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Chapter 509

 The sky five hundred kilometers away from Horlivka was covered with the red rolling flames and filled with ear-piercing insect's noises.

The view was so magnificent that it was like many burning meteorites, sweeping across the dark earth, passing through mountains, forests, lakes.

And as if all the people in the Horlivka could feel the heat waves pushing towards them from five hundred kilometers away, all the people were facing the same direction almost at the same time.

Everyone had already stopped talking to each other. They all looked at the rolling flames in the distant sky in shock. Then they began to hear thunderstorms-like noiseS.

"Protect the master!"

Then someone couldn't help but shout in fear, "IT IS INSECT! THEY ARE BACK!"

'This is a trap!' this was the second thought that appeared in everyone's mind. It was a trap to lure all of them here and killed them all at once.

However, just when everyone was shocked, a person that was covered with flames flew towards the swarm alone.

'Who is that?'

'How dare he try to stop the fierce army of insect alone!?'


"Deviant, you are very strong, but do not try to stop us, otherwise, there will be a war!" Many Mins, that were covered in fierce purple flames, were slowly moving away like waves, revealing the floating bulky spherical organism, that was protected in the center of the swarm. Its pendulous tentacles swayed rhythmically, like telegrams, sending out a series of aggressive messages.

This information was based on the mechanism of the four-dimensional space. If there were ordinary human beings or other ordinary creatures here, they would not be able to hear anything, apart from seeing those moving tentacles. Only very few gifted ordinary people would have those unusual noises in their minds.

But to the person who was standing in front of the swarm, he was able to understand that voice completely. Moreover, he was very familiar with this language, because it came from the same era as his.

"War? The war between us ended ten thousand years ago. Why did you come back?" He said in a deep voice, as his eyebrows raised in anger.

But what he said confused the people below. It seemed like even those, who had been revived, also knew nothing about the war with the insect a long time ago. Moreover, the man was obviously not questioning why the insect left ten years ago and came back again, but something even more ancient than that.

"Leave, at once! Or we don't mind to start another war! My mission now is to protect my master!" The spherical organism's answer shocked everyone.

"What!" As if the man in front of the swarm had heard the most ridiculous thing in the world, he blurted out, "wasn't your mission supposed to be eliminating all the deviants?"

"My mission is to protect my master now!" to the man, who was standing in front of the swarm, the floating bulky spherical organism was answering his questions. But to all the Mins in the swarm, the floating bulky spherical organism was giving them a command. Therefore, when they all heard it, the fierce flames instantly burst out from all of their bodies, causing visible energy waves to ripple through the air, spreading outward.

"Who is your..." the man instantly stopped. With his wisdom, it was not impossible for him to guess who the man was.

In fact, those, who were able to understand what the spherical organism were saying, were also able to guess it. However, it was still very hard for them to believe it. They could explain why the lord insect would listen to Chu Yunsheng's command. Because everyone knew, that it was the monster Chu Yunsheng sealed.

But now, with so many Mins here. And based on the information they had gathered, those Mins were clearly not controlled by Chu Yunsheng. And that information was very reliable because there were no Fire Bugs on earth, that Chu Yunsheng could seal anymore.

Then another possibility instantly came to everyone's mind.

It was that Chu Yunsheng had been to the insect's world in the past twenty years.

It was said that Sky City had also been to that world before. According to the people that had survived from that world, it was a place that no one wanted to go there twice. It was not a world that human beings were able to survive. If it weren't for something that had happened unexpectedly at that time, Jin Ling city would have already been fallen.

But how did Chu Yunsheng get there? More importantly, how did he spend twenty years over there and come back safely?

No one could think of any possible explanations. Because even a city could not survive in that place for long, so how did he manage to survive for 20 years in that place.

Was he more powerful than the entire city? Or was he already at Yuan Tian stage four?!

In an instant, the people, who could think of this, gasped in shock. The shocked expressions on their faces were not any better than those ordinary awakened human beings.

Yuan Tian Stage Four!

That was the peak of dreams and glories. Over the years, many talented people had attempted to breakthrough Yuan Tian Stage three, but all of them had failed. It was like a gap between heaven and earth. It was the clearly diving line between the mortals and gods.

Only until recently, after the real "elder" of the Fire race returned, did the people, including those,who had been revived, gradually realized that Yuan Tian Stage four, which was defined by Chu Yunsheng, was so scary that the attack in Shu Du was just a glimpse of the power of Yuan Tian stage four.

Not to mention that even the "elder" was also still half a step away from Yuan Tian stage four. However, this half step was so difficult to make, that it was beyond anyone's imagination.

Therefore, they also knew that, in a short period of time, they could not breakthrough Yuan Tian Stage Three. What they could do at the moment was to practice and master their own combat techniques. So they would be able to survive in the war with god's army.

While everyone was thinking all kinds of possibilities, the monster below Chu Yunsheng let out a loud screech and brought Chu Yunsheng and Yu Hanwu to the swarm.





Suddenly, the burning sky was filled with Mins calling Chu Yunsheng respectfully.