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Chapter 545

 The colorful vortex had to give up the ancient book, but it still firmly held the baby and Liu Li.

The gaps for eyes on the helmet slowly closed. The white armor was also scattered into pieces, and then formed into a small seemingly ordinary sword again and shot into Chu Yunsheng's.

The words of the ancient book also returned to the book and followed the sword and went back into Chu Yunsheng's zero-dimensional space.

At the same time, an old voice sounded in the inner ears of Chu Yunsheng,

"I can only help you to this far. You'll have to go the rest of the path by yourself, if... Sigh, this is fate. 'Wuzi Fragment' is something I found by accident on your planet. It is probably a relic of Qi Shizu. It is very clean and I hope you can make good use of it.

However, you must remember that weapons are always the secondary choices, your own cultivation methods should be the primary focus.

This is the last message I will give you, I think you have already collected all the maps, found my treasure, and also had a fight with 'the descendant of that person', the biological level between you two are too big, you are far away from being able to compete with her, and Wuzi Fragment only contains my last bit of energy. It can only save you this time!

You need to use the things that I left for you and leave this place as soon as possible.

Sigh, if it were not for the connection of the seven nails, in the vast universe, 'the descendant of that person' wouldn't have been able to locate the location of your planet. However, as long as you leave this place, and hide among the endless stars, she will no longer be able to track you.

The universe is so vast, the positions of galaxies are also changing all the time, without the constant coordinates. What you see is always the past locations of the galaxies. It took light millions of years or even tens of millions of years to send information to your eyes, therefore, by the time you get there, they're probably gone for millions of years.

So in the universe, remember, never believe what your eyes see because what you see is always the past, not the present."

Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened his eyes, all the sound seemed to have disappeared, the reflection in his pupils, showed a cube and Liu Li were slowly being lifted into the colorful vortex.

"Want to take them away? Then you must step over my body!"

Chu Yunsheng spread out his long wings, clenched the flaming spear, and flew towards the colorful vortex against the powerful energy turbulence.

The power of the colorful vortex was so strong, that it was able to compete with that book and that white armor. It almost shocked everyone. But when the white armor and the book disappeared, Chu Yunsheng still wanted to fight it? A true feeling of respect began to appear in everyone's mind.

He was a mortal, but he was currently attacking a god.

The eyes of those who supported Chu Yunsheng were filled with the craze, and they all clenched their hands into fits tightly.

No matter what the result would be, once the attack arrived, there would be no gods in this world.

A new era would begin after this attack.

Everyone's mind was filled with extreme excitement as if they were the one that was holding the spear.

However, was he going to survive this time?

More and more people stopped fighting each other and gazed at Chu Yunsheng.

The world quickly quieted down again.

Tens and thousands of pairs of eyes were looking at the flaming figure flying towards the colorful vortex.

Time seemed to have slowed down and everyone could hear their own heartbeats.

One second, two seconds, three seconds...

The fiery figure was getting closer and closer to the colorful vortex. The tension on the battlefield was also stretched to its limit.

Four seconds. Five seconds...

In the sixth second, the spear, that was burning with the raging fire, plunged into the colorful vortex. Then, there was a loud crash, which spread out thousands of miles away. All the windows of the ships were shattered at that moment and everyone had blood coming out from their ears.

Outside the planet, where the sunlight could reach, a black arrow suddenly made a sharp turn, passing countless huge space battleships, roaring back to once the blue planet.

Chu Yunsheng roared in rage, while releasing all the fire energy he had from his whole body, to attack the colorful vortex. It caused many dazzling fiery explosions, like a firework in the sky.

The attack completely angered the colorful vortex. All of sudden, a colorful rainbow appeared and began to mercilessly whip Chu Yunsheng's body. The force was so great, that it instantly threw him out of the vortex and he almost passed out.

But he couldn't give up. Because Liu Li and his daughter were right behind him.

So as his hands clenched tightly, he once again flew into the vortex.

"Die! You bastard!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his bloody teeth and roared again. Although the rainbow whip was constantly whipping at him, he still didn't let loose of the spear.

His armor was made of eight hundred Mins. But each whip would instantly kill one Min.

And every time a Min died, he would become weaker a little. The colorful vortex also seemed to have also realized it. Its whip suddenly became even faster.

A bit by bit, Chu Yunsheng was slowly pushed out of the colorful vortex again.


Time quickly passed, the last min also died under the powerful whip, what was left was only Shang. However, all of sudden the colorful vortex seemed to be panicked!

Before everyone realized it, the colorful vortex quickly made a strange noise, and then a ball of strange white thing suddenly shot out from Liu Li's head and went into the colorful vortex. And then, the colorful vortex disappeared completely, leaving the cube, Liu Li and Chu Yunsheng behind.

Chu Yunsheng used all his remaining strength to open his eyelids. Then he saw a black arrow, shot through the place where the colorful vortex was originally staying. In the next second, it appeared before him and shot into the spear he was holding.

With the momentum brought by the black arrow, Chu Yunsheng was falling rapidly from the sky. Although the cube and Liu Li were also falling from the sky, in his half-closed eyes, they were getting further and further away from him. He wanted to let go of the spear and reach his hands to grab them. However, no matter how hard he tried, he no longer had the strength.

Then his world became completely dark...


2012, Shanghai, the late night.

It was raining very heavily outside. Although the night sky was lit up by lightning from time to time, there was no sound of thunder.

In a dark room, a young man was rolling left and right on the bed with his eyes closed. His body muscles seemed to be extremely tense and his face was twisted as if he was having a nightmare.

All suddenly, an extremely loud thunder cracked outside, shaking the entire city and the building the man was in, waking the man up from his nightmare...

End Of Book 1