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Chapter 505

 The young woman nodded quietly. her ability to control her emotions was far better than Schäfer.

In Mo Shangyan's panic-stricken eyes, she disappeared at the entrance of the room with Chu Yunsheng without looking at Schäfer again.

"Mr. Representative, take me to the communication device immediately!"

Mo Shangyan forced herself to calm down and urged Schäfer, who was still staring blankly at the door.


In the room, Chu Yunsheng took out a slice of fist-sized insect meat, a bottle of slightly clean water from the storage talisman, and randomly found a table, and ate the meat absentmindedly.

"Mr. Chu, you are an old man from the age of light, so you should be familiar with one person." The noblewoman interrupted Chu Yunsheng's thought and said.

"Who?" Chu Yunsheng looked at her carefully, trying to figure out who was the person that was behind her. Maybe it was some forces he knew in the past.

The young woman did not avoid Chu Yunsheng's eyes. But what she said next completely confused Chu Yunsheng.

"This person's name is Hitler."

Although he was confused about why she mentioned this name, he still nodded.

The young woman smiled, turned her body slightly to face the broken wall, and looked out at the vast sky, and said in a fascinating tone, "with Mr. Chu's age, you should know that in Europe, there was an ancient legend. It was said that in the far Atlantic Ocean, there was once a wonderful continent. There were gold and silver everywhere on that continent. The people there were rich and wise. They were called the god's race. They had extraordinary abilities and a never-ending energy system..."

"Are you talking about Atlan something?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly interrupted her and said. He had heard the legend when he was in the age of light, but he couldn't remember much in detail.

"Yes, Atlantis, the race of God!" The pupils of the young woman flashed a strange light, as she looked at Chu Yunsheng.

"Wait a minute." Chu Yunsheng put down the insect meat in his hand, stood up cautiously, took two steps forward thoughtfully, pointed to the north and said, "You mean the Crystal dressed beings in the north are Atlantean?"


The young woman's face suddenly dropped. It made Chu Yunsheng very surprised. Then she carried on and said with certainty, "They are demons! They are the enemy of Atlantean. In the distant ancient time, Atlantean had a devastating war with them. At that time the destruction was so bad that the sky was falling and lands were sunken, even the ocean was torn apart, but unfortunately, in that war, although the demons suffered heavy losses, Atlantean was also fallen."

Although Chu Yunsheng was surprised that someone was still able to remember the legend from the Age Of Light, he had more doubts and suspicions, "In my memory, the legend of Atlantis was destroyed by earthquakes or floods, not war."

The woman said steadily, "Mr. Chu, you really think a race, that could already make spaceships, would be destroyed by a flood? Forgive me for offending you. In the age of light, you are only an ordinary civilian. With your status at that time, you didn't know many things..."

The woman still wanted to carry on, but she was interrupted by Chu Yunsheng, "I am not interested in the truth of your legend. You'd better tell me what you and the people behind you want to tell me."

The woman slightly frowned her brows, but she still carried on, "Mr. Chu is Chinese, you should know, that at the end of the nineteenth century and in the first year of the twentieth century, eight countries joined forces and occupied Bei Jing."

Chu Yunsheng nodded, and everyone from the age or light knew about the Eight-Nation Coalition Army. However, it was already the past. Besides, there was no county in this world, why should this matter?

"At that time, we discovered a strange report in the Palace in your country. After deciphering the report, it revealed a shocking secret! In ancient times, there was a branch of Atlantean who escaped the destruction after the war with the Crystal-dressed Demons and eventually went to Tibet with a large number of Atlantean heritage..."

"What does this have to do with Hitler?" Chu Yunsheng was annoyed by the useless information he had received from this woman.

"Please be patient, Mr. Chu." The young woman seemed to notice Chu Yunsheng's impatience and explained, "unfortunately, if you want to understand it better, I have to go through this with you.

The British and American governments formed an inspection team and went to Tibet. The inspection team later brought back a large number of mixed information, but most of the information was useless. However, some intelligence personnel trade the information they knew in private and eventually the information ended up in the hands of the SS in Germany.

In 1938, Hitler ordered Himmler to form a German SS "Schäfer Expedition Team" to explore Tibet. For an accidental reason, this expedition team included a biologist "Klose". His appearance led to a huge breakthrough in the search of Atlantean!

Around June 1939, Klose discovered a large number of unknown giant insect remains in a natural cave called Cham Bala, as well as a huge gate deep in the cave. The films, that he filmed, was almost 30,000 meters long combined, all of which were transported back to Berlin in early August of that year. Hitler also personally watched it and ordered to form a special department to study it.

Almost at the same time in that month.

On the border between the Soviet Union and Poland, while the Red Army of the Soviet Union was building deep military bases, the remains of a large spacecraft from ancient times were discovered deep underground.

This news immediately attracted the attention of several superpowers, which made Hitler temporarily put the matter of Cham Bala Cave aside.

At that time, there was an internal rumor among the top officials, that the spacecraft, that Soviet Union secretly named "Vankamersche", was actually the crashed spaceship from the demon faction. The advanced technology that was carried on that spacecraft, surpassed the human civilization for many years. It made both Hitler and Stalin lose their minds.

On September 1 of the same year, Hitler did not hesitate to launch a large-scale military movement to invade Poland. On September 17, Stalin also ordered Soviet troops to quickly occupy all the Polish territories above the ship, in order to transport the spacecraft back to the Soviet Union as soon as possible.

Until October, when Hitler and Stalin barely reached an agreement. The soviet side eventually managed to transport the main body of the Vankamersche spacecraft to a secret military base in Krasnoyarsk. But Germany only got a small portion of the debris of the flight systems and the control system. It made Hitler very angry. In the end, he began to attack Soviet frantically attempting to take back the ship.

At the height of the war between the Soviet Union and Germany, Stalin used Vankamersche spacecraft to tempt the United Kingdom and the United States to form an alliance to fight German.

By the end of 1942, Hitler was besieged in all directions by the alliance. In order to win the war, Himmler reopened the Cham Bala Cave Project and wrote a 2000-page report to persuade Hitler. In January 1943, leading by a man named Heinrich Harrer, the German Nazis began the second secretly exploration of Tibet, looking for the Earth axis behind that huge gate!"

At this point, Chu Yunsheng did not interrupt her but listened quietly. He gradually began to realize what the young woman really wanted to say. The heritage of the Atlantean may have a great secret, but whether this secret was useful for him or not, it was still uncertain.

"Then, did Harrer find it?" Chu Yunsheng took a sip of water and asked.