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Chapter 514

 The Young military officer from Jing Ji Island probably didn't expect Chu Yunsheng would kill him and ignore the people from the younger generation outside.

Not only just him, but most of the people, who had studied Chu Yunsheng, also didn't expect it.

The way he responded was too strong and direct.

"Shang, swallow him, I want to know who is behind it!" Chu Yunsheng stepped over the corpse, and ordered coldly, "let the swarm come here and guard the gate. Anyone who dares to take another half step forward, kill!"

"Yes, Master!" Shang quickly replied. It then walked towards the body and began to swallow the body in front of everyone.

At the same time, the swarm of Mins, that had received orders, all flocked towards the roof of the office and landed on the roof and the areas around the office. Being agitated by the people's shouts, the nearby wild beast army also began to surround the city from outside, under the king Tiger's roar.

In the office, Bi Fangting had already moved aside. He would not care about the death of the young military officer from Jing Ji Island at all. Even if the person, that was killed, was from the Zhiwu forest, he also would not come out at this time.

Everyone in the room was thinking exactly the same, they all took a step back instinctively, allowing Shang to tear the corpse on the ground, while thinking something in their minds. Only Chu Yi - the son of insects, secretly clenched his sword under Chu Yunsheng's fierce stare.

He didn't know if Chu Yunsheng would kill him or not, but he was confident that it would not be a problem for him to escape from this place.

However, Chu Yunsheng's eyes quickly moved away from his face and said, "I will not kill you, but it is not because of you, but your adoptive father! But it is only once, do not make the same mistake again. As soon as the things here finished, go back to Jing Ji Island. And if you dare to participate in this kind of thing again in the future. I will take your head in person!"

Chu Yi's lips moved and he grasped the handle of his sword more tightly, but he still didn't dare to pull out the sword in the end.

"Hanwu, take out the Agreement Talisman and let them sign their own blood!" Chu Yunsheng and said coldly, "I have made up my mind! I'll not change my mind, no matter what happened today. Those who are willing to sign, stand behind the tea table, those who are unwilling to sign, prepare yourself for a fight!"

As soon as he finished, he took over the agreement talisman from Yu Hanwu, who couldn't be more nervous and put it on the tea table, "I only give you three seconds!"

In fact, there was no such thing as "agreement talisman" at all. Even if there was one, Chu Yunsheng would not be able to make one with this current strength. The reason why he made a fake talisman was to deter the leaders of those forces. After all, even Yu Hanwu didn't know if it was real, let alone those people!

In terms of the reason why Chu Yunsheng gave them three seconds to think, was that the longer he waited, the more difficult it would be for him to suppress the movement outside.

Therefore, he must get their answers in three seconds.

In the first second, Bi Fangting walked through the crowd and stood behind the tea-table. Compared to other people, he was the most relaxed one. After all, no matter what the result was, the ruler would help him to bear the consequences. At the moment, he just needed to make sure, that he would be able to save his life.

Then, to Chu Yunsheng's slight surprise, Ding Yan, with his stern face, walked to the back of the tea-table without saying a word with the people from sky city.

"Mr. Chu, I owed you one life, and I said that I would repay you once, so the Cambrian force will not have the second opinion." Zeng Kexin led his men to walk past the people from Yun Sect and stood behind the tea-table.

Their responses shocked Cao Zhengyi, when he came back from the shock, he quickly took Yuan Qiyang to the back of the tea table.

Three of the four major forces were now standing behind the tea-table. The rest of the forces were looking at each other, especially those people from the other continents, they also gave up the idea of resisting and all came to the tea-table.

"Since you all don't have any second opinions, you can sign it now!" Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and stared at Chu Yi with cold eyes. Unless he had to, he didn't want to do anything to this kid.

Fortunately, Chu Yi did not show any unusual behavior again. He signed the agreement with other people.

"Let me first make it clear that if you break this agreement, your life force will be sucked dry by it." Chu Yunsheng said it calmly and cast the Talisman onto Yu Hanwu's body in front of everyone.

"Also, there are still several forces that didn't send their representatives here, we will visit them one by one!"

At this time, the shouts outside became louder and closer. People were already getting ready to attack those Mins.

"It's time to solve the things outside!" Chu Yunsheng looked outside and said.

When the door opened, Chu Yunsheng led Yu Hanwu out of the ground floor of the Schafer's office, the square was before the office instantly became silent.

Glaring at the crowd for a while, Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and pointed at Yu Hanwu, who already activated his armor and said loudly, "From now on, he is the world leader, whoever disagrees, die!"

After that, his eyes fell on a group of "leaders" behind him. However, although some of them also wanted to say something to support Chu Yunsheng, in the eyes of other people, their opened mouthes slowly closed again.

Chu Yunsheng sneered, of course, he would not beg them, and those young people may not even listen to them. Bi Fangting had already shouted at those flower fairies earlier, but they were still floating there, indicating that it was more complicated than he thought was. But no matter what, today, he had to suppress this.

"Is anyone against it!" He shouted again.

One second, two seconds...

After about a dozen seconds later, many people suddenly shouted at the same time, "WE ALL ARE!"

"He's just a nobody. What qualifies him to be our leader?"

"We won't listen to a lowly person!"

"We demand a fair election!!! We demand democracy!"

"If he is really that good, let him talk! Coward! We will never accept it!"

"Who the fuck is he, what has he done for us. Why do we have to listen to him?"

"He probably didn't even know what god's warriors look like!"





In the loud shouts of the younger generation, Chu Yunsheng was unusually calm, he slowly drew the sword and said in a normal voice, "I'm going to ask again, is anyone against it!"

The crowd couldn't hear what he said. But they all saw his actions.

"Brothers, the lord Origin wants to protect that lowly bastard. Let's kill him so he will have no other choices!"

"For the brother who died in the battle!"

"For the future!"



"Then, die! Shang, Huzai kill them all!"

"Yes, master!"