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Chapter 523

 At this moment, Chu Yunsheng could already guess what was going on without Huan's explanation. Huang Bei Ying succeeded in realizing her goal by luring them into a trap.

Although it was not known, that if the collapse of the people from the Ice Race was directly related to the emergence of the coffin or not, it was clear that Huang Bei Ying took advantage of this to succeed in obtaining the coffin.

Huang Bei Ying was very powerful, and she might be able to get a large number of Ice Race people through other methods, such as catching them by force, etc. But Chu Yunsheng had to admit, that no matter whether it was the ice race people or the fire race people, whenever they faced the crystal-dressed beings, they would resist all the way to the end. That kind of unyielding mind even made Chu Yunsheng could not help but respect them slightly.

However, luring them into a trap would be completely different.

Even if Huan and other people were smart, and even if they doubted that the information about "anti-space" might be false, they still had to come here. Because as long as there was the slightest possibility, that it might be true, they would not dare to risk it.

It was because of this, Huang Bei Ying was able to successfully and easily obtained that coffin.

In fact, this was caused by a lack of information. Therefore, it was not so much, that they were deceived by Huang Bei Ying, but rather, that they lost in the information warfare.

The things, that Huang Bei Ying knew, was definitely more than Huan. When Huan thought that it was just a legend, Huang Bei Ying already knew the information about the death of The Inspector Of Eight Realms.

Of course, the most important thing was, that she knew where the coffin was, she was even able to lure them to here.

But originally, this trap had nothing to do with Chu Yunsheng. He did not care if Huang Bei Ying was able to get Jing or not. However, there was one thing he cared about, he was concerned if Huang Bei Ying was really able to fuse her three souls into one.

There was no way he would not care about it.

Once Huang Bei Ying succeeded in fusing her three souls into one, the original subtle balance of power would surely be broken. No one knew the horror of Yuan Tian stage four more than Chu Yunsheng did. At that time, there was no way he would be able to defeat her, even with the help of everyone here.

Therefore, keeping the power balance between the crystal-dressed beings and the other alien races as much as possible, was the fundamental reason why Chu Yunsheng decided to come here, and he had already decided not to let any party have an absolute advantage.

If the Crystal-dressed beings won, they would not let go of human beings, if the aliens won, they also would not let go of human beings.

However, he was not sure that if Huan was giving him the correct information, or was he just simply using him. But he did not want to listen to his command blindly.

He wanted to wait and see how things would progress. And then he would decide what he should do.

Outside the ship, with Huan's attack command, the fleet of five races quickly surrounded the huge cube, and began to bombard it non-stop, attempting to break it.

Chu Yunsheng had seen the space lockdown technology of the Crystal-dressed beings, and its firmness was not something that Duo Neng Race's space lockdown could compare. With a layer of space barrier shining the dazzling light, it completely blocked all the views inside.

All the flying machines in different sizes took turns to fire their weapons at the huge cube wall, like raindrops. However, all they did was to cause some small ripples on it, but the barrier was still undamaged!

As time went by, Duo Neng Race, which was the race that Chu Yunsheng hated the most, had also charged up their Jian Cheng Cannon under Huan's command, and ready to fire at any time.

Huan's face was becoming more and more anxious. Nobody knew what was going on inside the huge cube now, and if Huang Huang Bei Ying had gotten what she needed already. If the barrier could not be torn open under Jian Cheng Cannon's attack, then Huan would have to ask Chu Yunsheng to use his swarm!

The Duo Neng Race's giant ship, slowly revealed itself from the darkness. It was like a prehistoric beast showing its ferocity. While it was still floating in the sky, the strong air turbulence, that was caused by it, stirred up the desert below and blew away many clouds of sands and rocks.

In Horlivka, Duo Neng race was the only race, that Chu Yunsheng ordered to be blocked out of the city, and he also did the same thing to Chu Clan's disciples as well. But they probably had already guessed Chu Yunsheng's mind, they simply did not show up lest they lost their faces.

The ship was controlled by one of heaven's messengers. And this heaven's messenger, Chu Yunsheng also knew her.

It was Tan Ning!

As soon as her image appeared in Huan's command center, Chu Yunsheng recognized her immediately.

Although so many years had passed, her appearance did not change much. She was still that young and beautiful. There was always something in her eyes, that no one could read. Plus the exquisite uniform of heaven's messenger, she looked more solemn and heroic.

She also saw Chu Yunsheng. But just one glance, she fell silent. She did not expect Chu Yunsheng would be on the Huan's command ship. Not only her, but many people were also surprised when Chu Yunsheng boarded Huan's ship. Everyone had an impression, that Chu Yunsheng was always alone and always liked to stay alone.

Chu Yunsheng also didn't expect to see Tan Ning here. But his eyes just glanced past her and then shifted back to the holograms, that displayed the situation outside again, as if he did not know her.

Chu Yunsheng did not know and did not want to know how much Tan Ning knew about the plan, that lured him to that isolated island twenty years ago.

Even if he wanted to know, he did not believe, that they would tell him the truth.

In order to appease Chu Yunsheng, Huan had ordered the arrest and detention of heaven's messenger No. 2. He did it in front of Chu Yunsheng in the command ship. The mysterious heaven's messenger No. 1, which had never appeared before, eventually chose to stay silent. Many people, therefore, expected that sooner or later, heaven's messenger No. 2 would be executed.

It was said that Shu Du city had already sent people to "supervise the execution". In addition to Chu Yunsheng, they were probably the most active force in the execution of the No. 2 heaven's messenger.

