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Chapter 513

 The reason why Chu Yunsheng never mentioned killing aliens in the conditions was to increase Yu Hanwu's chance of getting the position.

This was very important. Because not only would it endanger Yu Hanwu's life, but it would also affect his plan.

The room was quiet and everyone was silent. Although everyone had their own plans, no one wanted to be the first to stand out and make a comment.

In silence, Chu Yunsheng glanced around quickly. To his surprise, both Yuan Qiyang and Jing Ji were secretly relieved. It seemed that neither of them wanted to be the world's leader.

Chu Yunsheng slightly understood what Jing Ji was thinking, but Yuan Qiyang... Was it really because of the woman, who Yuan Xuejian mentioned?

Nevertheless, they didn't want it, but it didn't mean that other people didn't want it. For example, Cao Zhengyi, who was on the side, seemingly wanted to say something, but probably he was afraid of Chu Yunsheng, he still didn't dare to say anything.

"Lao Cao, you can say it first. I want to listen to all of your options one by one!" Chu Yunsheng frowned, pointed to Cao Zhengyi and said.

Twenty years had left deep marks on Chu Yunsheng's face, but it was not so obvious on Cao Zhengyi's face. Not only him, apart from a few people who didn't care about aging, the appearances of the rest of the people, were also better than Chu Yunsheng's. It made Chu Yunsheng wonder what kind of method they had used to their appearances.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was pointing at him and asking him to say something first, Cao Zhengyi's heart suddenly skipped a beat. First, he shook his head quickly to show that he had no opinions, but when he saw Chu Yunsheng was still staring at him, he could only grit his teeth and asked in a quiet voice, "grandpa, this kid is your...?"

The way he said it immediately made the people around him snorted in disdain. They were the people who did want Yu Hanwu to become the world leader.

"Disciple!" Chu Yunsheng said very sternly, "the only one!"

The first half of the sentence he said, everyone knew clearly about it, but the latter half of the sentence immediately caused a big commotion in the room, and all eyes turned to Cao Zhengyi and Yuan Qiyang next to him, with a slight mockery.

Chu Yunsheng's words clearly denied that Yuan Qiyang was his true inheritor, on the spot. It instantly disqualified Yun Sect's from competing with sky city.

Between the words, that were said by the cultivation propagator, and the words, that were said by the origin, it was clear to everyone, that which one carried more weight.

Cao Zhengyi was a little embarrassed and his face went pale a little, but Yuan Qiyang simply smiled. Chu Yunsheng did not know what kind of pressure this "boy", who had already grown up into a heroic young man, had to bear in the past because of the "name", that the cultivation propagator had given to him. Because of this name, he couldn't even stay with the person he loved.

"Mr. Chu, he may be a good disciple, but he is too young. The position of the world leader is too much for him. I'm afraid that he would not be able to handle it. So on behalf of Jin Ling City, I hope that you can still consider Jing Ji. He is Jing Yi's son. Regarding his, you may have already known. So in terms of the bloodline, I think, no one will disagree." At this time, a uniformed woman, whose hair was tied up by a hairpin, came out of the crowd. She pointed to Jing Ji, who was on the side, said calmly.

In her words, she mentioned Jin Ling city instead of Sky city. Clearly, she had a hidden message in her words.

Chu Yunsheng's eyebrows frowned slightly. He was not surprised that some people would disagree with him. He had also already thought about how to respond to those people. Therefore, he just said coldly, "Zhu? Zhu Lingdie, we haven't seen each other for many years, right? I did not expect that you are still this young. By the way, I remember, you are about the same age as Jing Tian, right? But why can you survive, but she can't? So, help me understand this. Moreover, you say that he is Jing Yi's son. So I have to believe it? Unless he came back alive and tell me in person. Otherwise, I will not believe it!"

When Chu Yunsheng said the last sentence, his voice was very loud and cold.

Zhu Lingdie was instantly dazed for a second, she did not expect that Chu Yunsheng would make such unreasonable demand.

"Anyone else wants to say anything!" Chu Yunsheng glanced around and asked, ignoring Zhu Lingdie, who wanted to say something again.

