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Chapter 508

 While everyone was waiting for Chu Yunsheng to show up, some forces from Central Asia had also brought another shocking news - Fire Bugs, which had been disappeared for nearly a decade, re-appeared once again!

According to the people who had seen it and had been fortunate enough to escape it, it was more than just Fire Bugs. What appeared were Mins, and all of them were in their final form! Moreover, the number of Mins in the swarm had reached a staggering level!

The news was soon known to more and more forces, and as more and more people came to the city Horlivka, this news was soon proven to be genuine.

Nowadays, the god's army in the north was pushing fiercely. With the sudden re-appearance of Chu Yunsheng, who had disappeared for 20 years, the whole world was already in a mess. Now that the Fire Bug, which had disappeared for more than ten years, also reappeared in the world, many people began to panic.

Most of the old people, who survived to this day since the age of light, including those rulers, were instinctively more scared of the insect than "the god's warriors".

This was the huge psychological scar, that caused by the sudden darkness, that happened to the world more than 20 years ago. Even after so many years, many people still couldn't forget about those horrifying scenes. Even the mayor of sky city was also said to have woken up from nightmares many times because of what had happened in the past.

It was nothing like what happened nowadays. Everything happened all of sudden at that time. Whether it was the visual impact or the bloody massacre, it was enough to traumatize the weak awakened humans at the beginning of the dark age. Most of the earliest tragedies happened at that time. Some things and some people, some old people could never forget it in their lives.

This was the reason why even after Chu Yunsheng disappeared, although there had been many super-large-scale events that could be called "great battles", in the eyes of some elderly people, the degree of tension was still not as high as that of several people fighting desperately trying to kill a red shelled insect in despair in the past!

Therefore, the news immediately made all forces extremely nervous, but soon some people began to relate it to Chu Yunsheng. Many people still remembered that the lord Insect, who called Chu Yunsheng master, had pushed all the alien races and the human race all the way to an extremely dangerous situation. If it weren't for the cultivation propagator at that time, there would have been no human race now.

The so-called final war battle between the human race and the insect was never mentioned by almost all the high-ranking powers, including the other forces at that time, because they were ashamed of mentioning it. Their only contribution to the war was to join the Lord Insect to fight the internal conflict that suddenly broke out in the Insect race. And it was done with the help of Edgar.

It was precisely because of this, the way they called the Lord Insect was changed from "devil", "demon", "monster" to the Lord Insect.

Now that the insect had re-appeared, and the destination they were heading seemed to be Horlivka, naturally, people would think of Chu Yunsheng.


In Horlivka, in the classroom of a ruined school, that had been abandoned for a long time, sat ten people. The atmosphere here was very tense.

Two Europeans sat by the window, pressed their lips tightly and kept silent while looking at the other two people opposite them, one of whom was a European, the other was an Asian.

The Asian man said with a cold grim, "Ms. Zhu, let me be clear, I owe that man a life, so no matter who he selected to sit on that seat this time, the Cambrian force will acknowledge it, but only acknowledge it, that's my bottom line."

A woman, who was sitting in the center and dressed in military uniform, raised her eyebrows and looked at one of the men opposite her, and said, "Mr. Cao, what about Yun Sect?"

The man first sighed, then shook his head, and finally said with difficulty, "I also owe grandpa a lot. Originally, I didn't want to come here because I am ashamed to see him. But it has come to this point... Sigh, Ms. Zhu, it's clear to everyone now, that grandpa wants the seat of the world leader..." He paused for a second, looking at the people from the Cambrian force on the left with a mockery and continued, "You, Cambrian force dare not listen to his command! Zeng Kexin, wait until you can withstand the sword of grandpa and then say it. I, Cao Zhengyi, will be the first one to support him to take this seat, but if it is going to be that kid! Then sooner or later, there will be problems. The young generations will be definitely against it... By the way, the insect is already on the way."

"So Yun Sect is also against the decision to select that kid?" The uniformed woman pointed out, and carried on, "in terms of the identity of that child, from the intelligence that has gathered by the spy of Duo Neng Race, I believe that everyone has already made up their minds. Since everyone disagrees with that, I believe brother Chu will reconsider it."

"What about Zhiwu forest? Why haven't we seen them yet?" A man to Cao Zhengyi's right side suddenly interrupted. In recent years, Zhiwu forest has been expanding very rapidly and having a sign of surpassing the first few major forces. Therefore their voices became more and more influential in every meeting.


Far away outside the city, in a small town, a woman who had a mask on her face, was gazing ahead, but as if her legs were very heavy, she couldn't move an inch forward.

It was at this moment, a creature suddenly flew over her head, moving fast towards the city.

A moment later, everyone in the city was looking up into the sky.

Chu Yunsheng was back!