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Chapter 525

 Chu Yunsheng was stunned. the situation changed so rapidly, that he almost lost control of the seventh nerve-like line.

Unexpectedly, the person who rushed out was Yuan Qiyang!

'Yuan Qiyang and Vixen?'

Chu Yunsheng couldn't connect those two, who were from two different worlds, together. Although he had heard about people talking about Yuan Qiyang's love affair more than once. He never expected, that the person Yuan Qiyang liked, was her!

One was still a kid at that time, and the other was in her prime, how did they get together? Chu Yunsheng had a hard time to process what he just saw.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to kill Yuan Qiyang, he never once did.

Like the Son Of Insect, in his eyes, no matter how old they were, they were still children to him. Even if they had made mistakes once or twice, he could still tolerate them. But Ding Yan and other people like him were different.

Moreover, people said that Yuan Qiyang was the young master of Yun Sect, but in fact, he was a puppet of Yun Sect.

But even if he didn't want to kill, he still couldn't stop the seventh nail.

The moving speed of the Crystal-dressed beings had always seemed to be restrained by something. Even in this case, compared with the moving speed of Yuan Qiyang, who was on the back of a Ban Lan bird, her speed was still as slow as a snail. In a short time, Yuan Qiyang flew past like a gust of wind and pushed her away.

Yuan Qiyang didn't dare to look at Chu Yunsheng, he also didn't dare to look at those who treated him as if he was their own kids. He could feel their anger and disappointment from far away.

Maybe it was better to end his life this way. He thought.

However, no one expected that when Yuan Qiyang flew out, a red shadow also followed him behind. As soon as Yuan Qiyang pushed the Crystal-dressed being away, the red shadow pushed him away.

"Why!" Yuan Qiyang shouted in despair as he was pushed off his mount, falling towards the ground.

The red shadow just smiled bitterly and said quietly "broth..."

The seventh divine nail instantly penetrated the red shadow and then continued moving towards the cube, leaving the red shadow falling off the sky like a red ribbon.


Yuan Qiyang, who was falling, let out a sorrowful cry. He was only a hundred meters above the ground, but he felt like it was as deep as the dark and cold abyss.

The colorful Ban Lan bird, that lost its master, also let out a sad screech, while quickly changing its direction to save both Yuan Qiyang and the red Shadow.

"Sister, why? Didn't you tell me that you hate me? Why don't you tell me that you actually...? Why? God! You tell me why! " Yuan Qiyang was holding YiCheng HongYi and cried hysterically.

"Can someone tell me!?

Why are we fighting this damn war?

Why do we need to fight each other for so many years and we still have to fight?

Why do we need to fight in a war that we don't even know what we are fighting for!



Chu Yunsheng was exhausted. He tried to withdraw the seventh divine nail with all his strength, but it was no use. The seventh divine nail still shot Yuan Qiyang's sister, and its remaining force also broke through the cube barrier.

Huan immediately took the opportunity and flew in like a burning meteor.

Waves of violent energy soon appeared from inside the cube, along with fierce clouds of flames, soaring into the sky, sweeping through the battlefield.

After a long time.

When the clouds of flames, that were bursting everywhere, finally dissipated, the haggard Huang Bei Ying and the heavily injured Huan appeared in everyone's sights.

In a place between them, there was a coffin that had shrunk to the normal size, in which a woman was still lying quietly.

But this time anyone could see her appearance clearly.

Her face was devastatingly beautiful, solemn and icy. It was enough to make everyone gasp in shock.

How could such a perfect woman exist in the world!

"Ying sequence 95827, you said you could reach Source Gate in ten years?" under the crystal Helmet, no could not see Huan Bei Ying expressions, but her tone was extremely tired and haggard. From the time when the coffin was revealed to the fight against Chu Yunsheng's seventh divine nail, then the fight against Huan again, she, who had not yet recovered completely, had already reached her limit.

"That's right." Chu Yunsheng sat on top of the ship, unable to stand up, but still said without revealing his body condition. Although he did not know what source gate was, base on the information that Huan told him, it probably meant Yuan Tian Stage Four.

"I believe you because you know The Retrospective Technique!" Huang Bei Ying reached out her hand to stop eight smaller cubes, that tried to attack again and said, "But I can only give you three years!"

"Ten years! Not a year less!" Chu Yunsheng looked at Yuan Qiyang, who had already fainted because of great sadness, and said firmly.

Huang Bei Ying let out a sigh, looked up at the dark sky and said, "I also wish that I have ten years to give you. 95827, you only have three years. After three years, the world will return to its original state. The space fleets outside the solar system will land on earth like raindrops. One of us must reach Source Gate and take out the covenant to deter them."

