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Chapter 511-512

 The meeting was set up in Schäfer's office. The debris in the room was already cleaned and the wall was already repaired. But in order to cover the new paint, Schäfer used a red curtain to cover the repaired part of the wall. So one would be able to notice anything.

The office was quite big, and there were many elegant and bright colored big oil paintings, hanging on the four sides of the room. Schäfer liked big paintings. Only luxury and classy big paintings would be able to match his one-fourth aristocracy bloodline.

But at the moment, he still felt like it wasn't big enough. After all, Schäfer never once expected that once day so many big names would be crowded in his office. If he had known it, he would have built it two times bigger, no, three times bigger than what he had now.

Only in that way, was it able to match the name of the Turkish King. Even if those super big names didn't really treat him seriously, at least, it would be able to match the name of the origin.

Speaking of the title the Turkish King, Schäfer didn't have any other choices. The news regarding Chu Yunsheng wanting to name him the Turkish King, had already spread out mysteriously. He suspected that it might be done by Coline that bitch. That bitch was currently very close to the Lord Origin, so he couldn't do anything to her. Whenever he thought about this, he would gnash his teeth in anger.

Fortunately, it was just him worrying too much. After the news was spread out, the higher-ups didn't even have any reactions. It was just like what the Lord Origin said. Even the younger generations also didn't come out to publicly oppose it. Moreover, not only did the leader of the moving castle not punish him but also after the leader asked him some questions personally, he was the first one to publicly acknowledged that he was the Turkish King.

Schäfer didn't understand what his boss was thinking, and there was no way he was able to find out. His identity was extremely sensitive at the moment, standing in between two parties, even if the leader of the moving castle had some plans, he would not be able to tell him clearly. But he was still able to tell that the leader seemed to value his current position highly. Because he was constantly reminding him to help the lord Origin as much as he could.

Schäfer had spent quite some time, trying to figure out what his boss wanted to do. In the end, he still came up with something.

If the Lord Origin still needed him, then he would be very useful in the conflict between all other major forces. But if the Lord Origin was no longer interested in him, then the first one that wanted to kill him, would probably be his boss.

Therefore, not only did he personally supervise the workers to repair the office, he even spent a great effort to sort out all the food and drinks. When Chu Yunsheng walked towards a white sofa, he quickly poured him a glass of wine, while "bravely" ignoring all other big names behind him.

All those people could easily kill him. But because of the man in front of him, none of them dared to do anything. In the whole room, not a single person, dared to sit down apart from Chu Yunsheng.

Therefore, it was very clear who was more important in the room.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to drink the wine that he carefully prepared. He just took a quick glance at him and then looked away.

The room was deadly silent as Chu Yunsheng glanced around at every familiar face. No one dared to speak first. It was like there was something heavy in everyone's chest, making them hard to breathe. And as the silence continued, it only became even heavier.

"... Can I trust you all again?" Chu Yunsheng finally broke the deadly silence. He said it slowly, and the tone was filled with endless sadness and disappointment. No matter it was the person who said it or the people who heard it, at that moment, as if all the pains, sorrows, indifference and hate were turned into that sentence. It was so heavy that no one could answer it.

Saying those words was the part of Chu Yunsheng's plan. Originally, he did not want to show the real feeling inside him. However, he could not help feeling sad when he said those words.

He did not know why it would become like this. Regarding, this question, he had been thinking for a very long time. But whenever he thought that he had the answer, he would have a different answer next time, and the time after that, and after that again and again, endlessly torturing him. Sometimes, he almost felt like only death could free him.

The people, who stood in this room, were the people, who he used to be familiar with. But they were also the people, who originally did not want to associate themselves with him. However, they were not the real murder of his relatives after all. Therefore, there were more pains in Chu Yunsheng's feelings than hate when he faced those people.

It was probably because this sentence was said with Chu Yunsheng's true feeling, many people bowed their heads down, did not dare to look at him anymore.

Humans were always creatures, that could not get rid of their feelings. No matter what kind of feelings it was and no matter what kind of person they were.

In the quiet room, one person sudden burst into tears and knelt down.

"Brother Chu, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'm not a man. I am a fucking coward who did not even dare to protect her. I saw her die with my own eyes. But I am still alive... alive..."

His eyes were extremely red, filling with blood vessels, and the more he spoke, the more sorrowful he was. He was almost on the verge of a mental breakdown.

"Yao Xiang!" Ding Yan, with a cold face, hissed to him sharply.

The body of the man, who was kneeling in front of Chu Yunsheng, suddenly shook a little. Then he suddenly clenched his hands into fists tightly, but eventually, he loosened up and almost collapsed on the ground dejectedly. But only the tears, that flowed across his face and fell on the red carpet, were still visible. However, no one knew whether those tears were the tears of regret of the tears of hate.

Then his actions spread like a plague. Lu Yu began to kneel down behind Yao Xiang, then Cao Zhengyi, Yuan Qiyang... Ding Yan's hiss almost became a fuse.

