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Chapter 544

 The senior practitioner said before, that there were four realms for the bow. In those four realms, the second realm was called "destroying the sky"

And the arrow, that Chu Yunsheng had just unleashed was the "destroying the sky"

Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly tightened. He could not be more nervous, at the moment when he unleashed the arrow. Fortunately, he did not aim at the young man, what he aimed at was the six divine nails, otherwise, he would not be able to forgive himself at all.

Even that, the black arrow still affected the young man and the cube. The speed of the black arrow was extremely fast. A second before, it was still with Chu Yunsheng, but a second later, it already arrived before six divine nails. Then what happened later, Chu Yunsheng did not see it.

All he knew was that the young man and the cube, that contained his daughter, were suddenly brought up, and then, they began to fall. And what was falling with them was Liu Li's body as well.

Chu Yunsheng did not have time to think too much. He just flew out straight away like a fiery phoenix.

The fire was purple colored. The energy it radiated was like a sun in the sky, even Huan, who was born with fire energy, also cursed secretly that the energy those fire contained was abnormal.

And Jing, who was rushing towards the place where Ge Yushi was going to land, was also shocked, 'how did he recover?'

The chaos caused by black gas was like a short nightmare, it appeared quickly and disappeared also very quickly. After the black arrow disappeared, all the people restored their consciousness as if they had just woken up from their nightmare.

Those who were lucky, were still in their own group. When they restored their consciousness, they just looked at each other in confusion. But those who were not lucky, were deep inside the enemy's group, they might be surrounded by their enemies.

The time on the battlefield seemed to be frozen. But it was only frozen just for a few seconds.

Then the battle continued...

On the other side, in mid-air, Huang Bei Ying finally appeared before Chu Yunsheng, wanting to stop him.

"Fuck off!"

It was very chaotic both in the air and on the ground. So Chu Yunsheng didn't know who was heading his way. But whoever the person was, to him, the result would be the same.

So Chu Yunsheng was still accelerating, without the slightest sign of stopping. A long flaming spear was thrust forward, aiming to pierce through anything that was on his way.

Huang Bei Ying could dodge this attack or block this attack, either one would not be difficult for her, but it would not be easy as well. However, she chose to avoid fighting with Chu Yunsheng at that moment. It was not that she was scared of Chu Yunsheng. It was actually, that there were two more people, who were very difficult to deal with, closely behind Chu Yunsheng.

They were Huan and Jing.

She was confident that she could seize Chu Yunsheng, but she was also very sure that she would be heavily injured after that. If that happened, how would she able to deal with those two?

Chu Yunsheng's arrow had disrupted everyone's plan, including Ge Yushi's. Huang Bei Ying believed, that Ge Yushi also did not expect, that the six divine nails, also did not block the power of this arrow for her.

After the seven divine nails left six nails, Huang Bei Ying knew that they had lost the battle. Ge Yushi was a very smart person, she must have a backup plan to save herself. But Huang Bei Ying herself still had her entire race behind her, so he couldn't retreat.

In fact, amongst the Ying sequence, the first few sequences have successfully returned to their positions as well, there were also several powerful people in her race, that could be called out to help her to fight Huan and Jing. But she didn't think it was necessary now. She must reserve as many resources as possible for her race.

So, when she appeared in front of Chu Yunsheng, it was just for a show. After all, unlike those five elemental races, she and her people knew the consequences of defying the god's command.

Chu Yunsheng just flew past her, without turning his head, leaving her for Huan and Jing those two that were behind him.

Seeing Huang Bei Ying didn't stop Chu Yunsheng, those who originally wanted to join the fight, all dispersed in the blink of an eye.

Losing the protection from the divine nail, Ge Yushi could no longer levitate in the air. Seeing what other people did, she just sneered. Seeing Chu Yunsheng's murderous force was getting closer, surprisingly, she was not panicking.

"I'll see how you are going to kill me!"

Ge Yushi spat out a mouthful of blood, as her face quickly withered, and then a ball of white strange white thing suddenly burst out from the top of her head.

