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Chapter 542

 Ye Qishen did not call. A light beam that shot across the sky, went straight through his chest. The orange-colored armor was opened up a big hole, and before the blood was even able to burst out, it was instantly vaporized in the air. And the thick blood smell in the air quickly went into Yao Xiang's noses.


Yao Xiang shouted, and flew towards him. He and Ye Qishen were close friends for many years. Most of the people they knew had already died or... But before he was able to catch Ye Qishen, a bright red light beam shot past his eyes, and the flying device he used was instantly broken into half and he was blown away.

While he was blown away, he saw many flying machines from Shu Du force began to swarm towards them.


On the other flying device, Lu Yu cursed, and just when he was about to ascend to save Yao Xiang, he saw that in the fleet of Shu Du city suddenly appeared many explosions. Then the entire fleet fell into chaos.

"Its internal conflict! Let's take this opportunity to counterattack!"

"Motherfucker, its betrayal within betrayal! No one can be fucking trusted!"

The one who said this was Gazi, the first flying rider officer of Yun Sect. He was no longer the young man Chu Yunsheng met many years ago. Nowadays, his mature face was filled with a stern expression. But even then, he still couldn't help but curse.

On his side, they had just destroyed one cubic ship, but there were still four left. And those four ships quickly approached the place, that was a hundred meters away from the fireball and instantly shot out four white beams.

However, after the white beams went into the fireball, the fireball had no reaction at all. But it startled a hundred Mins that were still spinning around the fireball. As they flocked towards one of the cubic ship, the ship was instantly destroyed by them.

Wu Kezha led the second team, hurriedly arrived, under Ding Yan's command. Facing the flying machines that were approaching the fireball, he didn't care if they were friendly or not, he just ordered his team to unleash all the firepower at them. When they finally managed to drove away three heavily damaged cubic ships, many strange ships emerged from the ocean below.

On each of those ships, it was clearly marked with the Chiba clan's symbol.

"Fuck those..."

Wu Kezhao was just about to order his team to activate the energy shield, but he didn't expect that all the shells were shot into Shu Du city's fleet.


On the ground, it was even more chaotic. One moment they were still friends, in the next moment, they were pointing guns at each other. The forces, that they thought were their reinforcements, were actually firing at them, and the forces, that they thought they needed to kill, were actually helping them.

The communication channels were flooded with the contradicting commands confusing all the lower-level soldiers.

In the midst of the chaos, towards the east suddenly appeared rows of rolling yellow fog. And with the wind blew towards them, the fog was heading towards them fast.

"Its Zhiwu forest! Everyone run!"

No one knew who said it. But after hearing it, those who were fighting earlier instantly stopped and began to run away desperately.

At this moment, they didn't care whose order it was, they must save their own lives first.

Besides, who the hell were their enemies?

No one had any clues at all...

As the fog approached them closer and closer, soon, people were able to see many blurry shadows moving inside the fog as well.

Just when they were wondering what they might be, many vicious beats jumped out from the fog, killing anyone they saw.

And behind them, countless red beams suddenly shot out, destroying many forces' weapons.

"The wild beast army!"

"The robots army of Duo Neng race!"

"How the hell did those two work together?"

While the outside was still in chaos, Qin Qiying risked her life to bring lord Jing into the ice race's commanding ship.

"I need someone's life force!" As soon as the coffin was put down, Jing said straightway.

"Of course, I'm looking for a volunteer." She added. What she asked made many Ice race people hesitated.

"Take mine!"

In the quiet commanding bridge, one person responded resolutely.

"Okay, what's your name?" Jing looked at the person and asked.

"Li." The woman answered calmly.

Jing couldn't help but smile helplessly, "it's this name again. It must be my fate then. Don't worry, when I reached Source Gate one day, I'll free you."

"Thank you." Looking at the screen that was still showing the chaotic battle, she just simply said.

"Come in."

As Jing said, the coffin was slowly opened, then a thick icy fog came out of the coffin, blocking everyone's sight.

When the fog disappeared, Li also disappeared.

Soon, the woman in the coffin was slowly able to move. At first, it was her hands, then her upper body, in the end, she slowly walked out of the coffin.

"I couldn't believe that this technique still exists. Lord Jing is truly the most powerful person in our five elemental races. It's also my honors to fight beside you again!"

"You also didn't change much. Anyway, let's go. We can't let them wait too long!?"


The young man was standing on top of the seventh divine nail overlooking at the battlefield. No one was able to reach her height, so she was not in any immediate danger.

However, she was very anxious. Although it was not very obvious on her face. If she could not restrain Chu Yunsheng, she would not be able to descend into the girl. Otherwise, once she descended into the girl, not only would she lose control of the seventh divine nail, but she would also be controlled by Chu Yunsheng as well.

So she had to control Chu Yunsheng first, even if it meant that she had to do it personally.

But she also couldn't leave this place, she had to guard the girl. This was the only way she could escape the supreme one's punishment.

But the thirteenth baktun has already left to deal with the fireball personally, so she still needed to wait for a while.

While she was thinking this, the last Min finally combined with the fireball.

A few moments later, a black shadow broke out of the fireball and shot towards the top of the pillar, like a burning shooting star.

It was so fast that not a single ship was able to catch up with his speed. When he finally reached the top, all the flames surrounded the black shadow was also scattered everywhere to reveal its true body!

Then everyone was gasped in fear.

"Lord Insect!?"