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Chapter 516

 Chu Yunsheng hesitated for a moment, then sat down again and said to Coline, "You can leave first, I'll call you later."

Coline's respect for Chu Yunsheng seemed to have reached the peak after the repression outside just now. But coincidentally, she bumped into Schafer, who was on the way in. It instantly made both of them feel very awkward.

On the surface, Chu Yunsheng seemed to put them both in very important positions. But Schafer just didn't feel well. Before Chu Yunsheng appeared, Coline was his woman, but now... Schafer also knew that it was not, that Chu Yunsheng was attracted by this bitch's beauty. Because as long as Chu Yunsheng want, all the forces outside would help him to select the most beautiful women.

There were even more women, who wanted to bear his children.

But this bitch was obviously not one of them. She was a schemer. At least, that was how Schafer thought of it.

He believed that there must be something else in it. But he didn't plan to ask anything about it. Just look at the dead bodies outside, although they were much younger than him, some of them had much greater achievement than him. But still, they were just killed like that.

At the moment, he should be focusing on the things that his boss had asked him to do. Unlike other people, the lord Origin didn't know his boss. So his boss had to contact the lord Origin through him.

However, as soon as he entered the office, he was kicked out by Chu Yunsheng. It turned out that there was someone before him.

Sure enough, those bastards from Sky City had to be ahead of others all the time. Schafer was very angry, but he couldn't do anything.


After kicking out Schafer, Chu Yunsheng looked at Yu Hanwu, who was still shivering, thought for a second and said, "Hanwu, you can leave now and have some rest. Don't think too much about it."

After Yu Hanwu left, Ding Yan walked in. After closing the door, he stood alone at the door for a while, probably not knowing what to say.

They looked at each other for a moment. Then while Chu Yunsheng was still looking at him, Ding Yan sat silently on the sofa opposite him, took out a box of new cigarettes from his pocket, handed Chu Yunsheng a cigarette, and quietly lit one for himself as well.

Although twenty years' time didn't leave deep marks on Ding Yan's face, he was no longer in the prime time of his life.

Everyone was getting old.

They just sat silently, smoking cigarettes one after another, and gradually the room was covered with hazy smoke.

When a box of cigarettes was emptied, Ding Yan's eyebrows suddenly moved, and then he pulled out a small black box from his pocket. The front of the box was a touch screen, and there were four legs on the back. Placing it on the tea table, and pressing one of the orange buttons on the side, he finally began to talk, "This is a signal interference device. With it, our conversation will not be heared by other people."

Chu Yunsheng looked at the box and said lightly, "so this room is bugged..."

Ding Yan looked at him and shook his head. While adjusting the device, he said, "Chu, I know you hate me, I know Yao Xiang hates me too..."

"Then, you should know why I hate you." Chu Yunsheng did not know why he would be very calm. It was not like the intense scenes that he had imagined countless times before.

After Ding Yan set the last parameter on the device, he raised his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng with a pair of eyes that were filled with complex expressions.

He nodded and said, "You didn't hate me for failing to protect auntie Chu and your cousins, because you know I couldn't protect them. When Auntie Chu committed suicide, we were still outside fighting desperately! You hate me for failing to keep their bodies and let others take them to clone them. You hate me for allowing Jin Ling City to join other forces to split the ashes of your parents. You hate me for forgetting what you have done 20 years ago and letting Meng Meng go after you... Right? "

He spoke slowly and calmly as if he was not afraid that Chu Yunsheng would kill him on the spot.

Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly. But he did not speak. Indeed, Ding Yan was right. He no longer hated Jin Ling City for failing to protect the life of his aunt's family. During those years, he had already thought it over and over many times. Jin Ling City would not join those alien races to force his aunt's family to give them the things they wanted, because Ding Yan knew better than anyone else, that his aunt's family didn't have anything they wanted. Forcing them was much more useless than forcing those linguistic experts that he used to hire, such as lecturer Tang.

So what he really hated were indeed the things that Ding Yan mentioned, and maybe some other things, such as becoming aliens...

"And Jing Ji?" After falling silent for a while, Chu Yunsheng pressed the cigarette in his hand and asked.

