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Chapter 539

 The divine technique?

The so-called Divine techniques were nothing but two types of abilities, one was the ability of god, and the other was the effect of the abilities that resembled god's abilities.

No matter which one of them, they were all earth-shattering abilities, and whoever learned those abilities, they would become truly powerful.

The divine Technique was not like those Divine relics, such as the seven divine nails. Even if you know that they were divine relics, it would not change the fact that you would never know when they might fly away. But once you mastered the divine technique, no one could take it away from you. It would belong to you forever. Therefore, the value of those two could not be compared.

When Chu Yunsheng was in Poyang Ze, he had already refined his sword move to the highest level. Without any useless and flashy movement, it was now simple and pure, and with the sole purpose of killing the enemy, once the ability was cast out.

Therefore, when he used the black gas as energy, followed the sword skill method, and cast out the first sword form, the black sword Qi suddenly transformed and disappeared from his sight in a split second, which also shocked him.

There were many kinds of disappearance, one of them was caused by the failure of performing a technique. However, what happened right now was not the failure of performing the sword form. Chu Yunsheng could still feel the extremely thin sword Qi and its extremely fast speed. This was another type of disappearance. Although it couldn't be seen with naked eyes, it didn't mean that it didn't exist.

"Two-dimensional attack?"

Chu Yunsheng was surprised. The attack that used black gas as energy decreased in one dimension!

No wonder it disappeared from his normal view.

Unlike the talisman attack, he used to do in the past. Those attacks relied on papers as mediums. Although later on, he was able to make talismans in the air, it was not quite the same as the two-dimensional attack he just cast out now.

Although Chu Yunsheng just lost his cultivation stages, his understanding of the senior Practitioner's combat Technique had improved to another level.

Forcing the attack from the higher dimension into the lower dimension, this was the divine Technique, that shocked the lord Jing, who was in the Coffin.

The young man had also felt the danger,

As she ambiguously murmured a few words, the seven divine nails began to spin around him, forming an invisible barrier, completely covering her inside.

But Chu Yunsheng's attack was not just about compressing his power into the two-dimensional attack, but the black gas as well. This was what the young man feared the most.

Therefore, only in a moment, the young man separated out the seventh divine nail from the rest of the nails and shot it towards Chu Yunsheng's head.

In the air, both attacks of Chu Yunsheng and the young man took the shortest distance. The thin edge of the sword Qi and the seventh nail were like two high-speed trains, flying towards each other. But they didn't collide into each other. The dimensional difference coupled with the rejection from both energies, produced a powerful gravitational field, making both attacks slightly deviated from their original paths.

But this deviation had little effect on both attacks, the young man was too weak. She could not run too far. Chu Yunsheng also just descended into the three-dimensional space, his body was still trying to adopt the change.

Seeing the seventh divine nail was getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and grabbed something in the air. Immediately, the original black tornado, that was now changed back into the black vortex again, was instantly pulled in front of him.

In the next moment, the seventh nail shot into the black vortex, and the thin sword Qi also went into the six divine nails formation.

Seeing two people's life and death battle, Lord Jing was overwhelmed with shock.

It was the first time for her to see the power of the seven divine mails, so it was understandable that she was shocked. But Chu Yunsheng had just gotten out of the coffin, and he still had this kind of power? This was something that she didn't expect.

'So the things that the third Baktun had guessed before it died is real?!'

Jing's eyelids twitched a few times. Then she saw that after the seventh nail went into the black vortex, the black vortex began to spin at an extremely fast speed, causing a huge suction, sucking all the debris from the ground in the cave.

Chu Yunsheng had not yet landed, but his hand already begun to move, drawing a group of complex patterns in the air.

Opposite him inside the cave, the thin sword Qi took the advantage of its thin body and flew past the first divine nail, that was trying to block it, along the nail's surface. However, being influenced by the nail's gravitational pull, the thin sword once again deviated from its flight path even further.

Even so, the young man still didn't dare to let down her guards, although she had the nails, that were able to constantly influence its flight path, the sword was able to correct its flight path repeatedly.

The only way to solve this was to kill Chu Yunsheng as soon as possible.

And since Chu Yunsheng had already gotten out of the coffin, there was no need to stay in the lower dimensional space. Although there were eight hundred Mins outside as well, it was much easier for her to unleash her power outside.

Moreover, she also had other helpers as well. Therefore, she quickly made up her mind and said,

"In the name of the heavenly ambassador, I command the thirteenth baktun and the five elemental races to kill Chu!"