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Chapter 524

 Comparing to the effect of the Sword Howling, the seventh divine nail was almost unnoticeable.

However, its power and danger were many times greater than the early-level Sword Howling sword form.

The power the seventh divine nail triggered was not something, that heaven and earth Yuan Qi could compare. And only a limited number of talented people were qualified to feel this power. However, at the moment when it was shot out of Chu Yunsheng's body, those people fell into inexplicable panic instantly!

Others simply did not know the real threat under the cover of Chu Yunsheng Sword Howling attack.

At first, Huan was perplexed, 'Sword Howling!? How does he know the Fourth Baktun's unique skill?'

Then in the next moment, the perplexed expression on his face was changed entirely. It was extremely pale. He could not help having a faint terror deep inside his heart, as if he was facing his natural enemy.

It was also at this moment, Huan Bei Ying, who had also felt this force, gave up the plan of defending the cube. Many white beams were shot out from the gigantic cube, converging into one, and then headed toward the attack that Chu Yunsheng unleashed.

The seventh divine nail, that was hiding inside the light of the sword form, simply hit the light beam and disappeared in the white beam.

There was no loud explosion noise, no shockwave as if the attack did not exist. All it had were Chu Yunsheng, whose zero dimension was rapidly collapsing, and a cube that was constantly shaking as if it was about to shatter at any time.

Although the seventh divine nail's speed was reduced, it was still pushing fiercely inside the white beam. However, it was at the cost of overloading Chu Yunsheng's seventh nerve-like line, which caused the collapse of Chu Yunsheng's zero dimension to speed up.

Huang Bei Ying was not the monsters that Chu Yunsheng used to kill. She was a powerful being, who once reached Yuan Tian Stage Four. Moreover, she also had other crystal dressed beings to help her. However, Chu Yunsheng only had the powerful divine nail, but he was struggling to control it.

But, even then, the strange movement of the crystal-dressed being in the sky, was still enough to shock everyone.

All the races had just updated the information they stored about Chu Yunsheng's power level back in Horlivka city. But then they needed to change it again. They were able to tell the reason why Chu Yunsheng did all of this. However, they would never be able to guess Chu Yunsheng's real power level.

Never once was anyone able to singlehandedly defeat the white light beam, that was unleashed by the god's warriors altogether?

They didn't know how Chu Yunsheng did it, the seventh divine nail was covered by the sword howling and the god's warrior's white light beam, all they could see was, that the originally invincible white light beam was slowly moving backwoods as if there was something pushing it back. And it seemed like, it wouldn't be long until it was pushed all the way back into the cube.

The seventh divine nail was indeed very strong, but with Chu Yunsheng's current strengths, the cost of using it was almost unbearable.

And not just this, as the seventh divine nail became stronger and stronger, there was a strange panic coming from deep inside his soul.

This feeling had actually happened once before, it was at the time when he was absorbing the flying head monster's life force. But now this feeling happened again.

However, Chu Yunsheng couldn't care that much anymore. He just quickly passed a message to Shang, "Shang, I need all your force!"

Surprisingly, earlier on, when the seventh divine nail shot out from his body, Shang revealed a sign of fear. It and the eight hundred Mins didn't even dare to get close to him. Therefore, he had to order it again.

Shang had no choice but to follow Chu Yunsheng's order and began to transfer its force to enhance the control of the seventh divine nail.

With the help of Shang's force, the seventh divine nail was speeded up and deflected the second counter-attack coming from the cube.

While the seventh divine nail was approaching the gigantic cube, the strange panic deep inside Chu Yunsheng's soul began to spread into the zero-dimensional space and became more and more violent.

All the people from the five races' fleet were staring at the light beam, that was constantly pushed back. No matter what kind of conflict they had in the past, at this moment, all of them hoped that Chu Yunsheng could defeat those god's warriors.

Even Huan was also the same. If Chu Yunsheng could kill Huang Bei Ying here, he did not mind to be loyal to Yu Hanwu for a hundred years.

From inside the crystal-like cube, soon began to fly out many crystal-dressed beings, that were holding glowing masses. They levitated in the air outside the cube for a brief moment and looked at Chu Yunsheng with intense sorrow. Then they all began to float toward the seventh divine nail resolutely.

In the cold night sky, only their sad mourns before death were echoing in the air.

