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Chapter 536

 "Liu Li", who was imprisoned by the cube, was both angry and shocked, "Ge Yushi! How dare you sign an agreement with the creature here privately!"

"Why not? The supreme being gave me the token, it meant that is it trusts me more than you. Besides, how will the creatures outside know the difference between the heavenly ambassador and the ambassador from Xing Yuan? Look, how well you've kept it! How pure its consciousness is! How great this medium is! It seems that the skills of the Tzolk'in people have advanced again. This is the responsibility of Xing Yuan. If you want the credit so much, I'll give that to you." The young man leaned against the cube and said while stroked the cube slowly.

"So you want that! I dare yo...!" The voice "Liu Li" stopped all of sudden, her light red pupils also changed to black color strangely. In the next second, she flung herself onto the transparent wall of the cube, and screamed, "don't touch my baby!"

The young man's fingertip trembled. She stared at Liu Li in shock and disbelief.

It was the first time for the old man, Uncle Wang, who was standing on the left-hand side of the young man, to see the shocked expression on her face. He had served his master for very long. however, he had never seen his master had this kind of expression before.

"You?" Chu Yunsheng seemed to have also felt something. He instantly shifted his attention from the kid back to Liu Li.

But in just a few breaths, the black pupils of Liu Li turned back to light red again, and she also collapsed inside the cube weakly as if she had just fought a great battle.

The young man glanced thoughtfully at Chu Yunsheng and his voice suddenly turned cold. "what's wrong with her? Why haven't you killed her? Do you even know the consequences!"

"Liu Li" snorted, "if it is not because of her, you think you can trap me with just the token in your hand!"

The young man's brows were pressed together, and her steps became a little faster. She used all her strength to walk toward the cube, that trapped "Liu Li" and then hit a transparent cube with her bare hands. Gritting her teeth, she said, "You sympathize with her? Or is it because...? No wonder you haven't succeeded the descent. Are you trying to get us all killed!"

"Liu Li" suddenly laughed weakly, "oh, now you know, and you are afraid of it!? You think the Supreme Being would not be able to predict that we would be able to meet each other? You think that it would not have other measures!? Yes, it is the Coupling Descent! If I die, you won't live either!"

The young man's face became extremely livid. But she still calmed down very soon. After all, she was not an ordinary person. "tell me about your current situation! How bad is the rejection!?"

"Why do I need to tell you that. At least, I did not become a hermaphrodite freak like you!" from the cube "Liu Li" still mocked. It seemed like the conflict between them was quite big.

Both people were talking to each other using the language that Chu Yunsheng did not understand. So Chu Yunsheng did not know what they were saying. But he was concentrating on finding a way to break out of the coffin and kill the young man.

Earlier on, before the old man left, through eye contact, Chu Yunsheng clearly felt the old man let something to him. Now that thing was hovering in the vicinity of the black vortex.

Although there was no strange seed of the giant tree, that he saw in Shen Cheng city, and Chu Yunsheng also could not enter the zero-dimensional space to see that thing, he could still feel the tremendous energy from the remains of the sixth nerve-like line, and the black vortex was like a hungry wild wolf encountered a fat sheep, it began to get restless.

However, whatever that thing was, Chu Yunsheng was not interested in it. Because no matter how much energy that thing contained, he still could not use it.

But the way, that the old man gave him that thing, gave him a great inspiration. After thinking for a while, and based on the knowledge he learned in the past, he finally understood how the old man passed that thing to him. The old man had compressed whatever that thing was into the lower dimension and transferred it to him from one point to another point in a straight line in the one-dimensional space.

Compressing the powerful energy from the higher dimension into the lower dimension and used it to attack enemies, this was a very scary technique. And he was also able to do something similar to this. It was the talismans.

Yes, indeed he could not get out, and the energy from the four-dimensional space not only would not be able to help him in the three-dimensional space, but it would instantly kill him. But he still had black gas - a type of energy that could ignore all the dimensional restriction!

Although he did not know what it was, if he could use it to make talismans, it was not impossible to kill that young man!

As he thought of this, his index figure immediately began to move...

On the other side, the young man was leaning against the cube and sighed weakly, "Coupling... Coupling! The Supreme Being, are you not scared, that if one of us died, it will directly affect the other one's mission? Or you still have other backup plans?"

"How can you understand the wisdom of the Supreme Being!" The face of "Liu Li" was filled with disdain. She just sat back against the transparent wall of the cube trying to recover as much as she could.

The young man ignored her ridicule. Her eyes flashed strange gleams as she was thinking something quickly. After a while, a confident look once again reappeared on her face. Then she pointed at the cube that imprisoned the sleeping baby and said, "I see, uncle Wang, help me to walk there!"

That old man hurriedly forward, reached out his hands to help his master to walk. However, just when the old man was about the touch the young man, a cold gleam flashed in the young men's eyes, and she suddenly said, "Jie!"

Then a bright golden color appeared, and shot straight into the old man's chest and shot out from the other side. In the next second, in the old man's confused and panic expression, the old man and even the clothes the old man was wearing, were all quickly turned into particles and dispersed in the air. There was no blood, no screams, everything just happened silently.

"Liu Li"'s body suddenly trembled, she instinctively tried to move back and said in a panic, "you, you, what are you doing!"

The young man's eyes flickered with the cold gleam as she said coldly, "Although I don't know if the Supreme Being's backup plans included him or not, he knew too much. There is no need to keep him anymore!" Then she paused for a second and looked at her intensely and said, "so do you!"

"Liu Li" suddenly seemed to realize something, she said with full of disbelief, "you, you dare to betray The Supreme Being!"

With a faint smile, the young man moved a few steps toward the cube where the sleeping baby was, and said in a cold voice, "it seems that you didn't understand what I just said! We are both the same! No matter who completed the mission, to The Supreme Being, we know too much. And what happened to uncle Wang will eventually happen to us!

Why did The Supreme Being want you to descend into her body, and asked you to preserve the baby immediately after it was born? The Supreme Being not only wants to use Chu Yunsheng to activate the seven nails, but it also wants to use the baby to obtain the godhood! At this point, do you really think you and I can still live?"

"The Supreme Being! ?..." "Liu Li" was dazed for a second.

"I don't want to die. So there's only one way!" The young man pointed to the baby, and said, "inherit the godhood myself!"

"Liu Li" could not believe that the young man was such audacious. That was godhood!

"Are you going to cooperate with me, or are you going to die for nothing?" The young man took a look at her and said quietly, "in fact, I can do it without you!"

"Liu Li" was staring at the young man, did not respond immediately. Only after a few seconds did she finally let out a contemptuous laugh and said "Ge Yushi, even if what you said is true. Do you think, that I'll believe, that you will let me go easily? You will kill me no matter what happens! In that case..."

She suddenly raised her head, and said to Chu Yunsheng in Chinese "Chu Yunsheng, I am giving her back to you! You listen to me, I have never seen anyone that is as perseverant as her in my life. For you, and for your child, she can endure the endless loneliness and emptiness in the dark for more than twenty years! She has never betrayed you! But it was you, who brought endless misery to her!

It's a shame that you two don't have much time left... "