"He is indeed Jing Yi's son. When Jing Yi died, Mrs. Xi was just pregnant. When it is appropriate, I will arrange for her to meet you. They... They two are indeed the only relatives you have left in this world," Ding Yan hesitated for a second and said.

"Tell me what happened that year, I want to know, and I have the right to know." After another few minutes of pause, Chu Yunsheng asked.

Ding Yan nodded, quietly stood up, cautiously walked to the window and opened it for a moment, and then closed both the windows and the curtains carefully.

He then returned to his seat, took out a few clean sheets of white papers from his arms, gave Chu Yunsheng an eye signal about something outside the window, and said "The things about Aunt Chu's... I'll tell you in detail later about the things that happened in the past. This time, it is Huan's idea that I need to be here..."

At the same time, he quickly wrote, "I'll make it short. I know you hate me, but whether you believe me or not, please read it first. Their technologies are every advance. That interference device is just for the show. But at the moment, the only time that I can meet you alone is this time."

Ding Yan was writing while staring at Chu Yunsheng. It was very hard to grasp what kind of emotions he had from those eyes he had. But he seemed very calm.

Chu Yunsheng felt very strange. He didn't know what he wanted to do. Instinctively, he looked at the window. But he didn't speak. Instead, he nodded his head to signal Ding Yan to go on. He wanted to see what he wanted to say.

"The battle between the human race and God is becoming more and more fierce, and Huang Bei Ying's recovery rate is shockingly fast. Soon, the final battle will come. We need your help. Huan has asked me to pass a message. If it is reasonable, he can accept any conditions you asked." Ding Yan was still talking, but the blue pen in his hand did not stop for a second.

He wrote, "Chu, leave as far as you can. It's not your war. I don't know what's wrong with you, but you can't die here. You have to watch out for one person, whose origin is even more mysterious than Huan's. Shang definitely has discovered that person already, and it must have informed you as well. That person may have already guessed that there is something wrong with you, and I'm afraid that that man has already known all your plans."

Chu Yunsheng suddenly raised his head in shock. He knew what Ding Yan was talking about. They knew he was dying.

He always thought that the collapse of zero-dimensional space could only be noticed by the people that were as powerful as the Senior Practitioner. No one on earth would know about this thing apart from himself at the moment. But he did not expect that before he disappeared, someone had already guessed it from the side information, and there was more than one person knew about it! At least, besides the person Ding Yan mentioned, Ding Yan also knew about it!

Chu Yunsheng tried his best to keep his poker face. He couldn't tell if Ding Yan really knew about it, or he was simply just testing him, and trying to get more secrets out of him.

This was very possible!

"I don't quite understand what you mean." Chu Yunsheng took out a new cigarette that Schafer had given to him before and lit it up. He said it while tapping the paper.

Ding Yan paused for a second. His brows were raised slightly as he continued to say, "We need your swarm. It is the best way to fight the god's army at present, and Huan is willing to exchange with you at the cost of killing some of the heaven's messengers that you hate the most."

On the paper, he wrote, "Huan, Revival, We." And then on these names, he drew three circles and on the side of the circles he commented,

"Huan, an ancient pure-bred fire race."

"Revival, a method to restore life. But it will lose a lot of genetic information. However, some of the memories can still be recovered."

"We, their direct descendants, inherited only a part of their awakened genetic information and we didn't inherit any memories."

Then he took another look at Chu Yunsheng and continued to talk about the swarm. With a blue pen in his hand, he drew a bigger circle on the three small circles of "Huan", "revival" and "we". And then outside the bigger circle, he drew a cross, and quickly commented on the paper,

"This is the man, who does not belong to any of those circles, whose origin is extremely mysterious. He is also extremely smart and knowledgeable. And his way of thinking has completely freed from the lower dimension's restraint.

You probably do not understand that everyone can increase their strength to the fourth-dimension, but our way of thinking is still trapped in the lower dimension. It includes you. Do you remember the black monolith in Jin Ling City? If it hadn't been for its influence on my brain and body at that time, there is no way that I would have been able to compete with that person's wisdom!

That person is by no means a human, and that person's purpose, I can finally determine it just now. The person's purpose is you!

That should be your war!"