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Chapter 519

 Yao Xiang lost his mind!

At least, to Chu Yunsheng, he looked like it.

Lu Yu hugged him from behind, crossed his arms tightly, and growled, "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

Yao Xiang struggled very hard. His neck was full of blood veins, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was constantly making beast-like roars, as his face was twisted with violent expressions.

They both burst out the strongest energies, one was blazing hot, the other one was fierce cold, fiercely colliding with each other, forming visible steams around them.

Within 30 steps, no one dared to get close to them.

Chu Yunsheng's timely appearance finally made Schafer, who was hiding far away, relieved. The lord Origin had asked him to look after those slaves, if Yao Xiang killed them all, he would be dead as well.

"What's wrong with him?" Chu Yunsheng looked at Ding Yan and asked in a stern voice.

Ding Yan shook his head, sighed heavily, and said, "Since ten years ago, every once in awhile, he would become crazy. In fact, he has lost his mind a long time ago..."

"I'm not crazy!" Ding Yan's words made Yao Xiang struggle even harder. He shouted hoarsely, "Lu, you let go of me! Do you fucking hear me?! It's none of your business. Fuck off! Mo Wuluo, you ungrateful piece of shit! What did you promise me!"

Chu Yunsheng frowned and began to move his body towards them, while withstanding the violent ice and fire energies.

"Lu Yu, let him go. Let me see what he wants to do."

Through the fierce fire, Chu Yunsheng stared into Yao Xiang's eyes.

Yao Xiang's crazy eyes were glaring at Chu Yunsheng, like a wild animal in a rage. His breath suddenly became more and more rapidly as if he was about to unleash all he had.

And this time, even his own clothes began to burn up.

"Let him go!" Chu Yunsheng said to Lu Yu again.

Lu Yu first looked at Ding Yan, then he gritted his teeth and slowly stopped unleashing his energy. After an ice cracking sound, he quickly moved back his arms and retreated for several steps back, but he still dared not to retreat very far.

Facing Chu Yunsheng, Yao Xiang, who was let go, was breathing heavily. His hands clenched tightly into fists, and his eyes also glared fiercely at Chu Yunsheng as if thousands of troops were growling at Chu Yunsheng.

But there always seemed to be tremendous pressure, that kept him from moving toward Chu Yunsheng.

In sky city, Yao Xiang had always been kind to everyone, and many people had good relationships with him. At this moment, these people were all very worried, that Yao Xiang would start to fight Chu Yunsheng. If that really happened, the consequences would be...

Nobody dared to think about it

The air became tense all of a sudden. Only Huan was looking at Yao Xiang with complex expressions. No one knew what he was really thinking.

"Brother Chu..."

Eventually, Yao Xiang did not charge toward Chu Yunsheng. As if he suddenly lost all his strength, he collapsed on the ground. Pulling his hair painfully, he began to cry in despair.

"Why don't you all believe me? Why? Xiao Mo also does not listen to me anymore, Older Lu also does not believe me, all of them... Brother Chu, I know you won't believe me, but I just can't control myself, I..."

"What do you want me to believe you?"

Yao Xiang was on the ground, murmuring to himself dispiritedly. Seeing him like this, Chu Yunsheng did not feel satisfied or happy, that Yao Xiang got what he deserved, for what he had done to the pumpkin filed, nor did he feel sad, that they used to be friends, and now his friend became like this. There was just inexplicable boredom and disgust in his mind.

In Chu Yunsheng's memory, Yao Xiang was just a young man who loved animation and was obsessed with cultivation. Even when they escaped from Shen cheng city, and joined the university's escort team together, he was not influenced by the bad habits of Yu Xiaohai and Qian Deduo.

However, he was eventually still turned into such a wild animal.

Was it really the problem of this world or the problem with people themselves.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know the answer to it. But there was one thing he knew, it was that Ding Yan's words could not be trusted.

What Huan said in the office was more than enough to make him suspect Ding Yan's intention.

With Ding Yan's intelligence, there was no way that he would not know what Huan could do.

In this short amount of time, Chu Yunsheng could only come up with two possible explanations. The first one was that Ding Yan wanted to play stupid, and created a false feeling, that he could be easily controlled. In that way, Huan would not pay much attention to him.

The second was that the message on the paper was not just for him, but for Huan as well. However, what intention did Ding Yan have, and which part of the information was for Huan, Chu Yunsheng could not figure it out at the moment.

But in any case, he once again felt how scary Ding Yan this person was. He still could not figure out what he actually wanted.

"Brother Chu!"

Hearing Chu Yunsheng asking him, Yao Xiang's eyes once again glowed excitedly. He then said hurriedly,

"Brother Chu, listen to me. I spent ten years researching it. Do you still remember the Return Of Heaven's Messengers of Duo Neng race in Yellow Mountian? I was just wondering that since they have been dead for so many years, and they can still come back alive, and those aliens' Revival, why Jing Tian can't? As long as she can come back alive again, Brother Chu, I can do anything! I will do anything!"

Chu Yunsheng did not know what he was talking about. Just when he wanted to ask again, he heard Ding Yan said sternly, "Yao Xiang, how many times have I told you? Whether it is the result of our scientific research or the internal information of the Fire Race, those are two completely different things!"

"How are they different?! They all came back alive from the dead, didn't they?!" Yao Xiang looked at him angrily and roared, "I know, you don't want her to come back alive. You're afraid she'll tell everyone what happened that day! I know that you are afraid!"

With Yao Xiang's roar, the air in the area instantly froze, Chu Yunsheng's cold eyes instantly shifted to Ding Yan.

"Yao Xiang, you're wrong. You still haven't understood it all these years. I'm not afraid, I just don't want to mention it anymore, because I'm also sad... But I have to do that..." facing Chu Yunsheng's cold eyes, Ding Yan calmly said, "Chu, I told you already that only I could tell that Auntie Chu was going to commit suicide... That day, Auntie Chu came to me specially and talked with me for a long time. The next day, I withdraw all the guards above the eighth floor of the office building. When the guards came back in at night, Auntie Chu and... had already taken the pills.

When Auntie Chu, Jing Yi, and Jing Tian left, I was next to them. Before they died, they entrusted me with several things. The first thing is that if you are still alive, they want me to tell you to carry on living no matter what happened and don't seek revenge. Auntie Chu had always hoped that you could get married and have a kid. Another thing was that Mrs. Xi was pregnant, and only I knew about it at that time. So Auntie Chu and Jing Yi wanted me to protect them.

At that time, Yao Xiang didn't know about it and was sent to the front line by me, so when he came back... He started to hate me, hate me for not letting him see Jing Tian one last time.

But Yao Xiang do you know that the idea of transferring you to the front line was not decided by me, but Jing Tian! She did not want you to suffer, do you even understand her!?"

Tears had already started to fall from Yao Xiang's face. He clenched his fists, and trembled, "Tian, why are you so silly? You think if I am not there, I will not feel pain? But do you know that it would be even more painful... I'm useless, I can't even protect you! I can't even protect my wife! Tian, why? Why are you so cruel, why did you do this to me, why? I don't want you to die. We said we were going to get married, we agreed that once brother Chu comes back, we will get married..."

In the end, he was just on his knees sobbing, couldn't say a single word anymore.

Now Chu Yunsheng was back, but his loved one was no longer there...

Although Huan despised Chu Yunsheng's hatred, somehow he sighed softly for Yao Xiang and said with sympathy, "sigh... another spoony. Young man, for the sake of you, who is the descendant of my race..."

Chu Yunsheng suddenly looked at Huan fiercely and said, "if you really have the method. Tell Me. I'll give you anything!"