"We were armed and ships were ready!

Since we couldn't go back, then we will eliminate all the heresies.

Enemies were powerful, but our warriors were brave;

... the land was covered with bodies, the light was gone;...

...When the soul returned...

...Gods would not die, even after tens and thousands of years...

...Once the heaven and earth are split up again; the war will arrive;..."

Chu Yunsheng did not know what they were doing at first, but when he finally realized it, it was already late. A huge wave of life force followed the seventh nail, pouring into his zero-dimensional space!

The black vortex was spinning wildly, but it still was not able to destroy so many life force, that had suddenly broken into the zero-dimensional space. Only in the blink of an eye, the intruding life force spread everywhere inside the zero-dimensional space and blew up the zero-dimensional space like a balloon.

Unable to stop the seventh divine nail, the crystal dressed beings began to use such a suicidal method to transfer life force to Chu Yunsheng. It was simple and cruel, but it was absolutely effective. Once Chu Yunsheng's zero dimensions couldn't take it anymore, it would explode. And then, Chu Yunsheng would be erased from this world.

Clearly, in this short period of time, Huang Bei Ying already figured out the characteristics of the Divine nail. And with their understanding of the Life force, it wasn't difficult for them to think of such a method.

"Chu, stop! I..." From the crystal cube, flew out another team of crystal-dressed beings. One of them ignored all the other five races' fleet and shouted to Chu Yunsheng.

However, how would Chu Yunsheng have time to listen to that person now.

In this critical moment, Chu Yunsheng cast out all the monsters that he had sealed and shouted to Shang, "Shang, infest those monsters! And absorb the life force that I transferred to them!"

"Chu, you don't know what you are doing!" The crystal-dressed being shouted sorrowfully and hurriedly.

"You think we are your enemies. But do you even know that at the moment, the entire solar system is surrounded by spaceships! Once the dimensional space is stabilized, they will begin to descend! At that time, everyone here will be dead!

Chu, you need to stop it. Please! Only our lord Huang Bei Ying is qualified to negotiate with them when she recovered her three souls.

Please believe me, it is much more complicated than you and that Huan thought. In the past, it was because of the covenant, that we had with God..."

The crystal-dressed being took off her helmet and revealed her beautiful face that was filled sorrow and pleading look.

Chu Yunsheng knew this person. She was Vixen, who he met in Zhiwu forest a long time ago. However, he didn't believe her. He just simply said, "if they are surrounding the solar system now, why are they not descending now? You think I'll believe you?"

The woman replied hurriedly, "Chu, you don't understand, the dimensional space hasn't fully stabilized. If they want to descend from the higher dimension to the lower dimension at this moment, they will definitely die. Even god also can not survive from this kind of descending method. It will eliminate the consciousness of the intruder of the higher dimension instantly, leaving only an empty body."

Chu Yunsheng snorted, "you might be able to fool other people, but some things, I know more than you do!"

He then took out the book and said, "you all want this book, but do you know where did this book come from? Since it has already come to this point, I am not scared to let you know. You still remember that island that I was trapped. The thing that all of you were scared, was scared of the owner of this book! It even called the book's owner god! If what you said is true, how did the owner of this book come here!?"

The woman was stumped for a second. But she still quickly recovered, "Chu, it is very hard for me to explain everything. But some gods could project themselves into the lower dimension. Just like the inspector of the eight realms."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said, "there is no need to carry on, I'll not stop it, and the reason is very simple."

He looked at the crystal-dressed beings and then pointed at the people from the five races, "you all think that I will die soon, so you all said a lot of bullshit to me, thinking that I won't be able to verify it? Let me tell you, you are wrong! All of you! Do you really think that I will die that easily? Huh! I am about to reach Yuan Tian stage four! I'll disappear maybe another ten years. But when I come back again..."

Chu Yunsheng lied. But with the seventh Divine nail and the thing he just did, no one suspected that he was lying.

It was the same as the crystal-dressed woman. Seeing she couldn't change Chu Yunsheng's mind, she slowly and hopelessly put on her helmet and began to follow her team to float towards the seventh Divine nail in despair.

It was at this moment, from the five races' fleet, flew out a Ban Lan bird, on the back of the bird, a person shouted in despair, "I'll not let you die!"