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Chapter 535 Hope And Power

 The people in the last resistance force were all stunned. Even the people like Qin Qiying, who had always admired the commander-in-chief were shocked, not to mention the radicals.

They were called the last resistance, and that was to resist alien races and the god's warriors, however, in the end, not only was their commander-in-chief one of the alien races' leaders, but he was also the servant of the god's warrior!

How could they accept it!?

So they've all been fooled!

Such an idea sprang up in everyone's minds at the same time, and the crisis of their final faith broke out on a large scale. Almost everyone began to suspect and distrust the people around him

Originally, though they were at odds with each other, they had the same goal and share the same past. And they all hoped to find the right way out for the last resistance force.

But now? All they found out was that they were the chess pieces that were used by other people. Was there anyone that they could still trust?

The small cave was filled with confusion, chaos, and anger.

However, as if the old man could not hear the commotion, he was still kneeling on the ground.

"You can leave now"

The young man waved her hand gently and said, "your business, this ambassador does not want to get involved, and also does not have time to get involved, but if you dare to cause trouble to this ambassador, then you all will be suppressed for another 500 million years!"

The old man suddenly shivered and nodded his head nervously, indicating that he understood the message. He then looked at Chu Yunsheng, sighed and waved to Qin Qiying and said, "we need to leave, the thing here is not something that we can be involved."

The way he looked to Chu Yunsheng was very strange, but also very secret. Without careful observation, no one would be able to catch that strange movement in his eyes.

The radicals eventually listened to the young man's instruction. After all, the image of the commander-in-chief had collapsed in their mind. Moreover, most of them were the younger generations, although they were also shocked by the truth, they were not as disappointed as the older generations. Besides, they all still had an agreement with the mysterious young man. At the moment, they could only hope, that the young man would fulfill his agreement.

Qin Qiying also hesitated, but eventually, she also had to follow other people out of the cave. The token in the young mna's hand seemed to have endless power, and if it could still have this kind of powerful aura in the three-dimensional space, it could only mean that it was not something, that they would be able to defeat using a few guns. that they had in their hands.

After everyone left the cave, the young man said weakly, "uncle Wang, I need a little bit of help walking."

"Where is Liu Li?" Chu Yunsheng also did not expect that the situation would change so drastically. But thinking about the words, that Ding Yan had told him in Horlivka, the young man here was most like the person, who Ding Yan talked about. It meant that Liu Li was probably in his hand.

The young man probably had expected that Chu Yunsheng would ask her question. But she was not in any hurry. She just said quietly, "Chu Yunsheng, we have finally met! Originally, we don't need to be enemies, However, this is my mission in this realm, so I have no choice."

"I don't care what your mission is, I just want to know, is she in your hands?" From the way the old man treated this person, Chu Yunsheng could tell that this person's status was very high, and it might even be higher than Huang Bei Ying, but Chu Yunsheng still asked straightforwardly without giving him any face.

The young man smiled and said, "before, she was not in my hand. But now... Yes, I have her. Later on, the 13th Baktun will send her to over... Chu, it is a real shame. If you met me twenty years ago, you could easily kill me... Cough, cough... The descending process was really troublesome and rushed. Although my strength and consciousness have not yet recovered, you don't have any chance now. As long as I have a slight intention, that realm will open, and then you will instantly descend into the three-dimensional space."

The meaning of those words was that if she wanted, she could kill him easily.

Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly, "you really think I can't kill you now!"

The young man shook her head slowly, "Chu, there is no need to bluff me. I am not No.1 that old man, You don't need to say any meaningless things to me. I can only tell you one thing, You and I should not be involved in whatever the things that are happening around here. It is more complicated than you can imagine. I sympathize with you, and also very thankful to you for activating the seventh divine nail, but it is over now."

"You tricked me into going to the island just to use me to get back your seven nails!" Chu Yunsheng's eyes instantly became very cold.

