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Chapter 515

 The body of Shang was like a bright star, rising rapidly and piercing the dark sky, leaving a long trail of flame. Whenever it flew past a Min, it would light up the purple flames on that Min's body. Looking from afar, it was like a bright pearl floating in a sea of flames.

"Master's order! Kill all the deviants"

The force of the four-dimensional space was like a flood breaking the embankment, bursting out from Shang's body, rippling through the air. It instantly covered every corner of the Horlivka.

Under the call of this force, every Mins seemed to have become the most bloodthirsty warrior, bursting out bright dazzling purple light, almost turning the dark night into a bright day!

In that instant, the space within tens of kilometers of Horlivka, was full of a tremendous violent spiritual energy.

That was the spiritual attack, unleashed by eight hundred Mins at the same time.

Only until this moment, did Chu Yunsheng just remembered, that the most terrifying attacking method was those forces that were beyond the three-dimensional space.

Rows and rows of young people closest to the swarm suddenly bleed from their eyes, noses, mouths, and ears, and their bodies began to crack, and countless blood instantly gushed out from those cracks. Then one by one they were slowly lifted. Although they were struggling, as if they were fighting an invisible army, they still couldn't break free.

Then, many bodies of the young people, that could no longer withstand the pressure from the fourth dimension, suddenly exploded into fragments, falling all over the place, forming many blood clouds.

The young people that were from behind, all held their heads, screaming painfully, and collapsed on the ground. However, as if something were holding their necks, pulling their souls out of their bodies, they were immediately held up again.

Chu Yunsheng had personally experienced this feeling before. He almost couldn't move at that time, let alone fight back.

However, this was not the scariest!

The four-dimensional space was sealed! Completely sealed! The whole four-dimensional space around Horlivka was full of violent forces of Mins and Shang.

Even Chu Yunsheng also felt that all his energy channels were cut off from outside by something.

This was probably the real reason why Huan did not dare to attack the swarm of Mins. Chu Yunsheng secretly thought.

For the first time, the ugly meatball-like organism made him realize how powerful a Shang was. Even if it was he himself, without the endless talisman and the sixth nerve-like line of the zero-dimensional space, he probably also would not be able to survive from this swarm's attack.

'What kind of world did Dark go to?' Even Chu Yunsheng, who had seen quite many things, still couldn't help but have chills down his spine.

However, Shang still loyally executed Chu Yunsheng's order. With the extraordinary accurate calculating ability, it was able to work out the most suitable attacking method, while giving order to other Mins.

All of sudden, Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but tremble slightly. There was a strange panic coming from deep inside his soul, making him gasped in shock.

Not just him, but also the leaders of different forces behind him, could not hide the shock in their eyes as well. They had never really had a battle with a Shang before. During the final war between the human race and the insect, they were not qualified to participate in the core battle between the Lord insect and the last Shang. They could only hear the hair-raising horrifying screams that came from the fourth dimension from far away.

Now that, they, including Chu Yunsheng, finally understood Shang's attacking method. No wonder even Huan was unwilling to attack it!

To some extent, this kind of terrifying space seal, was very similar to those god warriors' attacking methods. The only difference was the strength.

Why those god's warriors were hard to kill? Everyone, who had participated in the battle between the human race and God, all knew that those god's warriors controlled the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension, they were the rulers, they were invincible.

Although Chu Yunsheng had not participated in the war between the human race and god, he was probably the first person who fought with the crystal-dressed beings and survived successfully in this era. Although compared to other forces, he knew very little about the crystal-dressed beings, he still knew some important information.

Therefore, he suddenly understood why Huan would suddenly want to talk to him in private.

When he thought of this, he could not help but let out a helpless laugh. Because once again, he fell into other people's trap. And the trap was used to find out his incomplete Shang's ability.

"Shang! Stop it. It's a trap. We are fooled by them!" Chu Yunsheng let out a sigh and said.

He didn't know why they could make so many sacrifices without even frowning their brows. Those were all young people, and they were their own people and their own kids.

It was this moment, Huan descended from the sky and shouted loudly, "Stop! All of you! From today onward, this man is the world leader!"

Then he looked at Chu Yunsheng, signaling that they could start talking about the terms.

In the square of Horlivka, countless young people were groaning in pain, and the people, that were still alive, were holding the body parts of their companions in their hands, weeping bitterly. Some of them were their friends, some of them were their lovers, and some of them...

Chu Yunsheng looked at Huan coldly, without saying a word. He walked back into the building, passing through all other leaders, went back to the office to wait for one person. Counting the time, she should be here soon.

Suddenly, after Shang hastily swallowed the corpse of a young generation, who had just died, it sent a message to Chu Yunsheng. This message instantly made Chu Yunsheng look up, gazing afar at the sky far away, frowning, 'Who is it?' Male? Female?"

In the direction he was looking at, far, far away, beyond the reach of his sight, a frail but very young man, a let out a quiet sigh on the silver seat inside an aircraft, and whispered to an old man beside him, "Using the lives of so many young people... Chu finally fell into the trap... Sigh, Uncle Wang, let's go. That Shang is too powerful, it may have already found me... If I can guess it, then someone else is definitely able to guess it as well. Now that I have already known what I wanted to know, it's no use to stay here anymore... If I'm not wrong, the reason why Chu desperately wants to do this is, that he is preparing for his own death..."

The old man was shocked when he heard his words.

"Young Master, wasn't your original plan to eliminate the unstable young people from the young generation?"

"Oh, that's just the 'public agreement' for those who have involved in the secret meeting. In fact, everyone has something they need. For example, Huan wants to know Shang's information. I want to know... The only problem is Ding Yan. He seems to want to know my reaction. Strange, how can he... Huh? Wait a minute, if Ding Yan really wants to know, then... Uncle Wang let's leave now! That Shang has definitely noticed me already!" The weak young man frowned and said hurriedly.

The aircraft suddenly speeded up and quickly disappeared from the place. After a while, three Mins appeared at the place where they had previously stayed.


In Schafer's office, the beautiful and noble woman Coline kept an aristocratic smile on her face and greeted Chu Yunsheng, "congratulations for your disciple becoming the world leader, Mr. Chu. Also, General Qin has arrived, but she can't appear here, so please forgive me to ask you to move..."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, and he also knew that the Residence Force was currently not on good terms with all the major forces. Naturally, it was impossible for them to appear publicly. But just when Chu Yunsheng was preparing to get up, Shang walked in and passed a message to him, "master, a man named Ding Yan wants to see you alone!"