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Chapter 526

 Three days later, Chu Yunsheng arrived in the snowy Arctic outer circle. Here, the energy in the air was extremely chaotic. Various elemental energies were entangled to a complex degree. Anyone that was above the stage of Yuan Tian stage two would die instantly if they entered here.

But miraculously, ordinary human beings were not affected by this. They were able to move freely in this place.

According to Huan's explanation, both here and far Antarctica were the regions with the slower recovery rate of dimensional space. And according to Vixen, those five races and the awakened humans of major forces had been living in the semi-four-dimensional space for a while now, and they could not enter the lower-dimensional space unless they died.

Of course, the Arctic Circle was still gradually recovering. It was just that the speed of the dimensional space recovery decreased little by little from the equator to both the north pole and the south pole. However, the limitation of dimensional isolation was not very obvious. It was merely based on the criterion of how close could someone approach both poles. The practitioners below the Yuan Tian Stage Two didn't have much Yuan Qi, if they could suppress the chaotic internal energy, they might be lucky enough to get closer to both poles, but the center area was said to be the three-dimensional world. Many practitioners had tried it, but no one could get in at all.

That was why, so far, even though all forces knew where the last resistance force's base was, they couldn't do anything to them.

Because the world was separated!

Only when the dimensional space was completely recovered could those places be completely conquered!

But the natural protection left to the last resistance force may not last long, maybe only two or three years left.

Once heaven and earth were restored, perhaps it would be exactly like what the senior Practitioner said, this world would be doomed.

Chu Yunsheng was thinking something in the snow. Wearing a grey cotton-padded clothes from Shen Cheng city 20 years ago, he was like a deep-mountain peasant from the sunshine era, standing alone in the snowstorm, let the snow fall onto him and turn him into a snowman.

He had no imposing manner or luxury dress, but the coffin, that was covered by black gas, on his back, added a little evil feeling to his appearance. That ordinary young man's face, which he managed to recover, was covered with snow. But no matter where he went, he would still attract everyone's attention from those god's Warriors to lowly slaves.

No one dared to underestimate the weight of his words and actions, even if it was just a simple move, an unexpected or even could be considered as a ridiculous act, it would be treated as some kind of valuable information. Because in the next three years, his actions would affect too many parties' interests.

Chu Yunsheng waited quietly for the people inside to come out. He suppressed most of the energy inside his body and had tried to get in several times, but still, he couldn't get in.

Nevertheless, this feeling of being blocked outside reminded him of the time when he was still at Jing Ji Island. It was the time when he was still an insect. There was once when he tried to fly high into the vast sky to catch a glimpse of the long-lost sunshine. However, he also couldn't fly out at that time.

This led him to believe some of the Vixen's words, but then questions also arose. It made the insects, a race that was able to squeeze through the space tunnels at the very beginning of the dark age, even more mysterious.

However, how could thousands of years' history be explained clearly in a few words? Just the cultural and historical data that had been accumulated over the years would have tones of information, let alone other things.

As Huan said, in his time, civilizations had reached an incredible height, it was not something that the history and the civilization of the human race nowadays could compare.

Chu Yunsheng shook off the snow on his body and tried again. The strong pressure once again pushed him back mercilessly. Qin Qiying had already gone in for a while to report to her superior, but he had not seen anyone come out. He did not know what happened inside. But he couldn't just wait here doing nothing.

Huan had just left. He needed to return to Sky City immediately to recover from his injuries. Although Huang Bei Ying had made a three-year peace agreement, who knows when she would break it again? After all, in the current situation, she still had the greatest military advantage.

In addition, Huan was injured, would other races take this opportunity to kill him and take over his position? Everything was unknown...

If it weren't for Chu Yunsheng insisting on returning to Horlivka to check what happened, which had taken them three days, Huan would have returned to the sky city already.

But that was not Chu Yunsheng's concern. Compared to Huan's injury, he was more concerned about the coffin.

Soon after the black gas came out, Chu Yunsheng immediately used the black vortex's sucking ability to stop the black gas from continuing coming out of his body. Only after that did he prevent the possibility, that the one inside the coffin might come back alive.

There were enough troubles outside at the moment, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to give himself more troubles.

Of course, he did not tell Huan anything about the black gas lest Huan would want him to wake up the woman in the coffin.

But because what the black gas might do to the coffin, he didn't dare to store it into the storage talisman anymore. That was why he could only carry it at the moment.

