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Chapter 517

 Chu Yunsheng sat up vigilantly and thought quickly whether Ding Yan was still lying at this moment.

However, if Ding Yan wanted to deceive him, why would he want to ruin Huan's plan? What good could it do to him? They were both from the fire race, this did not make any sense.

However, to find out this, it required a high level of judgment ability, but unfortunately, this was something Chu Yunsheng did not have. Unless he let Shang swallow Ding Yan.

In limited time, Chu Yunsheng could only think of two possibilities.

Firstly, Ding Yan was trying to fool him, and drawing his attention to the person whom Shang had just discovered. And the reason why could Shang discover it was, that it had been deliberately arranged by Ding Yan. Otherwise, according to Ding Yan, if that person was very smart, and why would he want to expose himself?

This was one of the possibilities.

There was another one, which was also very likely. Ding Yan's words were half-true and half-false.

For a moment, Chu Yunsheng couldn't judge which one was correct. He had too little information.

"Duo Neng Race is not Fire Race, of course, they are willing to sacrifice them." Chu Yunsheng didn't think it too long. Thinking something that he would never be able to find out its answer, was just wasting his time.

"That... I have heard Huan talking about it before. Duo Neng race is not the same as the other five races. It was a race that appeared a long time ago, during the time when they had a war with those god's warriors. They hoped that they could use other methods, such as technologies to fight those god's warriors' spiritual control. In terms of what they could do, I think you know better than me, after all, you fought with them in the yellow mountain. So I will not make too much comment on this matter..."

On the paper, Ding Yan wrote, "Chu, believe it or not, that's the truth. Twenty years ago, after that person confirmed your identity in Jing Ji island, it went to the old capital. Because of its suggestion, Duo Neng Race and Chu Clan successfully lured you to that island. Now those fools of Yun Sect still regard that person as their secret weapon.

Chu, I'm not here to give you any excuses today, nor to beg for forgiveness. You've been living in your own world for the whole time and refusing to acknowledge reality. This is the dark age. Everyone has to bear tremendous pain and sadness, you are not the only one.

I have my responsibility, and you have yours. However, have you ever thought that what caused everything that happened to you? Have you ever thought that what the book gave to you, might not just be power?

This world is very fair and everything comes at a price.

You enjoy the power that was given by it but refuse to bear its costs. This is the root of your pain.

We are all old now. We are no longer at the age where we could do anything we like. Chu, if you still act like the old days. You will never be able to save yourself.

I know you're looking for the resistance force. If the thing that was left by the Atlantean could really help you, I will help you in secret as well. Edgar is there too. If he wakes up, he'll tell you what I'm saying is true or not.

You probably did not pay attention to it. You might think that it was coincident that you could meet someone from the resistance force. But without our secret arrangement, with their little force, they would never be able to meet you.

If you want to kill me, you can do it now, or at any time you like. I will wait for you because you saved my life. But I will also resist because I have my responsibility, I owe you my life, not the life of the whole Jin Ling City, if I died, sooner or later, they will become the slaves and guinea pigs of Huan or other people like him.

Indeed you have saved a lot of people in Jin Ling city in the old days. But Jin Ling City has already paid a heavy price for protecting Auntie Chu's family. We have lost countless people at that time. If you still want to kill them to vent your hatred, we will also fight you to death!

Auntie Chu and your cousins were all very kind-hearted people. They chose to commit suicide because they didn't want to see more people die for them. If you want to hate, then just hate me, because only I know that they will commit suicide...

Chu, you don't know where we've been to! And what we have been through.

Even I myself is still not sure that the place, that we have been sent to was the insect's world or not.

Most of the stories you heard outside were deliberately made up by us, because we never dared to leave Jin Ling City at that time.

That place was filled with dead creatures. Like a graveyard, it was extremely cold. Even the insects that we saw, were also struggling to survive there!

Af if they were scared of something, many insects desperately wanted to take over the city, so they could hide inside the city. It was at the most critical moment, we were helped by a lost giant, who was searching for souls in that graveyard-like place. However, the help was not free, it was at the cost of a hundred thousand lives!

All the people who knew about it in Jin Ling City were killed by me later on. Do you know why?

Because when facing those frantic insects' swarms, it only swung the sword once! And it was exactly like what you did in Shu Du city!

So Chu, this is not your war!

Lastly, if you have time, talk to Yao Xiang. Since Jing Tian's death, he has been living in guilt and pain just like you. Everyone else has married and already has children. Only he is still guarding the house Jing Tian once lived in. It has been twenty years already.

His mind is already on the verge of collapsing, and I'm afraid that after he met you this time, he'll commit suicide..."


Ding Yan had already left. He burned the paper that was full of text before he left the room. But Chu Yunsheng still stood alone in front of the window for a long time silently.

Was everything Ding Yan said true?

Should he be grateful for what the people in Jin Ling city did to his auntie's family, or should he carry on hating them?

Who was his real enemy?

Did he just fell into another trap that was set up by that mysterious man?

What was the point of all that?


After a long time, he pushed open the door and said dispiritedly, "Coline, take me to General Qin."


The meeting with Qin Qiying was in a museum that was built in the age of light. The contents of the museum, that had not been burnt down, had already been taken away by Schäfer. Therefore, there was nothing left but clean walls.

Qin Qiying, who dressed in military uniform, was standing quietly in the middle of the empty museum hall. The several visible white hairs on her head indicated, that she also wasn't that young anymore.

Coline stayed outside the door. Although she was from a royal family, she was no longer as important as the two in the hall.

"How's Edgar?" Chu Yunsheng stopped far away and asked. He did not want to get too close to her. Seeing what time could do to the people he once knew, it only made him feel more gloomy.

"We can't wake him up. Maybe you can do something about it." no one knew why, but it seemed like Qin Qiying also did not want to get too close to Chu Yunsheng.

"I will have a look when I see him." Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said. He also was not sure if he could save Edgar or not. He did not even know how he fell unconscious, "My condition, Coline should have told you. What's your answer?"

Anyway, Ding Yan already knew that he was going to see the resistance force, so there was no need to hide and keep their conversation in secret anymore. If they all wanted to hear it, then he would just let them hear it.

"As long as you are sure that he is not an awakened human being, there is no problem for us. The last resistance force is willing to give their full support to a real human being. But the Commander-in-Chief wants you to go to the base as soon as possible. He wants to see you. He has some confidential information, that he wants to tell you personally... He is dying. The doctor says that he probably has one month left..." Qin Qiying nodded and said heavily.

"Okay, we can leave tomorrow. I have something else to do tonight." Chu Yunsheng simply turned around and headed outside.

He still needed to see Huan. Therefore, he probably would not be able to rest tonight.

"Chu, Qin Fault is actually yo..." Qin Qiying suddenly raised her head and said.

But Chu Yunsheng just waved his hand and stopped her.