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Chapter 527

 Originally, Chu Yunsheng thought that even if the tall crystal dressed-being did not plan to fight alongside him, it would at least, help him to "run away". But he did not know whether it was because of him did not release their Yingling(spirits), or whether it was the unease feeling coming from under the cracks of the icy ground, and it floated up to the cube anxiously and left without saying a single word, leaving Chu Yunsheng alone in the ice world.

The cube was not very far from it, it was just above its head. Floating into the cube was just a few seconds' time, and within another few seconds, the cube already disappeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight.

But Chu Yunsheng couldn't fly away like it. He jumped up several times in the air using the levitation ability of the armor, swinging his sword several times in succession to unleash sword Qi, cutting the ice pieces that were shot out from the crack. After dodging a few pieces of ice pieces, he also landed on one side of the huge rack.

Looking around, there were no signs of the last resistance force, Chu Yunsheng decided not to wait anymore. Summoning the sharp-winged insect, he planned to leave this dangerous place. However, it was at this moment, he suddenly heard something broke the sound barrier, coming from the bottomless icy crack.

When the flying snow finally dispersed in front of him, he saw a fighter jet, emitting pale blue flames, roared out of the deep crack and wanted to fly high into the sky as if something terrifying were chasing behind it.

Seeing the fuselage of this fighter plane was about to pull out of the cracked icy ground, hearing the engine was rumbling, almost deafening, a very strange scene appeared. The fighter jet suddenly seemed to be fixed there. No matter how the whole fuselage of the fighter jet was shaking violently, it still could not move an inch upward.

The fuselage was very close to Chu Yunsheng, and he could almost see the terrified expression on the pilot's face, which also made him feel uneasy. At this time, the sharp-winged insect was already summoned and he dared not stay for a moment longer.

But just when he set foot on the sharp-winged insect and before he even gave the order to fly, from the deep crack suddenly came a powerful suction, then fighter was instantly sucked into the deep crack, disappearing from Chu Yunsheng's sight.

Immediately afterward, the surrounding ice pieces were also sucked back into the crack. The sharp-winged insect only managed to flutter a few times, then it was also sucked into the darkness with Chu Yunsheng.

On both sides of the crack, they were filled with sharp and rugged ice pikes, which Chu Yunsheng could not see them clearly. But the pain of hitting them was extremely clear.

These ice spikes were condensed ice elemental energy. And after more and more energy accumulated together over many years, they were already more solid than iron. If the people below Yuan Tian Stage three fell into this kind of crack, they would definitely die.

If Chu Yunsheng did not have armor on, he would have been heavily injured already.

'What is hiding beneath the bottomless crack that it can simply use the three-dimensional suction force to suck me down?'

The more Chu Yunsheng thought about it, the more he felt amiss. He tried to penetrate the icy wall with Qian Bi sword to prevent his fall several times, but he could only make some scratches on the wall.

As he continued to fall, the direction he was falling also changed. Then his real crisis soon followed.

It was the danger of Dimensionality Reduction!

Falling from the four-dimensional space to the three-dimensional space, this kind of change was not something he was able to survive.

What should he do?

The time of his death was suddenly shortened to a few seconds!

He slightly regretted that he had sent Shang out to look for places to build a creep area by itself. If he had eight hundred Mins, with their strengths, they probably would be able to pull him out from here.

But he never thought that the territory of the last resistance force, where he thought was the weakest and the most risk-free place in the world, would be much more dangerous than other places.

Enduring the pains that seemingly caused by thousands of knives cutting his body into pieces, Chu Yunsheng clearly felt the energy inside his body was in a state of frenzy, like desperate struggler, who was forced to the wall. This energy was not allowed in this space, it must vanish. The iron law was inviolable, those that did not belong to the lower dimension must be eliminated.

The seventh nerve-like line was the first one that collapsed. Like countless dim stars, it was dissipating rapidly. It closely followed by the sixth nerve-like line, which was tightly linked with Yuan Qi energy.

Chu Yunsheng roared in desperation, puling out another three swords, using all his force to stab them into the icy wall. At the same time, he was using his both legs, kicking the protruding ice spikes, and unleashing all the sealed monsters, trying to fight this powerful suction.

However, to his disappointment, most of the sealed creatures had already died in the seal talisman because of dimensionality reduction. Before long, all the talismans on his body would disappear, including storage talismans!

Those sealed monsters could not even save themselves, let alone save Chu Yunsheng. In a split second, they were all sucked into the bottomless crack.

Four Qianbi swords cut deep into the icy wall, causing deep marks on it. However, Chu Yunsheng was still being dragged downward.