After a moment of silence, Tan Ning said to Huan, "Lord Huan, the cannon is ready to fire!"

Chu Yunsheng looked at Huan with surprise. It was the first time for him to hear someone calling Huan this way.

Huan laughed and ridiculed himself, "I was given this title because of the things I did in the battle that happened a long time ago. My one is pretty common at that time. But the one laying inside that coffin is a true lord!"

"True lord?" Chu Yunsheng looked at the cube and suddenly looked Huan again and said, "You like her!"

Huan was stumped for a second and then laughed, "who do you think I am? Lord Jing was... Sigh, you won't believe it... Anyway, if I dare to have the slightest intention towards her, who is the eternal pride of the Ice Race, those people from the Ice Race would rip me apart!"

Just when Chu Yunsheng was thinking what he meant by that, Huan's face suddenly dropped and said sternly, "I know what you mean, the woman I loved, no one can replace her position in my heart! No one! If she were the one, that was lying inside that coffin, I wouldn't be standing here watching other people attack that cube, I would be out there doing it myself. I would probably lose my mind just like that young man Yao Xiang ."

Hearing his words, Tan Ning looked at Chu Yunsheng with a complexed expression. No one knew what she was thinking.

Chu Yunsheng fell silent. Huan's words reminded him of someone in the past. Although so many years had passed, he didn't why, sometimes, he could still remember some people clearly.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng's reaction, Huan frowned and hesitated for a moment. But eventually, he still said, " Chu, originally, I did not want to tell you. But... Just a friendly reminder, and consider this as a prepayment for using your swarm. The residence force is not as easy as what you think it is. During the time of your disappearance, there were reports about them searching for anyone that was still alive and was related to you, and taking them away. In terms of that their commander... Just be careful..."

After saying that, and before Chu Yunsheng even asked him why, he said to Tan Ning, "fire it!"

Tan Ning nodded and before her hologram image disappeared, she took a quick glance at Chu Yunsheng one more time...

The all the communication channels were filled with a nervous female countdown voice,







Then all the hologram screens were filled with blue light. Outside the aircraft, a gigantic blue beam that contained a tremendous amount of energy was heading towards the cube at an incredible speed.

The air in the area was constantly making the sparking noises as if the entire space was about to be split open.

Form the moment when the blue light beam appeared to the moment when the blue light beam flew across the other fleet, and until it hit the cube, it happened within a split second.


At that moment, everyone seemed to have lost their hearing.

Surprisingly, when the light beam hit the cube, not only did the cube not move a single inch, but the shockwave caused by the impact stirred up many tsunami-like sand waves that were almost a hundred meters high.

Countless sand creatures were desperately trying to escape from the tsunami-like sand waves. However, they still couldn't move faster than it.

Even if the fleet of the Five Races had already prepared to withstand the shockwave in advance, and moved back far away, and activated their strongest energy shield, when the shocked arrived, all the aircraft were like small boats in a stormy sea, shaking and swaying as if they could fall at any time.

Before the result even showed up on the screen, Chu Yunsheng said to Huan, "it will not work! They have already given up the offense. They used all they have to focus on stabilizing the space barrier. With their ability, I think you know better than me."

"You have other plans? Without breaking the barrier..." Huan's heart sank. His eyes were staring at the screen as he said.

"I may be able to break the cube! And this is a perfect time. But you have to promise me one thing! Serve Yu Hanwu for 10 years! In those ten years, you have to follow his command! Promise it in the name of the woman you loved!"

"How can I believe that you can do it!" Hearing the last requirement, Huan's face became extremely cold.

"Because I have something that could easily kill you!" Chu Yunsheng snorted.

Huan's eyes suddenly flashed a strange gleam, and before the effect of the blue light completely faded away, he immediately said, "fine, in the name of my beloved wife Xiāng Qí, if you really broke the cube, I will serve him for ten years. If you can't break the cube, I don't give a shit about what you have, I will kill that kid Immediately because you have desecrated my wife!"

"Huh! Just remember your promise!" Chu Yunsheng snorted and went to the nearest exit. While on the way out, he sent a message to Shang, "Converge all your force near me!"

At this moment, the blue light beam was becoming weaker and weaker.

But the cube began to have many cracks like shattered glass. This was its weakest moment.

However, it was also recovering at a scary speed.

It was very clear that once the blue light beam disappeared, the cube would be recovered to its original status.

Standing on top of Huan's commanding ship, Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and was ready to unleash his attack when the last shockwave arrived.

Inside the commanding ship, Huan was staring nervously at Chu Yunsheng. Because at the moment, only he knew that Chu Yunsheng was about to unleash his attack.

As the last wave finally hit the commanding ship, Chu Yunsheng also cast out his attack.

"Sword Form!"

Pouring his energy into the sward, Chu Yunsheng waved his sword forward very hard.

Countless sword Qi instantly flew out from the blade, sweeping across the sky above the fleet, screaming and howling, heading toward the cube.

The Sword Form - Sword Howling, that Chu Yunsheng had just unleashed was the second sword form. It was the sword form that he had never used before.

According to the senior practitioner the strongest Sword Howling was able to seal space and fill that space with sword howlings. Nothing in the sealed space would be able to withstand the sword howling attack.

At this moment, using this kind of sword form to attack the cube was the best method. Even if it did not work, he could still test out the strength of the sword form.

Both Huan, who was inside the commanding ship, and Huang Bei Ying, who was inside the cube, all shouted in surprise, "Sword Howling!?"

While they were surprised, the seventh divine nail also flew out.


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