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Chapter 528

 72 hours had passed, Qin Qiying had tried every method to open the "coffin" that came out of nowhere. They couldn't even make scratches on the coffin, let alone open it.

It gave her a lot of headaches, but it was not only her, who had headaches at the moment. Since Chu Yunsheng disappeared, the outside forces had been sending ordinary human beings, who were under their control, to inquire about the situation, even the god's Warriors as well. They simply sent another crystal cubic ship to guard the Arctic. It looked if they didn't see Chu Yunsheng, they would station there forever.

Seeing the god's warriors sending a ship, the other five forces also followed and stationed around the Arctic Circle.

However, the people outside could wait, but Qin Qiying could not. The commander-in-chief was on the verge of dying, if it hadn't been for the most advanced life-support equipment, that they exchanged from the five alien races using Chu Yunsheng's information in these two days, the commander-in-chief would have passed away already.

The commander-in-chief could die any time, but he refused to tell anyone about the secret, including the successor that was appointed by himself personally.

It seemed that he would rather take the secret underground than let the second person know!

Yesterday, the argument about the successor had reached the peak, one of the senior military officers had even been assassinated during his rest. It was said that the secret pen-shaped weapon used by the assassin, which had not been detected, was provided by Sky City.

No one knew who leaked this information. The entire resistance force was in a violent uproar. Conspiracy theories, collusion with the alien force theories, human betrayal theories, and many other theories appeared one after another, all pointing at the headquarters.

Every day, people were dying mysteriously. The conflicts and power struggles within the last resistance force were getting more and more intense. Even in Sky City, apart from checking the information about Chu Yunsheng, Huan also needed to check the latest update about the conflict within the resistance force.

Within the resistance force, there were many eyes of the five races. It was so many that the higher-ups of the resistance forces simply gave up clearing them.

Although Qin Qiying was also a general, she was not qualified to touch the core of the central command of the resistance force. Sitting opposite Chu Yunsheng who was now naked inside a coffin at the moment, she felt exhausted. Overnight, she even had several silver hairs.

She was so disappointed!

Twenty years ago, she went through a lot of hardships, not fearing the desperate situations of life and death, and completed the military task that had been assigned to her. For the last resistance force, she had given everything, but today she was completely disappointed.

Looking around, they were now surrounded by their enemies.

But what were those people in the headquarters doing? They were still fighting each other for some useless power?

'Is this the future of mankind?'

Qin Qiying was too tired. She could not see a glimpse of the future of humanity.

Because of limited resources, because of the resources distribution, some people had more and others had less, and because everyone was originally from different places all over the world, there were many parties of different sizes in the resistance forces from the beginning. But nevertheless, they were split into three major categories, the radical, the conservative, and lastly the capitulation party. In the beginning, Qin Qiying more or less understood those people.

But no matter which side they were, they shouldn't be fighting each other at this moment.

When the old commander was still conscious, he could suppress all the conflicts between all parties. However, now the old commander would lose his consciousness from time to time, some people could not wait anymore.

Originally, she expected that with Chu Yunsheng's help, the successor that was appointed by the old commander would be able to take over the position smoothly.

In Horlivka, Qin Qiying had also witnessed the world-threatening imposing manner of Chu Yunsheng with her own eyes. Every single one of those alien races could destroy the last resistance force easily. But in front of Chu Yunsheng, they did not dare to say anything when he selected a kid to be the world leader. Even those younger generation's riot was also suppressed in an instant.

Even those alien races did not dare to defy him, not to mention the people from the last resistance force.

Her idea was good, but she underestimated the courage and determination of the radicals and the people who were in the capitulation party. While the conservatives were preparing for Chu Yunsheng's arrival, these people reactivated the "Gate Project" that had failed many times in the past, which eventually led to the leakage of gravity inside the gate and caused the unprecedented destruction.

The destruction of the Arctic base, which was built in the age of light, was not entirely unexpected at that time.

However, no one, including the radical and the capitulation party, expected that the disaster not only destroyed almost half of the Arctic base, but it also affected "Chu Yunsheng" who had just arrived outside the base.

