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Chapter 506

 Earth Axis

The young woman nodded and said, "Yes, he found it!" With Klose's foundation, Harrer succeeded in reaching a dangerous place. But apart from the British and American government, no one knew about this."

"How did they do that?" Chu Yunsheng was slightly impressed by the way they kept the secret.

"When your Communist army entered Tibet in 1951, Harrer had to leave, but at that time his actions were already under the surveillance of the British and American intelligence agencies. As soon as he returned to Austria, he was immediately secretly arrested by the British intelligence agency. All the documents and materials with him were confiscated by the British intelligence agency. After that, he was subjected to a three-year secret trial.

Harrer was the only one who knew where and how to get into the giant gate that led to the Earth axis - the place where the heritage of Atlantean was. After that, in the latter half of his life, he was under the intense surveillance, and repeated interrogations."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said, "so, you didn't get anything useful from Harrer, did you?"

The young woman did not hide it and nodded, "Yes, because he never entered that gate!"

Chu Yunsheng suddenly frowned and said, "Why? Didn't he find the gate?"

The young woman smiled and looked at Chu Yunsheng with a strange glow in her eyes. "Yes, it was really found. We have also been there, but he is not qualified to enter that door!"

Chu Yunsheng suddenly laughed, but soon he started to cough violently. Fortunately, he did not vomit blood again. After a long pause, he calmed down and said, "How can you tell that I can enter that gate or I will help you get through that gate?"

At this point, Chu Yunsheng already knew what the woman and the people behind her wanted him to do.

The young woman sighed and said, "For decades, including the twenty years you weren't here, we have tried all kinds of methods that we could think of, but none of them could let us enter that gate. All human beings, including machines, who were not qualified to enter the giant gate, would be instantly shredded to pieces by a huge amount of energy. The other three mysteriously missing members in the Harrer were killed by that energy."

Chu Yunsheng smiled coldly and said, "So you want me to try it too?"

The young woman shook her head quickly and said, "Mr. Chu, we have no malice towards you at all. The reason why we came to you, is that the stable energy ejected from the gate is very similar to some of the energies you used in the battles 20 years ago. So I just want to ask you to help us. You are our last hope, your life is more important than anyone else, so unless we are certain, we would not risk your life!"

Chu Yunsheng mocked, "this kind of hypocritical speech, you can save it. It's more practical to talk about conditions. I don't care which force you are. Anything can be talked about as long as it meets my conditions."

The young woman probably knew clearly about Chu Yunsheng's character. After all, the researched information about Chu Yunsheng in the past 20 years had spread all over the major forces. So she said nothing but nodded respectfully.

"First of all, if you want me to believe what you have just said, you must give me some hard evidence. Secondly, tell me which force you belong to, and then let me decide what you need to offer in exchange for my help in opening that gate. Thirdly, I don't care about the heritage of Atlantean, but you have to tell me exactly what's behind that gate. In other words, what is the Earth axis and how much do you really know about it? Don't miss a word!"

Chu Yunsheng tapped his finger on the table and said. He did not have any plans at the moment, so he only said the questions that came to his mind first.

The young woman probably had already expected that Chu Yunsheng would ask those questions a long time ago. She did not seem to be surprised. She just answered in a sincere tone, "Mr. Chu, there is no reliable evidence in my hands. All the evidence is stored in Cham Bala Base. The only thing that I can use to prove that I am not lying, is my identity. My name is Coline, and I am the 32nd in line to the throne of the British Empire. My father, Mombia, had been in charge of the part of the top-secret archives of the Atlantean heritage for the last ten years before the apocalypse."

Chu Yunsheng raised his head in surprise and looked at her again. He didn't realize that the woman in front of him was a real aristocrat and came from the British Royal family. This was the first time he had met someone from a royal family. Even when he was still in the age of light, and when he was in Jin Ling city, the highest-rank officers he had met were some division commanders.

Actually, it was very interesting, that Chu Yunsheng had been running for his life since the beginning of the darkness. No matter where he went, the people he came into contact with, were either just middle-level officials, or the legendary alien figures that could shake the entire world, like Huan, Huang Bei Ying, or the silhouette from the divine nails that even those crystal-dressed being also did not dare to approach, let alone the senior practitioner.

It seemed that there was always a miraculous force, pushing him away from the central force of the human race whenever he got near it.

No matter what the woman said was true or not, there was one thing that started to alert Chu Yunsheng. It was that he once again began to approach the center force of the human race, and he began to feel that there was something seemed to manipulate his fate again.

Coline did not know what Chu Yunsheng was thinking at this moment.

She was just more concerned about Chu Yunsheng's body condition at this moment. Old, seemingly exhausted and sometimes coughing violently, if it weren't for the King Tiger, it was very hard for her to relate this old man to the powerful man in that video.

But she did not dare to doubt that the Chu Yunsheng in front of her was fake. Because no one would be able to make the famous noble of sky city - "Mo Shangyan" to be so respectful to them, not to mention that no one would be able to make the king tiger so obedient.

Therefore, she took the initiative to make a major decision, in the absence of the instructions from her superior. She decisively terminated her secret mission of trying to get into the moving castle to search for a mysterious figure, and did not hesitate to reveal her true identity, in order to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So she carried on.

"As early as the Second World War, whether the British and American governments or Nazis, all of us simply sought to find the heritage of the Atlantean to strengthen our country's technology and military strength, but it all changed because of one man named Klose!

In Cham Bala cave, not only was there a shocking number of giant insect's remains, but there was also a strange skyscraper-like gate, deep in the cave. The energy from the huge gate made Nazis think that it was the axis of the earth, that they had been looking for. And they also believed that whoever controlled it, would be able to control time. Hitler hoped that by controlling the gate, he would be able to rewrite the German history, he could make up for the strategic mistakes they had made a few years ago, and build an undead army to conquer the world.

In fact, later on, with the continuous progress of modern science and technology, especially the rapid technological advancement in the past two decades, this huge gate has been defined as a complex and changeable spacetime overlapping point. As long as the correct method is used to open the gate, it is not impossible to change the spacetime arrangement and return to the past.

By the way, when Earth plunged Into darkness, those large insects that suddenly emerged from different spaces, are strikingly similar to some of the giant insects that were found in Cham Bala cave. It has been proven that the gate can fold spacetime!'

Although Coline and Chu Yunsheng were not the people of the same era, she knew clearly that the man in front of her would not be able to resist the temptation of going back in time!

But she did not expect Chu Yunsheng would shake his head and said, "I can tell you for sure that you can't go back in time, that door is most likely a space tunnel, but energy..."

Chu Yunsheng's mind was very clear. If he could go back in time, there was no way the senior Practitioner would say that the only way to save himself was to reach Yuan Tian Stage Nine.

Nevertheless, he could utilize the energy that was generated by this gate.


What Coline said next made Chu Yunsheng instantly stand up and stare at her fiercely.

It turned out that he still didn't want to die!