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Chapter 537

 "Liu Li" was trying to stand up. Leaning against the transparent wall of the cube, her eyes were glaring at the young man. It was filled with determination as if the death would not change her mind.

Then she raised her head and looked up. Although there was no sky above her head, her face was still filled with devout expression. "the people of Xing Yuan will always be loyal to The Supreme Being." she said piously.

It seemed like she was not talking to the young man. But apart from Chu Yunsheng and the young man, there were no other people here. It was truly strange.

Then before Chu Yunsheng even reacted, she opened her arms and began to scream. The ear-piercing scream was like a sharp blade scraping eardrums, make people extremely uncomfortable.

Seeing this, the young man's face instantly dropped. "Su!" She immediately recited a strange word.

As the token emitted yellow lightning arcs, the eight corners of the cube shot out eight distorted energy beams, tied Liu Li's head, hands, neck, waist, legs and other places tightly, making her unable to move.

Seeing what the young man did to "Liu Li", and fearing that he might kill her, Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and said, "punk! if you dare to touch her, I swear I will kill you!"

The young man did not even move his head as if she could not hear Chu Yunsheng. After tying up "Liu Li", she once again began to move towards the sleeping baby while her face had a faint urgency.

Although Chu Yunsheng did not understand their language, from the young man's behavior, he could tell that he was running out of patience.

Seeing the young man was approaching his child closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng also speeded up drawing the talisman in his hand.

However, what he did not realize was that the eyelids of the female corpse next to him suddenly twitched slightly.

"Ge Yushi! You think that's going to stop me!"

"Liu Li" smiled coldly. Her face was very pale, and her eyes were bulging, while the corner of her lips was covered with blood. It seemed like she was suffering great pain.

The young man ignored her completely and still continued to walk toward the sleeping baby.

"Soul Obliteration!"

The eyeballs of Liu Li were bloodshot, she gritted her teeth and let out another loud scream. The chilly scream reverberated in the cave as if someone had just opened the door of hell.

Not only just inside the cave, but also outside the tunnel, all the resistance forces had also heard it. All their hairs stood on end, and all their scalps were tingling as if gusty winds were blowing towards them, and if they were not careful, they might also lose their souls.

As a strange smoke-like thing shot out from Liu Li's head, reaching three meters high, the cube instantly collapsed, leaving only the eight distorted light beams still tightly wrapped around the body of "Liu Li".

"Chu Yunsheng, I am giving Liu Li back to you! But you need to stop Ge Yushi! She does not dare to kill you at this moment. But if you die, your daughter will be the first in line to inherit the godhood and receive the divine protection, at that time, she will not be able to possess your daughter's consciousness! Kill her! Kill her before she descends into your daughter's body! Kill her!"

After saying three "kill" in succession, the red dot in the pupils of Liu Li's eyes blossomed like a red flower, covering her entire eyeballs. And then, in the next moment, all the red color shrunk back into her pupils again. At the same time, the smoke-like thing above her head also detached from Liu Li completely, but it was then captured by the eight distorted light beams.

Liu Li, who was freed from the light beams' restrain, fell to the ground weakly. However, right after she fell to the ground, she simply shook her head a few times as if she had just woke up from a nightmare, and then suddenly raised her head, got up and charged toward the cube, that had the sleeping baby while shouting,

"Baby, don't take my baby!"

She was a weak woman, and she had just regained control of her body, moreover, her movements were also stiff, slow and she was staggering when she was running toward the cube. However, she was still "agile" compared with the young man, who was extremely feeble. In less than three or four seconds, she rushed to the place only half a meter behind the young man.

"Fuck Off!"

The young man had no choice but to turn around and use the token again.

It was at that moment,

A black talisman was shot into the ceiling of the cave forming a black vortex above everyone!

The golden light that had just flew out from the token in the young man's hand, but it was instantly sucked into the vortex.

"The energy of destruction! ?"

The young man's face was extremely livid. She stepped back and held the token tightly.

Dimension restrictions were not only limited to Chu Yunsheng. It also had a great restraint on her. Although she had so many abilities, they were not as good as the token in her hand.

But unexpectedly Chu Yunsheng's black vortex could absorb the token's attack.

"Let's me how much energy you can suck in!"

The young man snorted, as she waved his hand again, another golden light appeared.

"I'll suck you dry!"

Chu Yunsheng snorted and pushed away the woman, who was about to approach him again.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what black gas was. All he knew was that it was different than heaven and earth Yuan Qi. Heaven and earth Yuan Qi could be converted into other elemental energies such as fire and ice, but he didn't know if the black gas was able to do it as well or not. That was why he didn't dare to make offensive talisman first.