"Lord Origin, on behalf of the younger generation of Jing Ji Island, I would like to express our thoughts to you." A young man, wearing a black uniform, stood out and gave a military salute to Chu Yunsheng bravely and carried on, "We have already discussed, that if it is you, who want to take that seat, we won't say anything, but if you let one of the lowly pariah to take that seat, I'm afraid, we will not accept it! If you really don't want to take this seat, we strongly recommend Young Marshal, Chu Yi. He was the kid that you personally handed to Jing Ji Island that year!"

The young officer looked at Yu Hanwu contemptuously, stepped aside and then gracefully extended one of his arms to introduce another soldierly young man behind him. He was wearing the same styled neat black uniform. Having a tall stature, he looked very imposing in the uniform. Especially those eyes, which always made people feel that there were burning flames in those pupils.

Even if he just stood there, doing nothing, he looked so much better than Yu Hanwu, who dressed in simple clothes like Chu Yunsheng. But to most of the people in the room, what Yu Hanwu dressed was worse than the torn clothes.

Who deserved the position of the world leader, if only from the appearance, it would be very clear at first glance!

Obviously, Yu Hanwu also noticed this. He subconsciously made a step back, knowing that he couldn't compete with this man.

However, he was stopped by Chu Yunsheng. Standing up form the sofa, Chu Yunsheng walked around the table and stared at the two young officers fiercely as if his eyes were swords. A step by step, he walked up to them and snorted, "background? Are you all starting to compare your background now?"

He then pointed at several people and said, "they are all your bosses, go and ask them what their backgrounds are! What they used to be! Who do you think you are, that you can come here and talk about people's backgrounds!?"

Then he looked at the other young officer and asked sharply, "You are the child I gave Huo Jiashan that year!?"

The young officer was looking at Chu Yunsheng all the time. His eyes were firm, but there was also a hint of complicated emotions. He just nodded heavily.

"Where is Huo Jiashan? Come out of the crowd!" Chu Yunsheng glanced over to the crowd with a pair of cold eyes to look for Huo Jiashan, but he could not find him.

"Cheif Huo did not come. Young Marshal was authorized to represent him fully." The young officer next to him said proudly.

"Not here?" Chu Yunsheng frowned and walked toward the young officer who used to be "the son of insect" and said, "You really want to be the world leader!?"

The complex emotions in the eyes of the young officer were even more obvious, and he said, "I want to know who my father is?"

He was extremely clever, not to answer Chu Yunsheng's question directly. Instead, he asked a very different question. His identity had not been acknowledged by other forces because of insufficient evidence. Even the people in Jing Ji Island, also had different thoughts about it. However, he believed, that Grandpa Huo would not lie to him. With just the strange and unique abilities he had alone, he believed that he was definitely related to Chu Yunsheng. Otherwise, Chu Yunsheng would not solemnly ask Huo Jiashan to take care of him that year.

As long as Chu Yunsheng said it, his identity would be proven here.

"I can't tell you." Chu Yunsheng's tone was not sharp anymore. Dumb Insect was one of the deep scars that he did not want to touch. He paused for a few seconds to gather his thoughts and continued.

"I once told Huo Jiashan that you have two fathers, one is your biological father. When we found you, he and your mother were already dead; the other is your adoptive father, who loved you more than his own life. He is also very close to me. But I can't tell you who he is. I don't want anyone to disturb his rest."

"I'm not your...?" The young officer apparently did not expect, that the answer he wanted to know for a long time was this. There was a trace of great disappointment and fierce gleam in his eyes, as he gritted his teeth and asked again.

"No!" Chu Yunsheng knew what he wanted to say, but he immediately interrupted him and said clearly, "But you can continue to use Chu as your surname. Your adoptive father is my beloved brother, he has the same surname as mine."

"Young Marshal, whether it is true or not, we all still support you to be the world leader!" The face of the young officer, who was next to him, instantly dropped, but he still said sternly.