With the help of Uncle Wang, the young man walked weakly forward and said, "you don't need to hate me, you should blame the god, who chose you. I still don't understand why he did it! Anyway, apart from you, no one in this realm was able to do it, so without your help, my mission probably would last for a very long time, "

Perhaps it was a recognition of the identity of Chu Yunsheng. When the young man talked to Chu Yunsheng, she never mentioned the word "this ambassador", but always referred to herself as "I".

"Is that so?" Chu Yunsheng's pupils suddenly contracted slightly, He felt, that the strange movement between the ancient book and that unknown feeling, became intense again. "I would think twice if I were you. Maybe that God has other plans. Maybe he has already predicted this!" He threatened,

What he said was not completely unreasonable. If the young man could not understand why the senior practitioner was doing it, how could he tell that the senior practitioner did not leave any backup plans?

The young man smiled and nodded. "you are absolutely right," she said. "this is exactly what I have been worried about the most and the only thing that could make me fail my mission. Plus the seven divine nails have not completely escaped from your control, so I have always been observing you and waiting for the best opportunity.

However, your logic is wrong, and only until recently did I just realize that I was wrong as well. Indeed, I could not compete with that god. But that god's opponent is not me, but another god.

And everything has already been arranged properly. I don't need to wait anymore."

Then the young man suddenly paused for a second. "the woman you once loved has arrived. But I need to warn you, Don't have you hope up too high, otherwise, you will be disappointed."

Right after she finished, from outside the tunnel came the solemn voice of a crystal-dressed being, "Heavenly Ambassador, we have brought her here."

The young man, who did not seem to have much strength to reply loudly, signaled the old man next to him.

"Bring her in." Uncle Wang said loudly.

Soon, two crystal-dressed beings floated in slowly with two transparent cubes.

In the two cubes, one imprisoned a woman and the other imprisoned a seemingly sleeping baby.

But the cube that imprisoned the baby was very different from the cube that imprisoned the woman. It was full of water ripples as if it was filled with some kind of liquid, reflecting the strange glittering light, extremely beautiful.

When they just come in, the woman in one of the cube immediately rebuked, "Ge Yushi, what the hell do you think you are doing! If The Supreme Being knows what you are doing, you are dead!"

The young man smiled softly and said with confidence, "well, I am helping the supreme being to speed up the plan so that we can get out of this troubled place sooner!"

The imprisoned woman snorted coldly, "you think I don't know what your real plan is!? You and I belong to different systems, I work under Xing Yuan! You have no right to imprison me! You want to take all the credit for the mission? Just wait for the impeachment inquiry from Xing Yuan!"

"Credit?" The young man smiled lightly, "then you have really underestimated me!"

After that, the young man said to the two crystal-dressed beings behind the cube, "you two can go back and tell the thirteenth Baktun, that the agreement between us is now in force."

Those two crystal-dressed beings nodded their heads respectfully and then retreated. But at the moment when one of the crystal-dressed beings turned around, it gave Chu Yunsheng a strange look. Then it quickly looked away. However, it secretly dropped something into a pile of debris below it, That thing appeared to be a golden token, that had a picture of a door.

The small movement did not attract the attention of Chu Yunsheng. Since the crystal-dressed beings sent in two cubes, his eyes were staring at those two cubes.

Liu Li, she was indeed Liu Li!

No matter how long had passed, Chu Yunsheng could still recognize her immediately.

However, the way she talked, gave Chu Yunsheng a feeling of a stranger.

But there was also another feeling, and that feeling was even clearer than the feeling he had toward Liu Li. That feeling came from the sleeping baby. Just by looking at it, Chu Yunsheng felt a strong connection. It was also strong that even the book inside his zero-dimensional space was shaking violently.

Chu Yunsheng had never had this kind of feeling before, Even when facing the clone Yuan Xuejian, or Jing Yi's son - Jing Ji, or Qin Fault, he still did not have this kind of feeling.

'Is that...'