Although the radical party and the capitulation party did not like the conservatives party, or it could be said that the three parties did not like each other, in the matter of working with Chu Yunsheng, they all did not have any disagreement with each other.

Qin Qiying was a smart woman, and she was very vigilant. When Chu Yunsheng was discovered, she immediately restricted the freedom of all the people who discovered Chu Yunsheng and tried her best to save Chu Yunsheng. She wanted to keep this as a secret as long as possible.

It was very obvious, that once the information about Chu Yunsheng was trapped inside a coffin, was known to the outside world, especially to the aliens and the god's warriors, the situation would certainly change drastically. The resistance force could not even cope with the present situation at all, let alone even worse situations. If there were more problems, the last resistance force would probably collapse very quickly.

But 72 hours had already passed, however, no progress had been made. Qin Qiying's men could not stop all the parties. Both the radicals and the capitulation party's troops were already outside the restricted area and preparing to break in.

Qin Qiying was not worried about the radicals. But if the capitulation party knew what happened here, soon those alien races would even have pictures of the coffin on their tables.

"Mother, the Commander-in-Chief is here." The girl in military uniform looked at the naked back of Chu Yunsheng in the coffin and whispered.

"Commander woke up?" Qin Qiying raised her head from deep thought and said. Then she waved her hand to the girl and said, "Cuocuo(nickname of Qin Fault), give me a hand, I am old now."

During the conversation, she looked sadly at Chu Yunsheng in the coffin. He was still as young as when she saw him the first time. Time truly flies...

"You're not old at all. Aren't the solvents, that was given to you by the Duo Neng race, still working?" Qin Fault hurriedly helped her to get on her feet and helped her to adjust her hair. She smiled at her and tried to comfort her.

During those days, not only Qin Qiying, but other people were also very tired. Qin Fault was also the same. In order to stop people from coming in, someone had to guard the entrance. But her mother has did not trust other people, so she had to take pills to stake awake all the time.

However, she had also reached her limit.

Upon hearing Duo Neng Race, the original smile of happiness on Qin Qiying's face when she was looking at her daughter, suddenly froze, then her eyes were replaced with full of extreme regret.

Qin Faul's heart tightened all of sudden. Her mother was reluctant to mention that thing. Every time when she asked about it, she would fall silent. She never told her what had happened in the past.

But when she grew up, she had heard many rumors, saying that she was a failure of some kind of project, which should have been disposed. But nobody dared to touch her, because Qin Qiying was the woman who gave birth to her, and that man...

Gies, the best biological scientist at the Arctic base, told her that she was only able to live to 18. Because no matter who her parents were, she was still a failure.

This year was her last year. After waking up from the nightmares that were getting more and more frequent every night, although she never mentioned it to her mother because she feared that she would be worried, she knew that she didn't have much time left.

She could only bury everything in her heart, including a simple love. But there was one thing she had to do before she dies.

Qin Fault bit her delicate lips, and as if he finally made a big decision, she asked, "Mom, can you tell me the truth? I want to know."

Qin Qiying's hands suddenly trembled, then she smiled helplessly, while stroking Qin Faul's cheek, and gently said, "Cuocuo, it was my fault, it was the most stupid mistake I have ever made in my life. But it is also the happiest mistake in my life. Because you, no matter what other people have said, you are always my daughter!"

Mother's love made Qin Fault's eyes filled with tears. She almost used all her effort to gather all her courage and said, while looking at the man in the coffin, "then, do you regret it? Do you like him?"

Qin Qiying smiled, shook her head and hugged Qin Fault. She looked softly at the end of the tunnel, as if she was recalling the beautiful years in the past, and said lightly, "The person I loved died at the beginning of the apocalypse. In my life, I only fell in love with one man, but that is enough. Silly girl, I will never regret to have you."

Qin Fault's tears finally dropped down from her face and she said with guilt, "Mom, Li Mingchen, he, he joined Uncle Li's radical party. I'm afraid that the news here has also been brought out."