Storage Talisman was the Talisman that he was the most familiar with. It was also the lowest-level Talisman. And more importantly, it didn't seem to be incompatible with the black gas. Therefore, its success rate was very high.

And surprisingly, he succeeded it during the first try.

On the other side, Liu Li finally reached to the cube, nervously looked at the sleeping baby inside, then hurriedly moved her hands around the cube, trying to find a way to open the cube and take out the baby.

"Come this way!" Seeing what she was doing, Chu Yunsheng quickly shouted.

The strange young man was weird and unpredictable, it was very dangerous for Liu Li to stay around him.

Besides, he still didn't know what happened to Liu Li, he could not just let the young man kill her without getting any answers from her.

His shout startled Liu Li. As she turned around and looked at him in disbelief, tears began to appear.

"Yunsheng? Is it really you?!"

Liu Li quickly ran over to him. Her eyes were filled with surprise, sadness, and regrets, "it is you! It's really you! I knew you wouldn't abandon me! I knew she was lying to me! You wouldn't abandon me!"

Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly shivered, but he still firmly bit the lips. He needed an explanation.

The face of Liu Li was already full of tears, she pressed herself against the transparent coffin while stroking the surface of the coffin and murmured, "I miss you, I miss you so much!"

While Chu Yunsheng was distracted, the young man instantly unleashed several golden light beams trying to destroy the black vortex.


The young man suddenly spat out blood and staggered backward. He did not expect the all the attack was sucked in by the vortex again, and it even caused the vortex's force to become even stronger. The token in his hands almost flew out.

"Why?" Chu Yunsheng asked. Although he knew that this was not the right time, he still could not help but ask her.

Liu Li was probably scared by his look, she bowed her head down and said in regret, "I'm sorry, I know that you don't want a child at that time, you have a lot of stress from the job. But I want one, I really want a child. So I... I did not take pills..."

"But why do you have to leave! Even if you want to leave, why don't you leave any contact information!? Do you know that I was looking for you everywhere like a mad man!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry...." Liu Li sobbed bitterly.

Hearing the familiar voices and the regretful tone, Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized something. He used his shaking voice and asked, "Is it because of the other person...?"

Liu Li bit her lips, sobbed, "That day, I got the message from the hospital saying that I was pregnant, I was really really happy. I wanted to tell you that as well. But just when I left the supermarket, my world just went completely dark. Then she told me that she has been waiting for this moment for a very long time, I beg her not to hurt our baby, I beg her not to hurt you. But she ignored me... "

Tears suddenly gushed out from Chu Yunsheng's eyes, he finally knew why she left him now, and the woman who possessed her was right. It was all his fault. Because of him, Liu Li was also trapped in that dark place for many years.

At that moment, he did not hate anyone but himself. If he had died sooner, no one related to him would suffer.

"Li, I know, I know, I'm sorry, it was my fault, it was all my fault!"

Hearing his words, Liu Li's eyes suddenly started to lose focus as if she was very very tired, but she was still smiling and said, "Yunsheng, I am very happy, I am very happy to see you again, I know you will come to find me!"

"I..." Chu Yunsheng wanted to say something, but he was immediately interrupted by Liu Li.

Liu Li pressed her hand on the coffin where Chu Yunsheng's mouth was and said softly, "I know, You don't need to say anything..."

But just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to say something again. Liu Li turned around, bent down and picked up a sharp bar of steel, and then began to stagger toward the young man.

"No, no, no, Li! what are you doing! Come back!"

Chu Yunsheng began to struggle hard inside the coffin. He used his both hand, head to hit the coffin, trying to break it open. However, it did not cause a scratch on the coffin.

'Li! Come back!"

However, Liu Li was still staggering toward the young man as if she could not hear Chu Yunsheng's words. At the same time, her body also started to wither at the speed that was visible to the naked eyes. Unable to bear seeing all of this, all of a sudden, Chu Yunsheng grabbed the female corpse next to him by her neck and said angrily!

"Let me out!"

However, the female corpse did not have any reactions

But Chu Yunsheng did not care, his grab was getting stronger and tighter as if he wanted to break the female corpse's neck.

"Wake up! You can't save her even if you got out!"

The female corpse finally spoke.

"I don't care. I need to save her! Let me out, and I'll trade you with the black gas. I will give as much as you want!" He said hurriedly.

The female corpse shook her head and opened her eyes. She looked at Liu Li sympathetically and said, "Once it is opened, we will die instantly. How can you save her?"

"I don't care, I don't want to see her die!"