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Chapter 522

 Although Yu Hanwu acquired the title of the world's leader, at the moment, Huan still looked more like a leader than him.

But it was not entirely because he was one of the Fire Race's elders. In fact, Huan indeed had excellent military-strategic skills!

Chu Yunsheng was also very surprised about this. Among the various types of people he had met before, most of them were only particularly good in one area. For example, Ding Yan was very clever, but his strength was not that great. Li from the Ice Race was quite powerful, however, her commanding ability was average. He was also the same.

However, Huan showed Chu Yunsheng what a greatly talented person was like, in a completely different way.

In this world, some people were born to be blessed by God. Not only was he smart, but he also had excellent strength, and most importantly, a heart of perseverance.

Undoubtedly, Chu Yunsheng believed that Huan was very hardworking, it could even be said that he had busted his gut. Otherwise, without any of those, he would not have been able to survive from the distant era to this day.

From the moment Chu Yunsheng boarded the Huan's Central Command Ship, he saw the command center was flooded with all kinds of information. All kinds of screens and indicators were flashing the lights constantly.

If it were Chu Yunsheng, he would have already been lost in all the reports. For example, dispatching, forces distribution information, commanding, and task assigning, etc, he would not know what to do at all.

Every military arrangement, even if it did not require specific instructions from Huan, it still required him to be aware of the situation, such as where a reinforcement would arrive, what kind of status an important weapon was in, or the coordinated position of a particular force, and so on. These must not only be deployed uniformly before they reached their destination, but as the general commander of this operation, Huan also needed to know the detailed arrangement and situation of all the "combat forces" available in his hands, and the information of the enemy's situation every second.

Only in this way could they win a war!

Fortunately, Chu Yunsheng did not have this trouble. 800 Mins and 3000 beasts, which seemed to be an extremely large number, and all of them were "non-human" creatures, it seemed to be difficult to command them in a unified way. But in fact, he did not need to worry about it at all. With Shang's scary computing ability, everything had been properly arranged.

This was the advantage of insects!

When Chu Yunsheng was in Jing Ji island, he had already suspected that insects were made for war.

Therefore, when Huan was too busy dealing with all kinds of arrangements, Chu Yunsheng could have time to come to the window of the command ship alone, looking down at Earth, thinking his own thing.

The world leader's arrangement was finally settled. Apart from that, there were also some other small things he needed to arrange. After that...

At this time, Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt empty.

Looking at the endless mountain range and the ruined world, that was illuminated by the flying fleet's lights, below, he did not know why he began to feel relaxed.

What he needed to do, he had already tried to do it. What he could do, he had almost done it. Even the things about revenge had also been arranged...


Chu Yunsheng did not know how long he had lost in his thought. But slowly the distance horizon outside the window became brighter. As he gathered his focus again, and wondered if it was the hazy shimmer slowly appearing in the sky again, the horizon was getting brighter and brighter every second.

Then a light beam appeared in his eyes.

The light beam, that broke through the dark sky, was still at the distant horizon the moment ago, but a moment later, it arrived before Huan's fleet, almost leaving no response time for Huan.




The ear-piercing noise only appeared once and then suddenly stopped. Then the ship began to shake violently as if it had hit a big wave in the air.

Near the window, Chu Yunsheng could clearly see that the dozens of ships to the right of Huan's ship were engulfed in a dazzling white light instantly.

In the next moment, in the dazzling light, flew out the only remaining ships, swaying in the air, struggling to stabilize themselves. While fuming smokes, they desperately tried to pull up. The ear-piercing mental bending noises, accompanied by explosions noises and warning noises began to appear non stop near Chu Yunsheng's ears.

The extremely bright light beam that passed through the middle of the fleet, from east to west across the middle of the great desert below, splitting the land below into two.

It was so sudden that there was no sign, no warning, even Shang also didn't inform him anything in advance, which was very strange.

Chu Yunsheng immediately contacted Shang while heading towards the command center.

"Under the desert!" A quick message was sent to him from Shang, but then it went back to calculate something again.

Chu Yunsheng was confused by the message. But when he wanted to contact Shang again, he found that Shang had no time to respond to him at all. It was using all its resources to calculate something. Then he heard Huan shouted in excitement,

"Pull Up! Everyone Pull up!"