It only flashed once, and then immediately descended to Liu Li's body.

This was the second descent, and it was also the last descent. Originally, she wanted to keep it for Chu Yunsheng's daughter, but the baby was too weak, there was no way she would be able to control the last divine nail, which was still a gigantic pillar at the moment. Liu Li's body was her only choice, she only hoped, that Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to do anything to her and then she would be able to escape from here, and find a place to hide. When the dimensional space was completely recovered, she would then be able to go back.

As to whether the Supreme one would kill her, she believed that with her wisdom, she would surely come up with a new way while she was hiding.

The process of descent was very painful because of all kinds of rejection reactions, but Ge Yushi still opened her eyes at the fastest speed. At the moment, Chu Yunsheng was just a hundred meters away from her now.

Although the billowing heatwaves were still a hundred meters away, it still blew her hair back, revealing her unhealthy skin color, which was quickly returning to pale skin with the speed that was visible to the naked eyes.

She believed that Chu Yunsheng would never dare to stab his spear. To kill her, he must destroy Liu Li's body. But that was something that Chu Yunsheng would never do.

Sure enough, Chu Yunsheng stopped in less than 30 meters before her. A pair of eyes, that were angry to the extreme, was glaring at her. Then he simply turned his direction and quickly dived down towards his daughter's cube, which was also falling.

But he didn't expect, that just as he changed his direction, from the glacier below suddenly appeared a rapid growing plant. Its branches were so broad and it was growing so rapidly that it seemed to have been injected by some sort of catalyst.

Each leaves slightly reduced the falling speed of the cube, and when the cube landed on the ground, it was no longer that fast anymore.

Hiding in a gap in the glacier, Bi Fangting let out a sigh of regret, "the wooden elemental core I refined for 10 years, it was just wasted like that... Sigh..."

Seeing Chu Yunsheng stopped in the air, Ge Yushi, who had just recovered slightly, immediately wanted to call back the seventh nail.

However, when the pillar just moved, in the sky, where the black arrow and the other six nails disappeared, appeared a dimensional crack, then the bright sunlight once again shed on this world through the crack.

Before those old people from the age of light became excited, they saw a colorful vortex slowly appeared in the center of the crack.

In the center of the vortex, lightning appeared constantly. Soon, the gigantic pillar was quickly lifted and turned into a small nail and returned to the rest of the nails, that were looming in the colorful vortex.

In the sky, over the Arctic, under the powerful wind, that was caused by the vortex, all the ships were shaking violently in the air and having a hard time maintaining their positions. Huang Bei Ying, Huan, and Jing three people also had to stop, watching what happened.

Soon, from the colorful vortex shot out a soft colorful beam, directly locking the cube and Liu Li in the air.

Then the colorful light beam began to flow backward, slowly lifting Ge Yushi and cube up. While being lifted up, Ge Yushi couldn't help but blurt out in fear, "The supreme being!? No, you're not, you're... "


As a father and a husband, he could not bear seeing his daughter and Liu Li being taken away! He must stop it.

However, before he moved again, from the colorful vortex appeared a huge hand. It just lightly grabbed Chu Yunsheng's body completely and then let go of him quickly. It seemed like nothing had happened, but Chu Yunsheng clearly felt that he had lost something.

It was the ancient book!

And at the moment, it was in the palm of the huge hand.

Chu Yunsheng immediately infused more energies into his armor, wanting to move out again. He didn't care that he had lost the book, he just wanted to save his daughter and Liu Li.

It was this time, the ancient book suddenly glowed and shot out many dazzling words. It instantly shattered the huge hands.

Then from deep in the colorful vortex came with a confusion noise, "Huh?"

Those dazzling words were spinning in the air, connecting each other one by one. In the end, they formed an armor.

An armor that was as white as snow!

The eyeholes of the helmet, which were originally closed, suddenly opened in an instant, and two red powerful light beams instantly shot straight out at the very center of the colorful vortex.

All of sudden, the colorful vortex quickly became dim, and from the center of the vortex appeared a short painful grunt.