Eventually, the seventh nerve-like line disappeared completely, and as if the seventh divine nail lost its restraints, it began to move in all directions violently inside Chu Yunsheng's body, looking for the other six divine nails, which were attached to the ancient book, while four dazzling jade pendants suddenly shot out from the ancient book, went into the zero-dimensional space with many glowing characters of the ancient book, trying to maintain the final stability of the zero-dimensional space.

And that hidden anxious feeling, once again, appeared in this extreme chaos.

Perhaps "these guys" also felt that Chu Yunsheng had reached his limit. "They" once again tried to fuse "each other" together. But when it just appeared, the force, that wanted to destroy it no matter what happened, also appeared. And instantly the fight between them broke out.

Finally, the black vortex was covered with black gas, and with the black gas spreading all over Chu Yunsheng's body from inside to outside, a total war finally began.

However, in front of dimensionality reduction, even black gas also could not do anything.

All the pores around Chu Yunsheng's body were sending out the black gas as if death had already enveloped him.

All of a sudden, the memory of his life flashed through his mind like a reversed movie. A wonderful feeling came over him, making him let loose of the swords that he tightly gripped, and a faint smile slowly appeared on his face.

At that moment, he figured out that it was time to let go. It was time to end his painful life. He would die eventually, why struggle?

'Why not let it go?'

'Didn't I already decide it?'

'It is time to go now.'

Chu Yunsheng slowly closed his eyes, letting chaotic energy tearing his clothes into pieces, and his armor was also slowly turned into particles...


Darkness, silence




Muddle-headedly, Chu Yunsheng seemed to hear a very weak voice.


The voice seemed to be near his ear, and the breath was faint, but he heard it again.


Chu Yunsheng finally opened his eyes in shock. He was surrounded by blackness and could not see anything. His body was still being pulled by the suction force and the dismemberment of his body still continued.


Again, but this time, it was very harsh and urgent, and Chu Yunsheng finally realized that it was coming from behind.

He instantly turned around. Then he saw a pale woman's little hand that was emitting the soft white light, stretching out from the darkness, grabbing him all of sudden, pulling him into the darkness.

It was a very narrow space... Wait, it was not right.

Chu Yunsheng's mind was slightly clear now, and the pain on his body also stopped. The only Yuan Qi that was still left inside his body was also very calm, and the blurry sixth nerve-like line was also motionless at the moment.


Did he come out?

Chu Yunsheng wanted to move and find the situation around him. However, as soon as he looked up, he bumped into something hard, causing severe pain.

Was he dead?

He couldn't help but move again, then he was startled.

There was a person under him, and it's a woman!

Men and women were still easily distinguishable. There was a faint cold fragrance, clearly showing the gender of the person under him, not to mention the two soft things before her chest.

"Don't move!"

Just when Chu Yunsheng was still in a state of confusion, a pair of lips with a light fragrance moved closer to him and "greedily" sucked the black gas that was coming out of his body.


Chu Yunsheng finally remembered who the woman was. He instinctively pushed her away. But his head once again hit the solid edge of the coffin, causing great pain to him.

The energy inside his body was already exhausted. His body was so weak that with the injury he had, coupled with a simple bump, he instantly passed out.

In the darkness, the "coffin" that was covered with black gas drifted down into the icy abyss, and the soft fragrant lips once again moved closer to Chu Yunsheng...


The last resistance force, Arctic base.

In the chaotic underground ruins, Qin Qiying paced anxiously back and forth, looking at the end of the tunnel from time to time.

After a long time, the sound of hurried footsteps appeared from the end of the tunnel.

Qin Qiying raised her head and walked forward quickly, "Did they find it?"

Dressed in uniform, the person who came from the other side of the tunnel shook disappointedly. Surprisingly, the person's appearance had a trace of Chu Yunsheng.

"Search again! Go! He can't die!" Qin Qiying collapsed on the ruins as if all her strength had been drained. She muttered to herself, "If he dies... we will not have another chance!"

The person bit the lips, wanting to ask her something. But eventually, the person still turned around silently.

It was at this moment, the telephone beside Qin Qiying suddenly rang. Probably the signal was not good, a man's voice was intermittent.

"General... General, General, do you.... copy? General Qin, the tunnel was cleared... we found him, but... You need to come and see!"

Qin Qiying's eyes suddenly flashed with hope, and after she looked at the girl in front of her. They ran into the tunnel immediately.

But when they arrived at the scene, they all stood there staring at each other in shock.

In front of the crowd stood a shining coffin, which was wrapped in black gas. A devastatingly beautiful woman was hugging and kissing a naked man.

That man was Chu Yunsheng!