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Chapter 543

 The m-shaped black wings; the sharp and dark black shoulder armor; the spiky armor edges were slightly upturned; the armor in the abdomen area was in an inverted triangle, connecting the solid straddle armor, revealing the infinite strength.

The armor plates followed arms and legs covering all the necessary areas. On his head, there was a dark helmet covering his head completely, only revealing a pair of red eyes.

Around him, the black gas was like black ribbons floating around his body and the bow in his hand.

It looked exactly like the Lord Insect.

Except for the weapon in his hands, it was so similar that everyone, who had seen the lord insect with their own eyes, felt a great chill rising from the bottom of their hearts, covering all their limbs.

In the hearts of the people in this world, there were many descriptions of the Lord insect, but no matter in which description, its invincible strength, and its ability to blot out the sky whenever it appeared, left an indelible shadow in people's minds.

In the absence of Chu Yunsheng, there was only one person in the whole world dared to stand before it and say a few words. It was the cultivation propagator, Edgar. The rest of the people, even the mayor of sky City, didn't dare to get near it.

No one knew exactly when it appeared, but when it appeared, the world was already full of insects.

In one night, it destroyed many cities one by one, and in just one battle, it made Duo Neng race suffered heavy losses. In the same year, it defeated the armies of the five elemental races countless times, it was slaughtering all the revived people of the five elemental races non-stop until the cultivation propagator finally decided to stand out.

It was only then, were they finally able to have the opportunity to breathe.

In the following internal war of the insect race, with the help of Edgar, and under the joint force of the human race and the five elemental races, they followed the lord insect and cleared eleven Shangs, that there had been spread around the world.

It was during the internal conflict, that they were finally able to observe the true power of the lord insect.

Many people believed that the lord insect had already reached Yuan Tian Stage Four, but no one could prove it, because only Edgar was able to get near it at that time.

It was for this reason, that Edgar's position was rising like rocket, and although he was just an ordinary man, and he had the cultivation methods that everyone wanted, no one dared to offend him.

This situation continued like this until the day when the Lord insect suddenly disappeared...

Now that the lord insect has appeared again, everyone's mind was filled with complex feelings. They were sacred of the Lord Insect's power. But at the same time, they also hoped that the lord insect would help them.

But the young man could easily tell, that he was Chu Yunsheng, not that insect. However, even if she was able to tell that it was Chu Yunsheng, she was still worried about the black arrow that was currently slowly formed on that bow.

There was no fluctuation and condensation of heaven and earth Yuan Qi, no signs of dimensional chaos, no gravitational fluctuations, which normally caused by the massive destruction methods. But all the anxious feelings she had all came from that black gas and Chu Yunsheng.

The young man felt the danger, and she subconsciously moved behind the cube that imprisoned Chu Yunsheng's daughter.

She was very clever, at the moment, the best defense was not the divine nails, but Chu Yunsheng's daughter.

However, because of fear, she forgot, that she was watched by many people. Even it was just a tiny of her movements, it would be noticed by other people.

The first one that noticed it was Huang Bei Ying, who was the closest to her. She instantly frowned and a bad feeling began to emerge within her.

The second person that noticed it was Ding Yan. As if he suddenly discovered an opportunity, he immediately began to issue order quickly.

Then Chu Yunsheng also noticed it. He noticed that his opponent was afraid.

However, Chu Yunsheng himself also encountered a big problem as well.

He just realized that he couldn't let go of the string.

He didn't understand what happened exactly, but it seemed that the arrow has not gathered enough energy.

Then all of sudden, the area that was supplying the arrow the energy was suddenly forced to expand. From Chu Yunsheng's zero-dimensional space to the black gas that those eight hundred Mins inherited from Dark...

After all the black gas was sucked dry from eight hundred Mins, the arrow was still searching for the energy sources, until it encountered one thing!

The thing that left by the No. One, that old man.

In the next moment, the arrow seemed to have broken through a certain threshold. It suddenly created a shockwave, rippling outward and spreading rapidly across the battlefield.

The dying old man in the command center of the arctic base suddenly seemed to have detected something. His eyes were wide open as he gasped in disbelief,

"That's not possible, how could this happen!"

On the battlefield, apart from the god's warriors, as if everyone else was enveloped by a huge fear from the abyss, from the depths of all the souls of the human beings, the five elemental races and even including the vicious beasts, emerged an immense strange panic. They even began to have all sorts of illusions.

Some people, who were able to resume their continues very soon, all looked around to look for the source of the panic.

The young man was also aware, that her body was also panicking uncontrollably. The panic did not come from her, but the body she descended into.

This feeling of panic seemed to be able to suffocate the entire world.

And the source of the panic was soon discovered by everyone!

It was the arrow, the arrow that made of black gas!

The fear of the whole world seemed to be controlled by the sharp arrow, it was unleashing an irresistible force.

"Don't let him shoot that arrow!" The young man shouted in fear, and her face instantly changed, "that is the arrow of destruction!"

Under the unbearable pressure of panic, a dramatic scene happened on the battlefield. Just now, the people that were supporting Chu Yunsheng all turned again him, as if all of them suddenly became entirely different people. But all of them only had one thought, it was to destroy that arrow, and not let Chu Yunsheng shoot that arrow!

The god's warriors, which were not affected by this kind of panic feeling, moved out the first. Those people that were originally trying to stop them also quickly followed them behind.

But the closer they got to the arrow the more panic they were, until the end, all the people, apart from the god's warriors, could not move an inch forward.

But the god's warriors and the robotic army were still advancing, Chu Yunsheng, who was losing control of the arrow, was also aware that the danger was approaching him.


It was just at this moment, after another energy shock wave, that was created by the arrow, appeared. Then the arrow suddenly shot outward.