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Chapter 507

 "I heard that you always want to be a real aristocrat, right?"

In the office of the representative of the moving castle in Horlivka, sat a stern-faced Asian. He was holding a strange patterned rough paper in his left hand, while frowning his brows. It seemed like he was studying the patterns.

Next to him stood a blonde young woman with beautiful hair and blue eyes. She translated the words clearly in standard English rather than Turkish.

Finally, standing before the desk, trembling and shocked, the original owner of this place, Schäfer shook his head in a hurry and said in fluent English, "No, no, no, that's just a joke, a joke."


Chu Yunsheng raised his head and moved his eyes from the monster seal Talisman to Schäfer's face. He could understand English a little bit. That was why, when he learned that Schäfer also could speak English, he asked Coline to translate his words into English.

"Yes, yes, honorable Mr. Chu, I am just a humble representative."

"It doesn't matter if it's a joke, and it doesn't matter what position you used to have. Three days later, there will be a lot of big names coming here. I'll name you the Turkish King at that time."

Schäfer didn't know what Chu Yunsheng was saying, and Coline was so shocked that she didn't immediately translate what Chu Yunsheng said. However, her shocked expression was captured by Schäfer. His heart instantly sank because he thought that it was something bad.

The sweat began to appear on his forehead quickly. And only after a while, did Coline finally stopped hesitating and translated what Chu Yunsheng said.

"What? Turkish King!?"

Schäfer thought that he had misheard the words, staring at Chu Yunsheng in shock.

Without waiting for Coline to translate, Chu Yunsheng stood up and came to him and said solemnly, "Yes, Turkish King."

Schäfer stammered, "But, you, you..."

Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly and said, "you think I don't have that ability? I'll even decide the world leader in the next few days, not to mention a Turkish King. Coline, translate it to him!"

After listening to the translation, Schäfer trembled even more violently, and his stammer became even worse, "Honorable, Mr. Chu, lord.. lord Origin, I did not doubt your ability, but I do not know why..."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said, "that's enough, it has been decided. But you don't have to worry. I won't let you do anything that will cost your life. You just need to do one thing for me."

Indeed Schäfer wanted to be a real aristocrat, but he didn't want to become one at this moment. Because he knew what would happen to him if he accepted it. However, what Chu Yunsheng said just now clearly meant that if he dared to refuse it, he would be killed here instantly.

"I don't know what I can do for you, Lord Origin?" Schäfer gritted his teeth and said.

Chu Yunsheng pointed outside and simply said, "help me to take care of those animals."


In less than an hour, the news of Chu Yunsheng's appearance in Horlivka was spread every corner of the world through all kinds of communication devices.

In the news, there was also a piece of shocking information. The origin had asked everyone to come to Horlivka, and he would select the world leader, that all the forces had been fighting each other for many years.

There were at least three messages in this news. Firstly, Chu Yunsheng was going to decide which side he was going to join in. Secondly, he said that would select one, it meant that he did not want to take the world leader position personally. Thirdly, Chu Yunsheng must have had a candidate in mind already. So who was this person?

Everyone was speculating it. But no one had a definite answer.

However, in the center of the storm, there was no trace of Chu Yunsheng in Horlivka. All the legendary figures who had arrived in a hurry, and who were impossible to meet in normal days were arranged to stay in a temporary residence in the city by the sweaty Schäfer.

At first, The Moving Castle. Schäfer had been working for the moving castle for his entire life, but only until today did he get to see the leader of the moving castle. Then the people from London, even the General of the Western Front Coalition also arrived...

These great people were all famous figures in Europe. Any one of them could kill Schäfer easily.

About an hour later, the huge fleet of Sky City also arrived, and all the important people soon began to get off the aircraft one by one. Seeing those people, even Mo Shangyan and Coline also felt hard to breathe, let alone Schäfer.

Then there were Jing Ji Island, Chiba Clan, the Tang Family of Western Shu, the Cambrian force...

Seeing so many powerful and important people in one day, it slowly numbed Schäfer's feeling.

The sky above the small Horlivka city was full of all kinds of aircraft, a large number of top-level awakened human beings were gathered here like bright stars in a galaxy. At this moment, even if Huang Bei Ying wanted to come personally, with her current strength, she would not be able to take any advantages of the situation.

And there were also some people, who had been called aliens in the past, arrived at the city with their forces.

Just after they got off the aircraft, they all immediately asked to see Chu Yunsheng.

At first, Schäfer answered them one by one nervously. But when more and more people were gathered in front of him, he had no choice but to stand on top of an aircraft using the loudspeakers to pass the message that Chu Yunsheng had given to him.

But what he did not know was, that while he was telling everyone the message that Chu Yunsheng had left him, a massive army of Mins, were flying fast towards Horlivka after capturing an awakened human.

And at the moment, Chu Yunsheng was still in the dense mushroom forest.

"Hanwu, I don't know if my decision will help you or harm you in the future..."

"Master, I'm not afraid. I'm just afraid that I am not capable to do the things that you are telling me to do." Yu Hanwu said with inferiority.

"Hanwu, you are actually smarter than your master. In the future, you should learn to look at people with your heart, do you understand?" Chu Yunsheng did not tell Yu Hanwu that he would not be able to live long. He would still be able to deter other forces if he just simply went "missing".

"Yes, Master, I will try my best!" Although Yu Hanwu did not quite understand, he could sense that his Master would leave him soon, but he didn't dare to ask because he was afraid that it was true.

"Okay, let's go and meet them and let them see what the world leader looks like!" A rare smile appeared on Chu Yunsheng's face as he said it, and then he flew away on top of a flying monster.