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Chapter 529

 Qin Qiying stood up straight and held Qin Fault's teary face and smiled wearily, "silly girl, I already know it. It is okay. When that child was eight years old, he saw his parents... He just finally made up his mind... I also know that you like him. For him, you even dared to go out to find the lord Origin with him. Love can really make people blind... Sigh..."

"Mom..." Qin Fault blushed. She didn't expect that her mother would know her deepest secret. She lowered her head and murmured while her face was red with embarrassment, "brother Li said that the radical party and the capitulation party are different. They still respect the lord Origin."

Qin Qiying just sighed again and patted her on the shoulder, signaling that the commander-in-chief had come, so that she could rest assured that she would not hurt Li Mingchen.

The commander-in-chief was carried into the place by two men. He was so weak that he couldn't even get off his bed.

He lay on the stretcher bed, closing his eyes and then opening his eyes slowly, indicating that he was greeting Qin Qiying. He then moved his finger and pointed to Chu Yunsheng's coffin.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng who was laying naked inside a coffin next to a woman with a peerless beauty, the commander in chief asked everyone to leave, leaving Qin Qiying alone with him, waiting quietly inside.

He was not anxious at all, just as if he still had a lot of time left that allowed him to wait. He just waited quietly, as if he knew that Chu Yunsheng would wake up by himself.

Qin Qiying dared not to ask him. Sometimes, she had a strong illusion that the commander-in-chief was very mysterious. It was so mysterious, that it was kind of scary. In the age of light, it was said that he used a strange method to convince the leaders of all the powerful countries to build this Arctic base...


Time passed quietly in the restricted area. Outside the restricted area, all the noises seemed to have stopped...

However, at this time, the area outside of the Arctic Circle was no longer calm, and all the spies had leaked out the news that Chu Yunsheng was trapped in a coffin, but the specific reasons and circumstances were still unknown.

Until just now, a stack of "photographs" was handed over to a Sky City's official, who was originally assigned to station in a place near the Arctic circle.

Almost without a moment's delay, the copies of these photos were sent back to Sky City's Headquarters and presented in front of Ding Yan and Huan.

It was said that Huan - the most powerful man amongst the five races, was drinking water while checking the photos at that time. At first sight of these pictures, his expression was as if he was struck by lightning. He was so shocked that he didn't even realize he had spilled the water all over himself.

"Tell me that I am not hallucinating!" He looked at Ding Yan with an unbelievable expression and said.

Ding Yan shook his head calmly. He knew much less than Huan. But it was because of this, he was able to analyze the photos without being affected by any other emotions.

But how could Huan not lose his composure?

She was known as the eternal pride of the Ice Race, who even the thirteen Baktuns didn't dare to make light of. She was the cold and majestic woman who was both madly loved and respected by countless men in many generations. But she had sworn not to fall in love with any men, but devote all her life to searching for the origin of the world. But she was currently kissing a man!

Huan did not believe in his eyes. He would rather believe that Chu Yunsheng was using force to desecrate and bully Lord Jing.

However, from that stack of photos, no matter from which angle, there were no signs showing that Lord Jing was forced.

Not even the slightest!

If these pictures were released in his time, perhaps those god's warriors would also puke blood, let alone other people.

"No way! The photos must have been modified! Check again! It's impossible!" After a long time, Huan finally regained his composure and said firmly with his finger tapping on the photo.

But Ding Yan seemed to have expected this. As soon as Huan finished, he answered, "It's real. I've got the best experts in the analysis department to check those photos. There's no possibility of falsification."

Huan stared at Ding Yan for a long time, then he suddenly laughed, "Ha, ha, ha! I wonder how would those ice race people react if they saw those photos!?"

He made a few quick steps back, and forth, and as if he suddenly remembered something, he said vaguely, "yes, yes, yes, send those copies to the ice race. Let's lighten things up a little."

Ding Yan's eyebrows instantly pressed together. Huan was probably still having a hard time to accept it. But he was not affected by the photos. At the moment, he was already considering many practical problems and the next steps. Sending photos to provoke the ice race was such childish behavior. It was completely meaningless.

Seeing Ding Yan didn't move, Huan coughed a few times and said, "Oh, yeah, now the descendants of the Ice Race probably don't even recognize her, but she is still someone that deserves our respect. I apologize for what I just said. Seal it up, destroy all copies, and don't send anybody else to take more pictures."

Then, he pointed to the photograph and laughed again, "besides, Chu is still butt naked. Don't make him angry. Otherwise, It will not be good for everyone."

Ding Yan nodded, took the pictures away and said cautiously, "do you want to give more pressure to the residence force? Chu's life is very important at the moment. I need an update."

In fact, he had already made up his mind, but anything, that was to do with Chu Yunsheng, must be approved by Huan. In other words, everything had to wait for Huan to decide.

Hearing what he said, Huan also became serious. After he thought something for a moment, he pointed at the coffin and said, "It's all right. With this, Chu won't die at the moment. Besides, someone should be more worried about Chu's life than us. Let's focus on something else first. But you can spread the message that we still don't know anything about Chu's condition. Watch out for that commander-in-chief. Why do I find him very familiar?"

Ding Yan nodded his head. Huan's idea was basically very similar to his, but in terms of the specific operations, they needed to be carefully arranged. Then he casually answered, "That man was the senior government official of our country in the age of light."

Huan shook his head coldly and fell into deep thoughts.


Chu Yunsheng, who was in the coffin, didn't know that his "naked photos" had been leaked out and presented on the desk of Sky City. At the moment, he was feeling itchy all over his body. It was the signs that his body was trying to recover itself slowly.

At the same time, a strange feeling accompanied by a wisp of cold fragrance disturbed his confused mind, and some impulse, that had not been touched for many years, began to emerge like waves. It felt like how he used to hold Li's soft body in bed and...

Under this kind of feeling, the strange seed, hidden in the depths of the soul, seemed to suddenly become very bold. It began to fuse all the life force together aggressively as fast as possible, completely forgetting, that it used to do it slowly, secretly, and carefully.

Of course, that external force was also not afraid. It immediately appeared and began to destroy it.

As soon as the fight between those two broke out, the black vortex immediately began to spin faster to unleash the black gas desperately, sweeping the entire zero-dimensional space as if it was injected with chicken blood.

But this time, the seed hidden deep inside the soul didn't seem to be scared of anything. Not only did it not retreat, but it also became more and more aggressive, as if there was a continuous flow of power to support it.

Every time it fused with one part of life force, it would become more powerful, then the outside force would also become stronger, and the more black gas would be unleashed. Outside the zero-dimensional space, the more the black gas appeared around Chu Yunsheng, the tighter the woman in the coffin hugged Chu Yunsheng, and the closer her lips were pressed against Chu Yunsheng's lips. While she hugged even more tightly, the stronger the impulse Chu Yunsheng would have...

In this way, the seed was growing stronger and faster, and the life force in the zero-dimensional space was also changing rapidly.