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Chapter 518

 In Schafer's office, Chu Yunsheng and Huan both sat on one end of the sofa.

"In my time, this thing is called the Second Rate Neuroleptic Drugs, and only civilians would smoke. However, it seems that no matter which era, this thing will always be invented, unfortunately... Anyway, if we have time, I'll give you a batch of ours. That's the real good stuff!"

Huan stretched, blew out a mouthful of smoke, and sighed with a smile at the corner of his mouth. His eyes were somewhat unfocused as if he was recalling the years and time that had flown away.

"I don't do drugs!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly and snorted, "But it is really a shame!"

"You think so? Want to try it?" Huan skillfully controlled the fire on the cigarette and asked with a smile.

"It's a shame that it didn't kill you all!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

After hearing this, Huan burst out laughing. "Chu, I know your history and everything about you, but you are too young. If you live as long as I do, you will find that you do not need to hate us so much!"

"I'd rather die, than live like paradise, causing harm to other people."

Huan shook his head and sighed, "let's not talk about those unpleasant things. You just want to seek revenge, right? Who do you want to kill? I'll take you there right now!"

Huan also knew that Chu Yunsheng was not interested in the chit-chat, "With your current strength, plus me, we don't even have any problems playing with the Huang Bei Ying!"

Chu Yunsheng did not move his eyelids. He simply answered, "I don't hate her!"

Huan pretended to be surprised and said, "you don't hate them? But I have heard that they also joined the fight of splitting your parents' ashes."

"You don't need to provoke me. Whoever involved in it, will pay for it one day!"

"Alright then, let's get down to the business. I don't know if you know, those god's warriors will execute anyone who cultivates life force. Those who they can't execute, they will imprison them at any cost. I don't know when it started and how it started.

But this is their iron rule. And despite many years has passed, it still didn't change. I think you have already discovered life force, so are the people on this planet. There are even more people, who have already started to cultivate it unintentionally.

However, those god's warriors still want to kill them. And not just them, those who have the potential to cultivate it, will all be killed as well. Including those human slaves, who you see outside. They will not let them go as well.

You only have two choices. Accepting Ying sequence and becoming one of them or once Huang Bei Ying fully recovered, she will definitely kill you. In terms of the reason, I think you should know better than me by now!"

"Oh? Is that so?" Chu Yunsheng still did not seem to be concerned.

Huan shook his head and laughed, "I almost forget that you don't have much time left. Young man, some people think they're smart, and they think that they know some things that I don't. But I just don't bother to expose it. As I said, I don't give a shit about those things."

"So what do you give a shit about?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly frowned and said.

There was one thing that Chu Yunsheng liked about talking to Huan. At least, that was what he thought at the moment.

Whenever he talked to someone else, for example, Ding Yan, he always felt that there was something else hidden in the words they said, and he had to constantly guess what they were actually trying to hint him, or they might just be lying to him.

But Huan was different. It was not that he was not smart. From the fact that he was still able to live to this day, Chu Yunsheng could easily tell that Huan was not a stupid person. Huan was a straightforward person. Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that he despised those who used dirty tricks.

"Chu, to be honest with you. I want to leave this place!" Huan took a deep drag and suddenly said sternly. Chu Yunsheng could clearly sense the determination in his words and tone.

"Why?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised.

Indeed he was very surprised. Why would one of the fire race's elder say that he wanted to leave this place, instead of fighting those god's warriors to death?

Even if he was lying, it was still very ridiculous.

"I have shed blood for my people before and died for my people before. I am very tired of all of this. Since I am free now, my life no longer belongs to my race. It belongs to myself only... Of course, there are also some other things... I once made a promise to someone... But this is my personal affair, I don't want to tell anyone." the eyes of Huan was slowly filled with sadness, there was a faint of tender love as well. But it quickly disappeared when he finished talking.

Chu Yunsheng just shook his head and said, "I am not interested in it."

Huan suddenly had a silly smile on his face. He looked at Chu Yunsheng and said, "Yes, I know that. That's why I want to tell you. I need to tell someone about it. Otherwise, hiding it inside my mind all the time will make me go crazy eventually. You are the most suitable and the best listener because no one will believe anything you said now."

Then he stopped smiling and said sternly, "Chu, you know the responsibility I have, I can't tell anyone from my race. Otherwise, they will fall into despair. This is probably the last thing I can do for my people. There is also one more thing. And I will only tell you. Don't underestimate Huang Bei Ying, If we can't save those who are imprisoned by them. With just me, this war is bound to lose. We are no match for her at all! At the moment, they still don't know, they still think that they have a chance... So your plan will never be able to work!"

Chu Yunsheng's face instantly dropped, "what can you give me?"

Huan leaned back against the sofa and said calmly, "what do you want?"

At this time, there was a burst of noises and roars from outside.

Soon, Shang's message was sent into Chu Yunsheng's mind, "Master, there is a person called Yao Xiang, who wants to kill all the slaves here."

Chu Yunsheng immediately stood up while frowning his brows. He looked at Huan and said, "since you already know what my plan is, you should know what I want. But let's deal with the outside first."