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Chapter 533

 The old man raised his head, looked at Chu Yunsheng calmly and said slowly, "I know you are very confused about why I know so much, but I still hope that you can finish listening to me first. I will say it again, it is not just about your life, but also our lives as well."

"What else is there to say?"

Chu Yunsheng's eyes gradually became dim and started to lose focus, but weirdly deep inside his eyes, something seemed to be gathering together again.

The old man did not notice the subtle transformation hidden in the eyes of Chu Yunsheng. He still carried on.

"I said that I have found a Pre-Cambrian beings' secret. This secret has existed for a very long time. Oh, it is too long, that I almost can't remember it. It was during the time that I was created. During a clearing mission... Xiao Chu, you don't know how pitiful those escaped Pre-Cambrian beings were... That night, I killed a lot of them. But I could never forget one of the women's eyes, it was like my mind was pierced through by something, and it awakened my soul... Later on, that feeling just kept growing stronger and stronger... I almost could not hide it and wanted to find someone and tell them about it... It was not until later that I realized what that thing was. It is a soul. The Soul Of Cambrian!"

Chu Yunsheng closed his eyes and said quietly, "it is no use talking about these things to me now. I have found my own way."

The old man was probably immersed himself in sadness. He did not notice the change in Chu Yunsheng's tone.

"Xiao Chu, over the years, we have discovered many Pre-Cambrian beings' heritage, among them, I was able to find out their secret. It was all because of a black monolith, that their technology was able to advance at an incredible speed. It was until they discovered the secret of immortality, those god's warriors appeared!

The destructive war lasted tens of thousands of years, numerous talents, countless resources were all consumed by the war. However, even if the god's warriors were slaughtering them, the survived pre-Cambrian beings still didn't give up pursuing the truth behind the immortality. Because they knew that it was the only way to save them from hell.

They eventually succeeded in it. But only until there was one last person left did they finally succeeded it. That was the Soul of Cambrian!

However, I killed the only one who knew how to get the soul of Cambrian! Because of that, I had to spend countless years trying to find out the answers."

The old man bowed his head in pain as if he had made a big mistake that could never be forgiven.

"Tell me who you are!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened his eyes. It was unusually sharp.

"Xiao Chu, only the Soul of Cambrian can save you!" The old man's voice also became urgent!

Chu Yunsheng sneered at the old man, without saying a word.

Only until this moment did the old man discovered that Chu Yunsheng's expression had changed, but he did not care about it, his tone still seemed to be very sincere, "I admit that I have other plans. And I will give you all the information about how to create the Soul of Cambrian, which I have spent over millions of years to collect them, but you also have to promise me one thing. After you use it to reach Yuan Tian Stage Four, please give it back to a person, I am not going to lie to you, I will leave something to make sure that you will fulfill your promise because it is the Cambrian race's only hope."

"You are not qualified to negotiate with me, because I don't want any soul of Cambrian at all! That is your soul, not mine!" Chu Yunsheng didn't want to spend time thinking about what motivates the old man had. A trap after another trap, and there was even a backup trap. What was there to talk about? He began to even think that the crack he fell into and the reason why he was trapped inside the coffin also had something to do with the old man.

The old man stared at Chu Yunsheng coldly and said "no, you will need it! You have sworn to kill all the aliens, and I am giving you this opportunity now! If you like, we can start right away. Within 24 hours, I can assure you, that all the aliens, including Huan, will die."

The old man did not wait for Chu Yunsheng to speak. He immediately stood up, walked close to the coffin, stared right into Chu Yunsheng's eyes, and said coldly and mercilessly, "the so-called the soul of Cambrian, we all have it. Whether they are awakened or not, alien or not, they all have it! At the bottom of the arctic base, I have already built the extraction machine, and prepared enough energy, if you follow the method, I can guarantee that within 24 hours, you can extract all the fragments of the Soul of Cambrian from everyone, even including those higher animals, and combined them together into a true Soul of Cambrian!"

Chu Yunsheng looked at the old man like looking at a fool. He laughed coldly, "since you are ready, why don't you do it? Don't lie to me anymore. I'll give you two choices. First, send me out here at once. Second, if you continue trying to trap me here, I promise that once I got out of this coffin, I will make sure that The Soul Of Cambrian will be destroyed into pieces!"

The old man didn't seem to have heard Chu Yunsheng's threatening words, he just pointed to the black gas inside the coffin and said chillingly, "I don't do it because I can't do it, but you have that, the energy of destruction! It could decompose and destroy everything in this world. With that and the axis' space-time gate, you can do it!"

"You want to destroy all life on earth! ?" Chu Yunsheng couldn't believe what he just heard.

The old man just said slowly, "not me, but you! All lives on earth came from the Pre-Cambrian beings. Now it's just taking them all back!"

"Are you crazy!"

"I'm not crazy. You just have a hard time to accept the truth!"

"After the soul is formed, you will not lose anything. Moreover, not only will it solve your zero-dimensional space problem, but you will also be able to reach Yuan Tian Stage Four. What are you worried about!? You can rest assured that even I will be killed in this process. So there is no reason for me to lie about it.

All you have to do is to give the soul of Cambrian to the little boy I froze in the depths of Neptune. He is the only pre-Cambrian being that I saved millions of years ago. After experiencing so many times of fragmentation process and the returning process I have lost too many memories. It took me a long time to finally remembered...!"

Before he finished, he was interrupted by Chu Yunsheng, "so you are from Duo Neng race!" Then he laughed coldly and said, "old man, I won't believe a word you said, even if what you said is true, I won't do it. So, stop wasting your time!"

However, the old man simply shook his head and said slowly, "Xiao Chu, I would not say so much to you if I am not confident. Besides, I'm sure that you will have more questions to ask me.

Yes, you are right. I am from Duo Neng race. Not only that, but I am also the leader of Duo Neng race, the No.1 Heaven's messenger and The origin of Duo Neng race!

There is more, one of my other identities in the past was Your ancestor! The master of Chu Clan!

So I know that book much more than you do! I know that you are already involved in a battle between gods! That's something, that is not up to you to decide. And in terms of why I am confident that you will do it is Because..."


Above the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles away, an extremely weak young "man" was sitting with her eyes closed. Before her, floated blurry shadows of seven nails, and it seemed like the young "man" was communicating with them.

Suddenly, the young "man" opened her eyes feebly, and a faint smile slowly appeared on her face, "so it was that, so The Supreme Being has already arranged everything. Even the backup plan for my failure was also arranged. It is truly perfect, even I was fooled. But I still didn't expect that the Supreme being wants both!"

"Uncle wang, let's go and see the woman and the child. It's time to retrieve the seven divine nails. Maybe there are some other surprises..."