After waiting for a while, Chu Yunsheng began to realize that something must have happened inside. Otherwise, no one dared to leave him here for such a long time.

The Arctic snowstorm was also very strong. Ten steps away, it was all white. Chu Yunsheng couldn't even see the direction, let alone see the situation inside.

When he thought about it, an idea suddenly came into his mind. Then the seventh divine nail was summoned and shot into the vast snow. With only a moment, it went back and forth, unimpeded.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked.

The seventh nail could ignore the dimensional restrictions and attack from other dimensions.

Chu Yunsheng's first reaction was that if the owner of the seven divine nails wanted to retrieve the seven divine nails, then even if he was in the semi-four-dimensional space, the owner could still kill him easily.

Then the second reaction was, that since the seven nails were someone's primary weapon, then could it be that the senior practitioner's primary weapon also have this kind of cross-dimensional attacking ability?

Then Chu Yunsheng thought about the treasures, that the senior practitioner wanted him to find. Could it be his primary weapon?

However, since he collected the fourth jade pendant, the book had no signs of showing the location of the fifth pendant. He didn't know where to find it at all.

It was at this moment, he suddenly noticed a bright light in the snow, coming from the sky outside.

As it got closer and closer, the bright light, slowly revealed what it was.

Within a few moments, the flying cube arrived before Chu Yunsheng. And then a slightly tall crystal-dressed being floated out of the ship and said something that made Chu Yunsheng baffled,

"Ying sequence 95827, please release the conscious cores of our deceased people three days ago and let them return to heaven. They deserved to be respected..."

"What?" Chu Yunsheng's eyebrows were knitted tightly together. When did he imprison the conscious core of Crystal dressed beings?

"Ying sequence 98527, you have already taken away their Soul Sources. Their conscious cores are empty now, and it is useless to you. But they are still our Yingling (spirits), our brave and honorable warriors. Even if they have no use now, they deserve respect and peace. As long as you release them now, as an exchange, our lord will immediately return that woman's body!" The man in the crystal dress floated slowly towards Chu Yunsheng and said.

Chu Yunsheng's eyebrows were pressed even closer after hearing it. From Huan, he realized, that Soul Source and Life forces, were actually the same thing. But what was Conscious Core? He didn't even know what that was, let alone imprisoned it. But since it mattered Jing Tian's body, so he thought for a second and said ambiguously,

"How do you know it was me, who imprisoned them??"

How could they be so sure that it was him? At that time, apart from him, there was also this coffin as well. Could it be that there were some other reasons why Huan wanted to get back so hurriedly other than his injury? This problem needed to be clarified first.

The crystal dressed being looked at Chu Yunsheng and said sternly, "Ying sequence 98527, I can only tell you that no one has ever been able to imprison Conscious Core. Even our thirteenth's Lord also could not do it. This is the rule of the world. Our Thirteenth's Lord was very shocked when she could not sense the return of our honorable warriors' spirits in three days. Then she guessed that it must be you!"

Chu Yunsheng was so shocked that he couldn't understand anything it said. He wanted to shake his head and tell it that it had nothing to do with him. After all, they were not stupid, if he couldn't return the conscious core, they would not give him the body. However, just when he wanted to tell them the truth, he suddenly had another idea. "Huang Bei Ying is right. I do have them. But I won't release them at the moment. Three years later, I'll give them back to you. If anything happens to... Huh! You know what will happen!" Chu Yunsheng snorted and gave a vague answer.

Then crystal dressed being was dazed for a second. After death, the Conscious core would be useless. It was common knowledge that even those five elemental races also knew about it. The reason why they wanted to get them back was, that they simply wanted the deceased warriors to rest in peace. But they didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng would reject it.

But when it wanted to convince Chu Yunsheng again, from the deep white snow, suddenly appeared many explosion sounds, gun sounds, and artillery shells' noises.

The ground was clearly shaking violently, and then a deep dark crack on the ground soon began to appear in Chu Yunsheng's eyes and it was spreading towards Chu Yunsheng from deep inside the area that he could not get in.

Chu Yunsheng cursed, and with a black coffin on his back, he quickly activated the levitation ability and jumped up. A deep and bottomless glacier crack soon appeared below his feet. The cloudy wind was whistling in the crack and it was bone-freezing cold.

Then in the deep of the crack suddenly came a hair-raising roar.