"You all?" Chu Yunsheng frowned and suddenly looked back at Shang. Just now, through the unique spiritual fluctuation of insects, Chu Yunsheng received a wave of information from Shang, "there is a large crowd gathering in the square outside the gate!"

"Yes, we all!" The young officer nodded sternly. He walked toward the window, raised his hand and pointed the outside, "Lord Origin, The young sect leader Yuan, and our young marshal are the two spiritual leaders of the younger generation, especially the young marshal. With the strength of peak Yuan Tian Stage Three, he once killed a god's warrior just by himself. Since the Young sect leader Yuan is not interested in the world leader's seat, then please allow our young marshal to take the seat!"

Looking at the direction where he pointed, people had already crowded on the square outside the building. Chu Yunsheng could also see their young faces with his own eyes now.

All of sudden, as if the crowd had received some kind of secret instruction, they began to shout to the Schäfer's office.

"Young Marshal!"

"Young Marshal!"

"Young Marshal!"


At first, it was only a small part of the people, but gradually with the voice became higher and higher, more and more people from the younger generation joined in. The shouts were unyielding and formidable as if they wanted to force those people in the office to surrender.

"Those little bastards don't want their lives anymore!?" Unexpectedly, Chu Yunsheng was not the first one to respond, nor was it any other forces that were against him. It was Bi Fangting, who was representing Zhiwu Forest.

He really didn't want to see Chu Yunsheng, but he did not know why the ruler did not want to come to the office after she arrived at the small town outside the city. Elder Sun was guarding the underground relics in Zhiwu forest. Therefore, under the command of the ruler, he had no choice but to grit his teeth to come to the meeting.

Although he had already made up his mind, that no matter what Chu Yunsheng said, Zhiwu forest would agree with it unconditionally. He just wanted to leave here as quickly as possible and get as far away from Chu Yunsheng as possible. But he did not expect that the younger generation would want to force the people in the office to agree with them?

Of course, originally he didn't have to come out. After all, there were so many people shouting outside, who would know what forces those people belonged to. However, the difference between Zhiwu forest and other forces was too obvious. Amongst those people, several flower fairies, that had already detached from their roots, were floating high in the air. It was extremely eye-catching. If they also took the part in this plot, Bi Fangting did not know whether he could return to Zhiwu forest alive or not.

Therefore, he quickly rushed toward the window and shouted outside, "All the little bastards from Zhiwu forest, shut up and get your asses back to Zhiwu forest. All of you!"

However, his voice was as small as that of an ant farting in a busy city. Even though he used the communication device in the office again, it was still too late, and the crowd already began to move to the office like a flood.

While the crowd of the younger generation was pushing towards the office, the reactions of all forces in the office were also different, some immediately used the communication devices to contact the people outside, some were extremely calm, looking at Chu Yunsheng, without any actions.

Yu Hanwu looked at his master nervously. If he could choose, he would choose not to be the leader of the world. But he didn't want to defy the things that his master had told him. So it made him even more nervous.

The fierce reaction of the younger generation was beyond Chu Yunsheng's original expectation. He thought that many forces would openly go against his decision, but he did not expect that all the people from the younger generation would unite to force him to give up the seat. He really knew too little about the things that happened in the previous 20 years. In other words, he didn't belong to this era at all.

The people inside the office must have involved in the thing that was currently happening outside. Even if they were not the ones that planned it, they definitely agreed to it implicitly. With their abilities, there was no way that they didn't know anything about it. So if they knew and they wanted to control it, what happened outside would not have happened.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't understand what could they possibly get from this. Ding Yan would definitely not support the younger generation of Jing Ji Island to become the leader of the world. Not to mention all other forces used to question the identity of that young marshal. But why they agreed to this?

However, whatever it was, Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to change his decision. No matter what the people in the office wanted, he would use his method to achieve his goal and never compromise, even if it was bloody repression, he would do it at all cost!

Because there was not much time left for him.

Chu Yunsheng took a look at Yu Hanwu and said, "Hanwu, remember what Master said, do not ever forget it, you can kill, but don't become one who sinks and obtains pleasure and joy in killing!"

Then the sword appeared.