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Chapter 520

 "Wo, wo, wo, calm down, Chu," Huan suddenly raised his hands and stopped Chu Yunsheng, who was about to walk towards him.

"I don't have the ability to recover people from death. Mayor Ding is right. The recovery of Duo Neng Race and the other five races is completely different from what you think." He carried on.

Chu Yunsheng did not think about it properly, he just immediately said, "Then why did you say you can do it?"

At this moment, Yao Xiang also raised his head and stared at him, while his eyes were filled with hope.

Being stared by them like that, it gave Huan goosebumps, "bullshit! When did I say that? Chu, I know how you feel, but you can't twist my words. I'm just saying, for the sake of this kid, who is my race's descendant, I can help him alleviate some pain!"

Huan didn't want to deceive Chu Yunsheng and use this opportunity to make Chu Yunsheng work for him. Firstly, he despised it. Secondly, although Chu Yunsheng was not smart, he was always cautious, and he would not do anything unless he saw the result.

Hearing Huan said that, and it didn't seem like he was lying, Chu Yunsheng also calmed down. Earlier, he was just blinded by the unrealistic hope.

However, Yao Xiang refused to believe it, pulling Chu Yunsheng's cloth he said nervously, "Brother Chu, listen to me, I have a way, I studied it for ten years! Just kill those who were born after Jing Tian died, and let Xiao Mo extract their genetic information and put them into the cloned human beings... I have already made many clones. If one doesn't work, then two, if two doesn't work, then three. If there are not enough people here, then we can kill more people outside. It will definitely work... It will... You need to believe me!"

The more he talked, the more excited he was. His eyes were revealing the gleams of excitement as if Jing Tian was really going to come back alive.

"Are you crazy!"

Chu Yunsheng looked at him in great shock. And then a scary idea suddenly came into his mind, striking him like a lightning bolt, making him feel slightly dizzy, "Yao Xiang, you need to be honest with me. The reason why you want to set up so many fortresses outside and teach many people the flaming sword combat technique, is it because you want them to kill more people and get genetic information for you?!"

Yao Xiang's crazy eyes revealed a clear sign of hesitations. But soon it was devoured by his crazy mind, "Yes, brother Chu, they do have other usages, but to me, they are mainly used for collecting the genetic information of those people who lived in the wild. As long as Jing Tian can come back alive, I'll do...!"

However, before he could finish talking, Chu Yunsheng suddenly slapped his face. Chu Yunsheng was so mad that he accidentally used his energy in his hand to slap him. It was so hard that Yao Xiang was knocked all the way back. And when his hands dropped, Yu Hanwu appeared in his sight.


A young voice that was filled with hate, accompanied by a sword, headed straight toward Yao Xiang.

It was another man, who had been blinded by the deep hatred.

But his sword was still too slow. After Chu Yunsheng slapped Yao Xiang, the fire energy automatically burst out from Yao's body to protect him.


As if Yu Hanwu had hit an indestructible steel plate, his sword was instantly split into two pieces. The fierce fire energy also rushed directly towards Yu Hanwu's body along the broken sword blade.

Yu Hanwu's Yuan Tian Stage Two stage was achieved by taking the shortcut, it was not comparable to Yao Xiang's Yuan Tian Stage Three stage, which was achieved through many years of hard work. That fire was powerful enough to incinerate Yu Hanwu easily. If it reached Yu Hanwu, he would definitely die.

Everything happened in a flash, it was too late for Chu Yunsheng to rescue, and Yu Hanwu was too close to Yao Xiang.


Another loud noise.

Shang appeared, and at the lightening speed, it grabbed the sword and unleashed its purple energy. As two types of energy collided, it instantly caused a big shockwave and clouds or flames.

"Have you lost your mind! Yao Xiang! "

Chu Yunsheng rushed over and said angrily, "You're crazy! Are you really doing it for Jing Tian? Jing Tian is my cousin. I know her better than you do. Even if you can save her this way, with the number of people you killed this many years, you think she would have the courage to live? Have you ever thought about it using your fucking brain!?" He pointed at Yu Hanwu and said, "Besides, what have they done to deserve all of this? You did not even let go of children!"

"You are not her, how do you know?" As if Chu Yunsheng's words touched the wound deep inside Yao Xiang's heart, he jumped up and shouted. "She's just your cousin, but she's my wife! You will never be able to understand the pain of losing the most loved ones! Never! If you don't help me. I'll do it myself!"

