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Chapter 540

 Outside the Arctic, countless ships gathered together, spreading 30 kilometers wide in the sky. On the ground, many troops were still marching towards the Arctic from far away like many ants.

The five elemental races, each was responsible for one area outside the Arctic region, and all their people were full of fighting spirits. The crystal-dressed being's fleet formation was not weak either. All of their cubic ships stacked one on top of each other or next to each other, like building blocks, forming a gigantic levitating cube in the sky.

In the sky over the arctic, although there was no smoke and fires, the air here was even tenser than any battle, as if a grand war would break out anytime soon.

Inside the command ship, Huan, who still came to the Arctic despite his injury, was listening to the report from the representative of the last residence force, while thinking something. When the officer finished, he asked in a quiet voice,

"Are you sure that that man called himself heavenly ambassador? And he has a token?"

The official, responded with certainty, "I followed General Qin into the cave and saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears."

The worried expression on Huan's face was even more obvious. All of sudden, he remembered another thing, and hurriedly asked, "your commander is really the No. 1 heaven's messenger? And he called that man heavenly ambassador?"

The officer nodded heavily, "yes! The Arctic base is currently in great chaos. Conflicts in different sizes from different sides have already broken out many times. But before I left, the No. 5 messenger was heading towards the base to suppress the chaos! Fire Lord, if we do not act now, it will be too late!"

On the side, the representative of the Zhiwu forest, Bi Fangting, could not help but mock, "what a joke. You can skip that, we just want to hear the information about Chu."

While those people were asking, the arctic ice below them suddenly made earth-shattering cracking noises. As the icy ground began to move like waves, many people rushed to their aircraft hurriedly. A few moments later, a gigantic pillar suddenly emerged from the icy ground below and kept rising into the sky until its top disappeared into the clouds in the sky. On the surface of the pillar, it was carved with many elegant but thrilling patterns.

"In the name of the heavenly ambassador, I command the thirteenth baktun and the five elemental races to kill Chu!"

A mighty command appeared on the surface of the towering pillar in glittering ancient texts. And those ancient texts, only Huan understood them.

Huan's eyebrows instantly frowned, and his eyes flashed deadly cold gleams. He glanced over the leaders of other forces and said, "the order is here, how will you all chose?"

His eyes were like burning fires, as he glanced around, the faces of the other leaders all became very pale.


In a crystal cube.

After standing quietly for a long time, Huang Bei Ying slowly opened her eyes, sighed and then reached out her fine-skinned finger to gently draw a horizontal line in the air.

After a square was completed in the air, it instantly glowed in green.

"Let 76332 in."

A moment later, a woman in a crystal battle suit walked into the room and then took off her crystal helmet, revealing a charming appearance, but on closer look, her eyes were filled with sadness.

Huang Bei Ying did not turn around, her eyes were still staring at the giant pillar outside the cube. But unexpectedly, she also used a sad tone and said,

"76332, it's time now... What if... you will need to bear the responsibilities of revitalizing our civilization!"

Hearing what she said, the woman panicked, "Lord, I don't quite understand, perhaps we still have other..."

Huang Bei Ying let out a helpless sigh and said, "five elemental races don't know gods exist, so they don't know what they are capable of. Once they get angry, everyone here will be turned into ashes. If we don't obey the heavenly ambassador's order, once... We, Tzolkʼin people, will no longer able to rebuild our home. but if we follow the order, how many of us will be able to survive this time? And how many of us will be left to rebuild our home?"

Looking at the glittering words on the pillar, the eyes of the woman gradually became dim. After a while, as if she finally made up her mind, she said sternly, "Lord, you can issue the order, we will never forget our mission!"


As if this was the answer, that she was waiting for, she immediately turned around and suddenly shut down all the systems in her room, and said, "76332, listen carefully, and make sure that no third person knows about this. Once I am dead, order all our people to surrender themselves to 95827, Chu Yunsheng!"

"Lord?" The woman was shocked.

Huang Bei Ying smiled and said, "he will only accept your surrender!"

"I... "The woman became very nervous

"You don't have to be afraid, I know that your sequence is influenced by the third Baktun and you are a 'Sympathizer', but without my permission, you think that you were able to give 95827 the sinful gate, that he had lost in past, through our battle units?"

"You know?"

Huang Bei Ying nodded and said, "in the past, thirteen Baktuns also held different opinions, so you don't need to feel guilty. But it seemed like the final decision we made at that time wasn't the right decision. There might be a better way at that time. But...

Anyway, if you have the chance to inherit my position, you will know these things. Now you must remember that Chu Yunsheng will definitely accept your surrender. Besides the fact that you have helped him to get out of that realm, there are three things, that are very important to him!"

The woman bowed her head and said, "please instruct me what to do."

"First, his daughter can not be taken out of the cube now. Once she was taken out, even if her consciousness would not be wiped out, it would be severally damaged. Although the technology, that was used to preserve her, came from us, Chu Yunsheng knew, that it was not our intention to do it. Moreover, we have a method that can help him to delay his death, so it will give him more time to find a method to save his daughter. So he will forgive us.

Secondly, it was me who ordered our people to catch the people form Horlivka city. So you can send them back to reduce his concerns.

Thirdly, although I don't know where the Lord insect is, I have a clue, and I will also give you that information.

With those three things. Plus your Sympathizer's identity, he will definitely not kill you..."

"You remember it all now?" In the end, Huang Bei Ying asked.

The woman nodded heavily with a stern expression.

Only after that did Huang Bei Ying have a relieved smile on her face and said, "you don't need to worry that much. This is just in case. According to the current situation of Chu Yunsheng, the chance that we will be defeated is very thin."


In the cave.

Chu Yunsheng did not expect that the young man would run away, but he couldn't stay here either. Because when the young man ran away, he also brought Liu Li's body and his daughter with him.

"Chu, send me up as well, I am the lord of the ice race, apart from Emperor, no one dares to defy my order. I can help you. "

Lord Jing shouted in the coffin.

At this moment, No. 1, that old man, hurried in with a group of people, while trying to block the rocks that were constantly falling from above.

"Chu, this is your only chance! Make the Soul of the Cambrian with me!"

Chu Yunsheng frowned, pulled up the coffin, dodged a huge rock falling from above, rushed to the old man and said, "old man, what is the situation outside? No, just tell me if my swarm has arrived or not!"

The old man hesitated for a moment. But he did not expect that one of his subordinates said out loudly, "they are here! They are all here!"

Chu Yunsheng glared at the old man, and then saw a familiar shadow in the crowd, but he did not have time to think too much about other things. So he immediately said, "find a way to send us up!"

The old man said, "Xiao Chu, please re-consider it again, that is the only way to defeat them. Now, apart from your swarm, they are all your enemies!!! If you are worried about your daughter, I can assure you that your daughter will be fine!"

Chu Yunsheng said bluntly, "old man, I'll not do it even if what you said is true! I, Chu Yunsheng will never rely on other people to save my life. My daughter's life, I'll save it myself!"

The old man could only let out a sigh of disappointment and fell silent.

"I'll send you up!" said a familiar voice.

As Chu Yunsheng looked at the person, he noticed that she was Tan Ning!

"Number one, it's time for you to take a stand!" At this moment, Jing suddenly said to the old man.

"Co...commander!" Qin Qiying stood out from the crowd and said.

The old man sighed and said, "sigh, okay, since it was god's fault. Then... No. 5, all disciples of Chu Clan, and general Qin..."