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Chapter 534

 "Who did you say!?"

All of a sudden, Chu Yunsheng pressed his face closer to the coffin's crystal wall, staring at the old photo that was held by the old hand, as his heart was beating rapidly.

"Do you still remember the girl you met thirty years ago near Huangpu river?"

"Liu Li!" Chu Yunsheng's facial expression was filled with disbelief, "she is still alive? You have her!?"

The old man finally could not bear with Chu Yunsheng's foolish questions, "Chu Yunsheng, use your brain! If I have her, you think I will wait until now to talk to you?!"

"What do you want? Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly sank. Although he tried to calm himself down, his heart was still beating crazy, because, in that photo, it was not just Liu Li one person, there was a baby, who seemed like it was just born.

'Is that...?' he did not dare to continue that thought. Liu Li was the girl he loved. Even after so many years, he still could remember her from time to time. However, she was so cruel that she simply broke up with him without telling him any reasons. She later on simply just disappeared from his world.

But was that kid his? If it really was. Why did she want to do this to him?

The old man seemed to know what he was thinking, he just shook his head and said, "it is not what we want to do, it is what you want to do? I'll tell you the truth! How come it never occurred to you that why she would want to break up with you and go to Europe about ten months before Earth was plunged into darkness? And where did she get the money to go to Europe? Even if she did find some way to get money, why did she not want to give you contact information? Don't look at me like that. Many records from the age of light are still kept in the last resistance force's base, it is still traceable."

"Ten months? You mean when she broke up with me, she already?..." Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that his voice was shivering. He began to sense that they were all related to something.

"Whether it's yours or not, I think you know better than me." The old man then began to speed up the conversation strangely, "I can only tell you that the genetic fragment of the french doctor, who midwived her was extracted out by the No. 2 Heaven's messenger and fused into his body. Don't stare at me, it was you who asked him to be executed. I did not stop it, because it involved the conflict between gods, and he knew too much about it! I don't want to cause any more tragedies to the Pre-cambrian beings!"

'I don't believe it!" Chu Yunsheng stared at the old man and said coldly, "bring Liu Li here, I want to ask her personally! I want to know why she wanted to do this to me! What did I do to her that she has to punish me this way!"

"I know exactly where she is, but I can't go there." the old man said calmly.

"Where?!" Chu Yunsheng immediately asked.

The old man, however, did not answer him immediately. Instead, he urged, "Chu, what would you do if I told you that the baby is indeed yours? Would you take my advice or not?

Let me remind you one more thing, that if you don't have The Soul Of Cambrian, you'll die soon. And after you die, they will die too! All of them have the Cambrian Soul fragments in their life force, and those god's warriors will not let it go easily. They will definitely wipe out every single one of them. Why else would they kill so many civilians and ordinary people in Moscow? Oh right, and those insects, why do they attack almost all humans indiscriminately? Sooner or later they'll come back!"

"The purposes of those insects, I know better than you! You don't need to throw useless information at me to confuse me! Tell me her location, I need to find out myself!"

From Chu Yunsheng's reactions, the old man could easily tell that he was tempted by his advice. Therefore, he just simply said, "she is at the Antarctic, where the territory of those God's Warriors is. I guess there should be some agreement between her and God's Warriors. So we need to prep..."

Before he had even finished, a voice from outside the tunnel and interrupted him,

'No need, I've brought them here!"

The old man's face instantly went pale.

After the voice, from outside the tunnel, flocked in a large crowd of people. A frail young man in a cacolet, was carried by a few people at the front of the crowd. She was followed by a large group of well-armed arctic base soldiers.

It was the first time, that Chu Yunsheng had seen this person.

Chu Yunsheng could not tell whether she was a man or a woman, or both. But she was very thin and sick. She looked so weak that it seemed as if a gust of wind blew past him would kill him instantly.

Everything about the young person seemed ordinary apart from her bright eyes. Those eyes were seemingly deep and distant, but filled with confidence as if she had control over everything.

"Stop! Li Mingchen, if you dare to take these people one step further, I will give the order to fire!" Qin Qiying hurried in with another team. They quickly surrounded them and raised their guns.

"General Qin! Please believe me!" Seeing Qin Qiying, Li Mingchen's expression also changed a few times. But in the end, he still gritted his teeth and said.

The old man finally understood. No wonder, no matter how hard he tried, he just could not persuade those radicals, so they were backed by that young person.

From the radical reactivated the gate project, to using the coffin to trap Chu Yunsheng, it was all that young man's plan!

Just when the two sides were in a face-off, the alarm outside suddenly sounded. Qin Qiying turned her head slightly and asked, "What happened!?"

An officer trotted over breathlessly and said, "General Qin, God's warriors and those five aliens all began to gather forces, we don't know what they want!"

"How many... How many fleets?" Qin Qiying frowned and asked.

"I don't know," the officer said in a cold sweat. "we are still calculating, but... a lot of ships are constantly appearing outside... I am afraid that... that..."

"What! Stop stuttering!" Qin Qiying urged anxiously.

The officer swallowed very hard and said, "it looks as if both sides have gathered all their forces here..."

Qin Qiying's heart suddenly sank. She looked at the old man and said, "commander in chief?"

Although she was extremely surprised at how the commander-in-chief could stand up from the bed, at this moment, she did not have time to consider something else.

At least that was what Qin Qiying thought at that moment!

The old man could only smile bitterly and looked at the young man in the cacolet, as if he was waiting.

The young man only gently smiled, and slowly took out a diamond token, that was as white and as clean as snow, from her arms.

"Number one, recognize this token! ?" The young man asked lightly, "even if it is your master - the third Baktun, he also needs to knell down when he also sees this token!"

Her words instantly shocked everyone. Even if they were the last resistance force, they also knew that the god's warriors had thirteen Baktuns. And The thirteenth Baktun Huang Bei Ying was currently still outside their base. Although she was just ranked thirteenth, she was still so powerful, that all other alien races outside their bases were scared of her power. Even a thirteenth baktun could be that powerful, what about the third baktun?

However, what shocked them, even more, was, that the commander in chief of the last resistance force, who was the hero all the last resistance force and the person they all had worshiped for so many years, was the servant of the third Baktun?!

No one was able to accept this! Even the radicals all fell silents at the same time and looked at their commander-in-chief.

However, in the eyes of everyone, the old man slowly bend his knees and perform a strange greeting etiquette and said,

"Greetings Heavenly Ambassador!"