked down at Shanghai city and answered, "Hello..."

On the other side of the telephone, appeared a woman's delicate voice, "Wen Luo, why didn't you tell me that you just came back?"

Wen Luo's stern face showed a faint smile and said, "I just came back a few days ago. But I heard that you were busy with an important experiment, so I did not dare to interrupt you."

The woman on the other end of the phone seemed to be very upset and said, "the experiment failed again, Wen Luo. Let's have dinner tonight. It's been a long time since we got together."

Wen Luo said with a smile, "How can I say no to Miss. Zhao's invitation? Talking about the frustration, I have just met the most unruly person in my life!"


At the other end of the city, in a villa's study room, a middle-aged man was holding a camera photo in his hand. He gently placed it on the desk and raised his head and said, "Older Yang, are you sure, that he is the only one, who has ever appeared on the scene?"

Across the desk, a man, who was wearing a glasses and about 40 years old, nodded, "I have read all the information about the scene, he is definitely the only witness, Comrade Wang Fushun from the public security bureau has already gone to the neighborhood to investigate, as long as he is willing to testify, Lawyer Chen said that there will be no legal problem."

The middle-aged man was silent for a while, and then said, "check his information, as detail as possible, including the family background, economic situation, working relationship and so on, but all materials, do not send them to me, keep them in the police station."

Secretary Yang nodded and left the room.


I know some readers are frustrated, like wtf, there is no connection from the last volume and this volume, and how the heck did MC return to the past. I can only tell you this is intentional, and you will get some hints to help you solve this question somewhere in this volume.

Moreover, as I said at the end of the last volume. Read from volume 1 again, you will discover many interesting things. For example, why did MC have a strange feeling since volume one chapter one? And throughout the book, from time to time, he felt that the world he lived in did not seem to be real. Why MC was very soft towards children since volume one. Etc...

I know that some readers definitely want to ask why the heck did MC not remember anything? If I tell you that this question also applies to volume one and chapter one.... then you will get....

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