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Chapter 541

 Above the Arctic, where the semi-four-dimensional space was.

Before the appearance of Chu Yunsheng, the tension amongst all of the forces was extremely high. No one dared to make a move, or even dare to make a sound. It was extremely quiet and oppressive, making people feel suffocated.

No one knew who was on which side, and who was the real enemy, so it was full of confusion and distrust in the air.

Everyone was waiting for the moment that Chu Yunsheng showed up.

The air was getting tenser and tenser.

It was at this moment, a whistling sound broke the dead silence.

Then a black shadow flew out of the crack on the icy ground, heading straight towards the top of the pillar.






"Kill kill kill!"


In an instant, the whole space was filled deafening roars and other types of cannon firing noises. It followed by countless energy beams, flying across the sky, lighting up the entire Arctic sky.

From afar, the sky was like a huge net, that was woven by light and fire, all the people and all the aircraft were the prey struggling in the net, one after another was hit and fell down from the sky...

The reinforcements that were still trying to get to the Arctic all stopped in a distant, with shocked expressions.

In the center of the attack, in front of that black shadow, there were at least 100 energy beams.

At the same time, many aircraft below the shadow suddenly accelerated and flew before him. They spread out into a horizontal line and kept ascending fearlessly, trying to make a way for the black shadow. Despite many of them were shot down, there were still many more closely followed behind.

In the midst of the chaos, no one noticed that a small aircraft also flew out from the crack on the ground and flew into the swarm of eight hundred Mins.


A clear command suddenly reverberated in the swarm, eight hundred Mins all screamed out at the same time, like a thunderstorm.

In the next moment, those Purple flamed creatures began to flock into the small aircraft one after another. Soon, the aircraft exploded in the air, but it didn't stop those creatures flying into the center of the explosion.


In the center of the purple flames, the strict voice urged. Instantly, all the mins just flew into the center of the explosion as if they had lost their minds.

As the purple flame fireball was getting bigger and bigger, it finally attracted more and more people's attention, then people were shocked to find out that the black shadow, that had appeared in everyone's sight the first began to fell from the sky.

"The enemy is in the center of the fireball!"

The eyes of Huang Bei Ying, who was standing in the cube, flashed a strange gleam. She realized that the conservative party of the last resistance force, Chu clan's disciples and Duo Neng race were supporting Chu Yunsheng.

The person, who posed as Chu Yunsheng and rushed out of the crack, was the most powerful sword disciple, that Chu clan's had been carefully trained for many years. With he himself alone, he almost attracted all the attacks from the forces, that were against Chu Yunsheng.

And it was Duo Neng race, who sent Chu Yunsheng directly into his swarm.

In term of the conservative party of the last resistance force, many areas on the Arctic surface, that were still controlled by them, were opened up, revealing countless cannons hidden underneath the icy surface. At the moment, they were all aiming at the sky. It was very clear, that who they were supporting now.

In the next moment, all the cannons were fired at the same time.

From Huang Bei Ying's perspective, overlooking at the ground, all she could see was the vast white ground suddenly blossomed many red flowers, and those flowers were getting bigger and closer in her sight.

Although the conservative party's artillery attack was very dense, they would not cause much damage to the cubic ship. Huang Bei Ying just slowly put on her crystal battle suit.

In terms of the other five races, five major forces, and many small and medium forces. . .

Looking at the chaotic fight around the gigantic pillar, Huang Bei Ying let out a long sigh. The heavenly ambassador was truly a clever woman, in those years, apart from sky city, she was able to infiltrate into all the forces.

Huan, who was on the central command ship, was also very cautious. He had already put on the special combat cloak, that was designed by his race. Looking at the chaotic situation outside, he said in a murderous manner,

"Yao Xiang, you and Lu Yu lead a reliable team to defend the fireball!"