"I dare you!" Chu Yunsheng grabbed Yao Xiang by his collars and pulled him closer and said.

"You... let me go! Didn't you also absorb the life of so many children, so you can live until now?! Why you can, but I can't!"

Yao Xiang roared angrily, but as soon as he said this, he also realized he shouldn't have said it.

He and Chu Yunsheng were actually wounded by the same knife. However, both of them were adding salt to each other's injuries at the moment.

Chu Yunsheng's face was very pale. What Yao Xiang said was true. Although he didn't want to, he indeed had taken life force from many children.

He let loose of Yao Xiang and fell silent. After a moment, he said, "Yao Xiang, Jing Tian has gone, whether you want to admit it or not, she's gone! We have made many mistakes already, just don't continue our mistakes, and let her rest in peace."

Yao Xiang bit his lip and wept silently.

At this time, Huan interrupted and said, "young man, Chu is right. Let me help you to ease your pain."

As he said, he stepped forward, looked at Chu Yunsheng, and then turned to Yao Xiang again. It seemed that his sympathy for Yao Xiang was far more than for Chu Yunsheng.

"Duo Neng race and our five races only ket genetic information in your blood to pass on from generation to generation, so there will be incomplete revivals, where you simply inherit the ability and have no old memories. Only by practicing Soul Source, which is the Life force, Chu talked about, can people live for a long time, which is just like me, but the original body must not be destroyed.

That little girl, I have seen the archives, she is just an ordinary human being. When she died, her Soul Source will disappear on the spot, and her consciousness that attached to the Soul Source will disappear with the collapse of her zero-dimensional space.

Therefore, from this point of view, whether it is Heaven's Messenger of Duo Neng race or the revived people of our five races, they can not be regarded as the people, who come back from the dead. They just have a lot of additional information and knowledge. And the most critical part, the main consciousness of those people are still from this era. It is not the consciousness of their ancestors. Do you understand it now?"

Obviously, it was probably the first time Huan said this secret to anyone, as it could be seen from the surprised expressions of many revived aliens present.

This information instantly caused a great commotion. Huan was not a fool. Saying something like this at this time and this place, he did not just want to explain something to Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang. He had a deeper intention.

Of course, from Chu Yunsheng's point of view, Huan was simply making the psychological preparation for his "escape". However, whether what he said was true or not, Chu Yunsheng didn't know at the moment.

But Huan's position was very high in his race, and most people still believed his words, especially those theoretical things.

Yao Xiang's crazed emotions were already rapidly fading away after he realized that he should not have said those words to Chu Yunsheng. After listening to Huan's words, he had completely calmed down, and sat down on the stairs dejectedly. Skillfully pulling out a box of cigarettes from his unburned pocket, he began to smoke it numbly.

Looking at him habitually taking out a pack of cigarettes, Chu Yunsheng did not know what to say. In his memory, Yao Xiang would not smoke, never would! He didn't know when he started, but eventually, he still learned how to smoke.

After a long time, Yao Xiang thew away his cigarette butt, and as if he finally decided to let it go, he said, "Brother Chu, I will give those, who were killed, an answer. I'm so tired. I want to go back and lie beside Xiao Tian. Now that you come back, we can finally get married. Xiao Tian will be very happy to know that..."

"Yao..." From his tone, Chu Yunsheng could easily tell that he no longer wanted to continue living. However, he didn't know what to say to him.

Looking at Yu Hanwu, who was with the same glassy eyes, Chu Yunsheng could only let out a deep sigh.

It was at this moment, a thunderbolt flashed through the dark sky, and after a bright light flashed through the thick clouds, a pentagonal aircraft, that was fuming smokes, appeared in everyone's sights, and it was heading towards them.

An Ice race woman, under the stairs, was holding a communication device, listening to something carefully for a moment. Then her face suddenly changed. She quickly came to Huan, and whispered a few words in a low voice.

"Motherfucker, Huang Bei Ying find the last anti-space. Chu, we have to go there immediately. Once she succeeded in getting what she wants and restoring the three Soul Sources, it is over!" Huan's face instantly dropped. He quickly but carefully passed the massage to Chu Yunsheng through the fourth-dimensional communication channel.