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Chapter 521

 Chu Yunsheng stood there motionlessly as if he hadn't heard Huan's secret message.

But Huan immediately understood why Chu Yunsheng wasn't moving. Because of what Yao Xiang was doing earlier, he almost forgot Chu Yunsheng's conditions.

Actually, it was understandable because Huan didn't think those conditions were big deals, so he didn't keep those things in his mind at all.

However, with the situation became more than more pressing, it didn't allow him to think any longer. Therefore, he quickly turned around and shouted to the people in the square, "pass down my order, from today onwards, abolish all slave labor systems, change to the employment system, and recognize the legitimate status of the residence force. Anyone, who dares to violate any one of those, will be executed immediately!"

As soon as Huan finished, Chu Yunsheng suddenly stepped forward and said sternly, "Huan, only the world leader can make such an announcement. Although you are in a high position, you can only support him, not announce on behalf of him!"

Seeing Chu Yunsheng's uncompromising eyes, he looked at Yu Hanwu again. Then he realized why Chu Yunsheng wanted the kid to do it. Perhaps abolishing slavery was just a start.

"Okay, you can do whatever you like, just do it fast!" Huan did not spend too much time to think. He was more concerned about Huan Bei Ying.

"Coline, You should know what to do next."

As a former British Royal family member, she knew how to build Yu Hanwu's image as the world leader at this moment. Plus she was also one of the resistance forces. Therefore, it was the most appropriate for her to deal with this kind of thing.

Coline nodded her head and acted quickly. After a moment of thinking, she looked up and said, "Lord Origin, may I borrow your sword?"

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why she wanted to borrow his sword, but he didn't think much about it. There were several spare ones in the storage talisman, he just took out one and threw it to her.

After receiving the sword, Coline respectfully saluted him. Then she held the sword horizontally with both hands, and arrived before Yu Hanwu with great solemnity.

Kneeling down slowly and lifting the sword, she said, "Your Majesty, please hold this sword and grant them freedom in the name of the world leader..."

Yu Hanwu's chest was moving violently, and he was looking at Chu Yunsheng.

Just now, he had heard all the conversation between Yao Xiang and his master, not missing a single word.

Although he knew the truth, he felt like he was struck by a lightning bolt, that he almost couldn't stand steadily.

The pumpkin field, his beloved village, and Dong Er... All of them died in the hands of the people from the sword fortress. Yao Xiang had also admitted that those were his men. The people behind the scenes had finally been found him. But this person did it for the cousin of his master. But his master had saved his life and everyone in the village before. His master was also very kind to his little sisters. Most importantly, his master was the only reason, that he was able to live to this day...

He was still a child. Even if he was smart, he was still a child. He did not know how to deal with this complicated relationship, and what to do next.

He was looking at Chu Yunsheng, there was no sword, no world leader in his eyes. It was just a kid seeking help from the only person that he could rely on.

Chu Yunsheng also felt it. He also knew what kind of struggles the kid was going through at the moment. However, he couldn't tell Yu Hanwu what to do. Because he needed to decide it himself and bear the weight of living in this dark world himself.

Seeing his master didn't intend to help him, Yu Hanwu looked back at the sword once again. He then looked at many people below the stairs, while thinking something. After a moment, as if he finally made up his mind, he took a deep breath and reached his hands out.

But when his hands touched the sword, he hesitated. Just when everyone was thinking about what he might be thinking at the moment, he suddenly lifted the sword and pointed at the slaves that had been gathered together on the square.

"Let the sky high above and the earth underneath be my witness. In the sword of my master - the lord Origin, and the name of the world leader, I grant you freedom, so that you shall no longer be subject by slavery and hunger, your family shall no longer be subjected to abuse and killing, and your descendants shall enjoy the equality of all the living beings! Follow my sword, let's fight..."


"Chu, let's go. If we don't leave now, it will be too late!" Huan said to Chu Yunsheng once again.