"Yes!" Yao Xiang took a look at Ding Yan before he left. Jing Tian's body was lost from his hand, but not only did it not seem to worsen his mental condition, but it seemed to have completely recovered his condition. In the past, he always kept blaming himself, that he did not stay with Jing Tian at that time to protect her. Only until today did he realize that even if he had stayed with Jing Tian at that time, he still would not be able to protect her.

But his hatred toward those, who had hurt Jing Tian, did not reduce any.

"Older Bi, Use your toxic gas! I want to completely disable those traitors!" Huan said to Bi Fangting.

"Okay..." Bi Fangting slightly stepped back. As long as he did not ask him to join the battle personally, he did not mind to use his toxic gas. Besides, it would only work on those traitors, his toxic gas had no effect on those god's warriors.

"Feng, Yang, you two are the most powerful revived people of the Fire race and the Ice race, I am now handling the control of all the fleet of the five races to you two. Remember, before I and Chu were able to kill the heavenly ambassador, even if it means that you two are going to die on the battlefield, do not let the god's warriors push a step forward!" Huan's fierce eyes swept over the two people and ordered.

"Lord Huan, you can rest assured, that I will not disgrace our entire race!" Feng responded resolutely.

"The ice race will also definitely complete the mission!" Yang from The ice race also responded.

"Good!" After Huan picked up a flaming sword, he said to Ding Yan again, "in terms of the rest, you know what to do."

Ding Yan's brows frowned and said, "yes." And before Huan left, he also added, "but I still have a suggestion. Although we don't know much about what Chu Yunsheng has involved in. But we can still tell from that heavenly ambassador, that it is something to do with conflicts between gods. So why don't we tell those traitors, that Chu Yunsheng is the ambassador of the other god? In that way, it will not be us against the god, but..."

"Ding Yan, how dare you!" Huan's face was extremely livid and he suddenly grabbed Ding Yan by his collar and pulled him over. Everyone was shocked, but only Ding Yan's expression didn't change.

Just when everyone thought that Huan was going to hit Ding Yan, he suddenly let out a heavy sigh and let go of Ding Yan, "FINE! Just do as you said. In the future, you don't need to ask for my permission. You can decide it yourself!"

After that, he simply just left.


When Yao Xiang brought the team and arrived before the fireball, the five cubic machines had also just arrived.

There were still about a hundred Mins left spinning around the fireball, no one knew what Chu Yunsheng wanted to do. With the information they had in their hands, they didn't know all Chu Yunsheng's secret. They still had not even figured out how Chu Yunsheng was able to unleash that kind of sword attack back in the old Shu Du city.

But whether Chu Yunsheng was the key to this battle or not, Yao Xiang didn't want those god's warriors to destroy the fireball.

There was no speech to boost the morale of his team, when they saw each other, they just charged right into each other's group and started fighting each other.

The crystal-dressed beings' fourth-dimensional restrictions gave Yao Xiang and his men a lot of headaches. Their overall strength was reduced in half because of that. But they were still faster than the crystal-dressed beings.

To the nine o'clock of Yao Xiang, far away in the sky, there was an even larger crystal cubic ships' formation. At the moment, they clashed together with Jing Ji island's forces. However, as more and more traitors appeared, Jing Ji island's defense was collapsing very quickly.

Below them, the cannons that were controlled by radicals of the last resistance force also began to lift up and aimed at the sky. Some of them were fired even before they were able to adjust their positions. Those cannons were the most advanced weapons of the last resistance force, the shells they shot out exploded in the air causing huge dark energy shockwaves, shaking Yao Xiang and his men in the air.

It was at this moment, from their left on the ground, suddenly appeared many Chu clan's disciples. They charged into the cannons formation of the radical party and began to fight them in attempting to take over the control of the cannons.

Then behind them, the three o'clock of Yao Xiang, the force of Shu Du city suddenly changed their attack direction and began to fly towards the fireball that Yao Xiang was guarding.

Yao Xiang was startled and immediately shouted to Ye Qishen, "call the mayor right now. Shu Du city had turned against us! We need reinforcements! We need reinforcements!"