"What happened?" Chu Yunsheng looked at Huan, who was behind the control desk and asked in confusion.

"Chu! I don't know how to tell you, God, I can't believe that it is real! That legend is real! It really exists!" Huan was overwhelmed with excitement, that his words were incoherent.

Chu Yunsheng was confused by both Shang and Huan's reaction.


Right after Chu Yunsheng said it, he immediately abandoned this idea. If it was just Anti-space, Huan wouldn't be this excited.

"One night, there will be a light beam coming from the horizon, splitting the darkness into two. Earth will be split, the sky will be stirred. The fortunate people, do not panic, do not fear, kneel down piously, and pray loyally, God's only representative in this world will grant you the supreme strength..."

Huan muttered something Chu Yunsheng couldn't understand excitedly.

The situation outside had changed again. Chu Yunsheng rushed to the front of the command platform like an arrow. Through the hologram image, he could see, that the huge light beam, that flew cross the entire desert, began to shed its rays upwards like an inverted waterfall, forming a huge light curtain, dividing Huan's fleet into two.

As if the entire world was lit up, it was extremely magnificent. It was also the first time for Chu Yunsheng to see a scene like this.

But it was not over yet, it had just revealed the tips of its power.

On both sides of the straight light beam, hundreds of millions of sand began to roll like billions of waves, moving outwards, as if there was a force coming from the deep abyss, wanting to blow the whole desert away.

The glittering aircraft in the fleet were swaying left and right powerlessly in the wind as if they could be easily sucked into the sandstorm.

This astonishing scene lasted for about ten minutes, and deep below the desert, under the great light beam, where the sands were split into two sides, there was a hair-raising ripping noise.

"Earth is being split, Earth is being split!" Standing on the edge of the command platform, Huan shouted again.

Many Ice Race suddenly collapsed on the ground, one after another, spreading from one aircraft to another aircraft like a plague. It was as if all their energies were drained out by something in an instant, they could not even resist.

Chu Yunsheng's eyebrows were pressed together tightly. He could not get any useful information Huan at all. And other people in the command center were as confused as himself.

"The Inspector Of Eight Realms!" Huan's eyes were wide open as if they could fall out at any time.

"Inspector? Eight Realms? What is that?" Chu Yunsheng asked hurriedly because he always maintained the highest vigilance toward unknown things.

"According to the legend..." Huan was just about to tell Chu Yunsheng what it was, but he was immediately interrupted by Shang's warning message, "Master! Be careful, It is coming out now!"

At the same time, 800 Mins quickly gathered together and surrounded the command fleet.

Because of the bright light, that came from the light beam, were blocking the view, they could not see what exactly was the thing under the crack below the light beam. They could only hear the violent whirling wind, blowing through the crack.

Chu Yunsheng only felt sharp dizziness, and he suddenly lost his vision. When he was finally able to see it again, his mouth was wide open in shock, that he could not even mutter a sound.

A crystal coffin spanning several kilometers across the desert was rising slowly from the ground!

Compared with its huge size, the entire fleet of aircraft was like a group of ants and flies over a big screen.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what material the "coffin" was made of, the sand on top of it was quickly falling onto the ground. Soon, it became spotless. As he looked it carefully again, there were countless strange patterns engraved on the coffin.

Shockingly, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi was able to pass through it without any hindrance.

In the coffin, clearly, lay a "person". To be exact, it was a woman who wore a bloody icy coat. Her eyes were closed and her brows were pressed together as if she was in great pain before she died.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't see her face clearly because she was simply too big. It was completely beyond his understanding.

"Jing? How could it be her!? Didn't she go missing?"

"She's not real!"

The sound of Huan and Shang came to Chu Yunsheng's ears almost at the same time.

"The real The Inspector Of Eight Realms was already dead!" The third voice was heard through his mind, it was so clear that as if the person was right next to him.

It was Huang Bei Ying!

Chu Yunsheng remembered her voice. And in that split second, a dangerous feeling appeared in his mind.

Sure enough, Huan also woke up from the shock, "fuck! it is a trap! We're being used!"

"SEAL!" Huang Bei Ying naturally would not give him any chance. As if all the energy was gathered together, if formed a huge cube, enveloped the coffin inside. Then the coffin disappeared.

"Destroyed it! Don't let her get Jing, or she'll fuse three souls into one!" Huan quickly gave the order.