"What covenant?" Chu Yunsheng thought a moment and asked in confusion. If what they said was real, how on earth a covenant would be able to block the space fleet?

Huang Bei Ying seemed to understand Chu Yunsheng's confusion, she looked at him paused for a few seconds and said "The covenant with God. With it, we will receive protections from God."

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. Although he couldn't remember things from the past, he still remembered that song, especially about the part talking about gods were angry, and protections were gone!

"You mean, at that time, the covenant was already...!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized what that meant. And he couldn't help but blurt it out, but he was immediately interrupted by Huang Bei Ying.

"The covenant was sealed! Only by reaching Source Gate, will it be taken out!" She then turned her eyes from Chu Yunsheng to Huan, as if she no longer wanted to talk about the covenant. "You only know that someone killed the Ying sequence inside him, but you don't understand why that powerful one would want to leave a dead sequence, that could be easily removed by him, inside him!"

"What do you mean?" Huan frowned. In his opinion, this was most likely the deterrent message, that deliberately left by the powerful being. At least, that was how he had thought at the beginning. But at the moment, Huan realized faintly, that the truth may be more complicated than that. Just thinking like this, he couldn't help but shiver uncontrollably. What kind of being was able to set up such a complicated plan!? And what it would require to set up this kind of plan?

"You understand it now?" Huang Bei Ying glanced over the smooth and glittering coffin and then said quietly, "As long as the dead sequence is still in 95827's body, he is still my people. And as long as he is still my people, he is qualified to get the covenant!"

Huan's face finally turned pale in horror, "He... He is a chess piece set up by that powerful one!?"

Huang Bei Ying shook her head and said, "I don't know, I don't want to know. Huan, I am exhausted and you are also seriously injured. Since no one can get the realm of The Inspector Of The Eight Realms, let's make a three-year agreement. During this period, the war will be ceased, but I don't trust your people. So, 95827 will be the one looking after the coffin."

Huan didn't seem to have heard it. And it seemed like he was worried about something else. Only after a moment of struggling, he finally asked, "Are there really gods in the world?"

Huang Bei Ying sighed, "We always told you that Gods exist and should not be desecrated. But you think that you know us and have debunked the myth, and you think there is no God in the world at all? Now you have seen the legendary realm of the inspector of the eight realms, and the secret of 95827. You finally realized what kind of mistakes you have made! "

"I still don't believe it! Even if it's true, we still didn't do anything wrong!" Huan frowned his brows and said and then fell into deep thoughts.

Huang Bei Ying no longer wanted to pay attention to him. As she reached out her hands and waved gently. The transparent coffin flew slowly to Chu Yunsheng and stopped above his head.

"95827, this thing is for you to keep for three years. Within three years, you must not give it to anyone. Otherwise, I will start the war again immediately, and the first one we will kill, will be the world leader you selected, and those last resistance force!

In three years' time, if you still can't reach Souce Gate, I will take back this and recover my three souls!"

After that, without waiting for Chu Yunsheng's reply, she turned around and floated back to one of the cubes and disappeared into the horizon.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was perplexed by what she said, he heard Shang's urgent report, "Master, I just detected one piece of information from one of the fleet saying, that one of the Crystal Cubic Ships used the cloaking method to attack Horlivka. The coalition army was defeated and suffering huge losses. Yao Xiang was heavily injured and currently unconscious. The body of Jing Tian, that he secretly took with him, were taken away, Yu Hanwu and Jing Ji were also captured by them. They left a message saying that in order to ensure, that we will fulfill the agreement, they will be taken away temporarily, and in those three years, they will be treated as important guests."

"Why the fuck Yao Xiang has Jing Tian's body with him? What the fuck is he thinking?" Chu Yunsheng felt like he was hit by something heavy in the head. He could not help but blurt it out. . .

"Chu, it's no use to say those things now. I'll send you to the resistance force's territory right now. I know you're interested in the Earth's axis of Atlantean. You and I can't give up, as long as there's a slight possibility!" No one knew when Huan recovered from the deep thoughts, on the way back to the ship, he said to Chu Yunsheng sternly.

Chu Yunsheng also quickly resumed his composure. He thought for a second and nodded his head. As long as he had the coffin, the crystal dressed beings would not do anything to Yu Hanwu and Jing Ji. He then recited the incantation while reaching out his hand, wanting to store the coffin into the storage talisman.

However, just when his hand touched the glittering coffin, the long-disappeared black gas suddenly burst out from his body from the zero-dimensional space, spreading toward the coffin.

In an instant, the coffin was covered with black gas, and became a ghostly "black coffin", which was extremely terrifying.


The slender, pale, bloodless fingers of the woman in the coffin moved slightly!

Instantly, Chu Yunsheng and Huan both looked at each other in fear.