Watching so many powerful figures knelt down one by one, Schäfer was so shocked as if he was struck by lightning.

This was probably the most incredible and shocking scene he had seen since the beginning of the dark age.

However, it was not only just him. Yu Hanwu was also shocked by what he had seen.

Yu Hanwu had never seen such a shocking scene. Just the aircraft outside alone, was more enough to make him nervous. The fear of "the celestial being" had been marked deep into his mind since he was very young. It was not something that could be eliminated by killing one or two of them.

He was an honest but smart kid. He knew that all the people standing in the room were the leaders of the "celestial beings". Therefore, the pressure he received from them was unimaginable! One year ago, he was still just a "lowly person" who would not be able to control himself but kneel immediately when he saw "The celestial being".

Therefore, Yu Hanwu's fear was understandable.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't have time for Yu Hanwu's feelings. He just snorted and said,

"What's the use of kneeling now? Get up and let's get straight to the main topic."

Then he carried on indifferently, "I have three conditions. First, the complete ashes and remains of my parents and my aunt's family. I don't care what you do, from now on, within twenty-four hours, you must bring them here. Otherwise... I don't think you need me to talk about the consequences."

He then paused for a second and glanced at the people in the room fiercely. Amongst all of the people in the room, he knew most of them, but there were still some that he had never seen before. So he wanted to see if anyone was against this condition.

In fact, from the information he had gathered, he knew that in most of the forces, people were basically split into two sides, one side was against him, and the other side didn't really support him, but kind of sympathize with him.

After a moment of silence and seeing that there was no one wanting to stand out to say something, he continued, "Secondly, I need those who directly involved with the death of my aunt's family! Including those who dug my parents' graves! I don't care if they were forced or not. I want them dead!"

Chu Yunsheng understood that it was pointless to ask those things. The real murderers were all important figures and could not be executed. The people, who actually went there, were just their underlings. Huan had clearly told him that they could sacrifice some people, but it was impossible for them to sacrifice everyone. Because they were still in a war, and they needed those people. Therefore, even if they agreed, what they would execute, were just some scapegoats.

Nevertheless, even if it was pointless, he still wanted to say it.

This was his will, his wish, and his determination. Even if it would take several generations to do it, he would not let those people get away easily.

All the people in the room were smart, at least, smarter than Chu Yunsheng. For them, the second condition was much easier to meet than the first one. But no one wanted to stand out to say anything that might provoke Chu Yunsheng. They all just stood there silently.

"If there's no objection, let's talk about the third one, which is the last one." Chu Yunsheng's face was still cold, and people could also see that, since his armor had been deactivated when he entered the house, and Yu Hanwu also did the same thing. There was no point to wear armors here. One of the reasons why he wore armor outside was to help Yu Hanwu to build a powerful image in those younger generation's minds.

With the abilities of those major forces, it was not impossible for them to guess who he wanted to choose to sit on the World leader's throne. But no one had stood out to say anything about this since they entered the room.

Chu Yunsheng knew, that most of them opposed Yu Hanwu to sit on that seat. However, he had already made up his mind and no one would be able to change it.

This was not just an important part of his plan, but it was also a way to keep Yu Hanwu alive.

Of course, he had thought many times about whether to let Yu Hanwu take the seat or not.

There were many disadvantages, and no matter who sat on that seat, they would definitely be burned off a layer of skin, even Chu Yunsheng was no exception. So Chu Yunsheng could imagine that even if Yu Hanwu sat on this seat, he would just be a puppet in the hands of all the major forces.

However, these were not Chu Yunsheng's greatest worries. After all, he did not expect Yu Hanwu to have a great achievement. What really worried him was, after Yu Hanwu took the seat, in order to control him, some people would use anything they could think of to tempt him, confuse him and twist his original simple mind, lead him astray. After all, he was still a kid. Although his willpower and patience were excellent, a kid was still a kid. In the old day, Xiao Chuan was just as pure as Yu Hanwu, but still...

But ultimately the only reason, that Chu Yunsheng decided to let Yu Hanwu take the seat was, that it was the only way, that could save Yu Hanwu.

If Yu Hanwu did not take the seat, his future would be very miserable after he left. It would not be long before he died miserably. Even his aunt's family was forced to commit suicide, let alone Yu Hanwu.

For all the major forces, if they couldn't have their own people sitting on that seat, then the next person that was the most suitable for the position would be Yu Hanwu.

At the moment, because there was Huan in the fire race, the fire race was in a more dominant position over the rest of the races. So to the rest of the races, if they couldn't have their own people sitting on that seat, at the worst, they would choose that kid. After all, Huan seemed to be pretty scared of Chu Yunsheng. Letting that kid take that position, would be able to restrain Huan.

Although they were fighting the same enemy at the moment. They still remembered that when last war with those god's warriors finished, they immediately had another war with each other. So at the moment, they wanted to preserve their forces at much as possible.

"The third one, I don't think I need to say it, I think you all know what it is. If you disagree, you can say it now!"