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Chapter 538

 Seeing Liu Li was about to reach the young man, Chu Yunsheng's pupils suddenly contracted, he once again and said hurriedly, "you, let me out! There were two god's warriors here earlier, it meant that this place is not dangerous! You are lying!"

The female corpse was surprised, "did you not know that they are robots?"

"Robots?" Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, but Liu Li was only a few steps away from the young man, so he said hurriedly, "I have seen their real body, how can they be robots!"

Right after Chu Yunsheng finished, he suddenly remembered that, when he first fought with the crystal-dressed being, he once opened up one of the crystal-dressed beings' battle suit. And inside the battle suit, it did not seem like the human body tissue, but a pile of strange glittering tissue-like things.

But if the crystal-dressed beings were robots, then he would not be able to explain Vixen, who was exactly like a human being. And there was also Huang Bei Ying. They did not look like robots at all.

But now was not the time to think about those problems.

The female corpse's delicate brows frowned all of sudden. She then looked at a pile of debris and said, "some of them are, and but some of them aren't. For instance, those who have Ying Sequence are not. In terms of the rest, they were just the programs without any consciousness and the precursors of Duo Neng Race... Are there still Sympathizers alive amongst Tzolk'in people? Wasn't the third baktun already dead? ... Chu, did you see that pile of debris? One of the robots just gave you a look and left something in there. I suspect that it was controlled by a Sympathizer. Can you get it?..."

"Liu Li!"

Chu Yunsheng suddenly shouted. It started the woman and interrupted her.

Seeing Liu Li lifted her right hand and stabbed bar toward the young man's chest, Chu Yunsheng almost stopped breathing. In order to prevent the young man from attacking Liu Li, he could only try to increase the power of the black vortex as much as if could.

However, what Chu Yunsheng did not know was that Liu Li was already dead. Although her body was still able to move, her conciseness had already dissipated.

But before the steel bar could reach the young man, she collapsed onto the ground and stopped moving forever.

In the cold cave, blowing a chilly wind, Chu Yunsheng was staring at Liu Li's body while his mind was completely blank.

"Chu, quick, get that thing!" the female corpse slightly pushed him.

"No, no, no, no." Chu Yunsheng shook his head numbly as if he could not hear what the female corpse just said. He could not even feel his own heartbeat as if he had lost his heart.

There was no pain, no sorrow, only blank, emptiness, and void.

"Chu!" the female corpse realized the strange reaction of Chu Yunsheng. She pushed him again.

"She's gone, she's gone..." Chu Yunsheng just kept murmuring.

Before the female corpse wanted to say something, she was shocked to see that a tremendous amount of black gas started to appear around Chu Yunsheng, and leak out of the coffin.

Those gas joined and black vortex outside, quickly formed a black tornado, sucking everything in.

The young man's face finally changed. She quickly shouted, "Seven Divine Nails!"

With her words, from the black gas-filled coffin shot out seven nails, however, as if they didn't want to leave the black gas, they stopped outside the coffin.

Seeing this, the young man's face was shocked, but she forced herself to calm down immediately. However, her face also began to wither very quickly. "Seven divine nails! Return Now!"

At this time, the young man could no longer control the token in his hand, but only helplessly watch it being sucked away. After losing the token, the young man unexpectedly appeared a little panic.

It was right after the young man shouted, as if it was an irresistible command, one after the other, the seven divine nails finally flew out of the black gas.

With the protection of the seven nails, the young man finally and slowly restored her composure. This was her last resort, but unexpectedly, she had to use it in advance, but as long as the seven divine nails were with her, the young man believed that no one could stop her.

Finally getting rid of the suction force, the young man could finally move towards the baby again.

In the Coffin, Chu Yunsheng began to slam himself at the coffin wall repeatedly. In the erosion of black gas, this indestructible coffin began to shake and creak with noises.

"Chu, calm down! Calm down!"

"You still have a daughter! ...."

The female corpse suddenly stopped talking. Because she realized her words actually worked. However, she also saw that the eyes of Chu Yunsheng were as dark as the abyss. However, in the dark abyss, there was also a faint of tender love.

"Chu, there is only one way for you to get out alive!" Knowing that Chu Yunsheng was struggling, the female corpse quickly said.

Looking at the mysterious token slowly revealed itself after the debris around it were sucked away, the female corpse immediately carried on "if I remember it correctly, that should be the legendary "sinful gate", all the beings from the higher dimensions, who have committed unforgivable sins would be thrown into that gate and have their consciousness removed. They would be forced to descend and become the creatures from the lower dimensions.

I have heard those two heavenly ambassadors saying that your consciousness is protected by the godhood, and with the black gas, you should be able to pass that gate without losing consciousness, but all your power from the four-dimensional space will be decreased or may be wiped clean. Although I don't know why this mythical thing is in this place, it is probably be related to the myth of Earth. If you want to try it. I can help you.

But remember, without the support of your current strength, once you got out, the collapse of your zero-dimensional space would be speeded up again.

Moreover, when you go out, you can kill him with the black gas. It's a type of energy too. I don't know what it is exactly, but since it can restore my consciousness, it means that it is something that the power of Source Gate could not compete with!"

"Tell me how to use it!" Chu Yunsheng interrupted her instantly. He didn't have time to listen to other things.

"Dimensionality difference. Put it in any places that have the dimensionality difference, and then infuse energy into it! As long as you can get that token I can embed that thing into the wall of this realm and create a dimensionality difference!"

"Okay!" Chu Yunsheng answered simply. And then as he controlled the vortex, the mysterious golden token was instantly sucked into the vortex. In the next second, it appeared on his hand.

The female corpse was surprised, but she did not say anything. She just quickly controlled the ice energy, and in the eyes of Chu Yunsheng, the token disappeared into the wall of the coffin.

Then a golden door slowly appeared on the wall of the coffin.

"Quick! Go through it, I can't hold it very long!" The female corpse urged.

Chu Yunsheng had no time to doubt whether what she said was true or not. Even if it was a lie, he still only had one choice.

But just when he wanted to move, the female corpse hesitated for a moment and said, "one last piece of advice, No. 1 has told you a lot of things, but they are not necessarily true. Regarding this world, don't you feel that it is very strange sometimes..."

Outside the coffin, a blurry shadow of a foot was rapidly forming a solid shape in the three-dimensional space...

On the other side, the young man was still trying to open the cube as fast as she could. Suddenly, she felt a chilly feeling coming from his back.

"Sword Form!"

Chu Yunsheng didn't check his physical condition nor did he check his zero-dimensional space, as soon as he got out of the coffin, he instantly gathered his black gas to form a sword and used it as Yuan Qi energy to attack the young man!

All the black gas in the cave was converged at Chu Yunsheng's hand, forming a black sword, and then all of sudden, it disappeared.

"Divine Technique! ?" The female corpse blurted out in shock.