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Chapter 504

 The "symptom" came quickly and left very quickly, but the damage was still very big. After a day, Chu Yunsheng finally managed to stand up again.

Looking up, the tiger was still guarding at the door. Even the wild beast, that surrounded Horlivka, also didn't move all day. It made Schäfer and his men very nervous all night. They could neither break out nor slip away. None of the soldiers knew what to do or how to deal with it? Except for Schäfer himself, no one else knew that the force, that surrounded them was not controlled by sky city but a man called Chu Yunsheng.

Panic and fear spread over every corner of Horlivka, and the original noisy stronghold became unusually cold and quiet throughout the day.

"Miss Mo, when can Mr. Chu...?" In the dim morning shimmer, after standing in the cold wind for a night, Schäfer finally could not bear with it anymore. Rubbing his frozen ears, he was hoping that Mo Shangyan could get into the room to get some updates. After all, Chu Yunsheng appeared here with her.

But he didn't know that Mo Shangyan wasn't close to Chu Yunsheng either. Although she had many talents, she didn't have any talent that would allow her to bypass the "King Tiger".

In fact, she was more anxious than Schäfer. Schäfer was only anxious about his own life. But she had to consider the interests of Sky City.

"Mr. Schäfer, can I borrow your communication device?" Mo Shangyan hesitated for a second before she finally made a difficult decision.

Although she was still worried about using the moving castle's communication device might not be a wise move, she was running out of both choices and time.


Schäfer's answer slightly surprised Mo Shangyan. Not only did he agreed without any hesitation, but he offered to help, "I'll take you there."

"No need!"

At this time, a weak and hoarse voice suddenly came out from behind the big tiger. Then a skinny shadow staggered out of the door.

"Mo Shangyan, and you..." Chu Yunsheng raised his finger to point to Mo Shangyan and Schäfer and continued weakly, "Go and tell your people, all of you, Chu Yunsheng is here, and the book is also here, I am not going anywhere. Whether they want the book or me, they can come here! I'll give you three days to discuss your terms before coming here. If no one wants to come after three days, I'll join those crystal dressed beings..."

His voice was very weak, without any strength. But in Mo Shangyan's ears, it was as loud as thunder. No one dared to think that he was joking.

"Mr. Chu, before I left the city, Uncle Ding once said to me and Jing Ji that if you want to go back, you can ask anything." Mo Shangyan immediately said.

"What I want, you don't know, and you are not qualified to make decisions. I don't want to hear any explanations. At this point, any explanations are meaningless." Chu Yunsheng's voice was still very weak. He shook his head and carried on, "Translate what I just said to him. Don't try to change anything. Otherwise, Jin Ling City will be the first one that loose the qualification to cooperate with me."

But both Chu Yunsheng and Mo Shangyan didn't expect that as soon as he finished speaking, the noble young woman, who had been silent from the beginning, suddenly spoke. And it was in Chinese! Although it was not very fluent, they could still hear it clearly.

"Mr. Chu I can understand your words."

As soon as she finished, Schäfer instantly turned around and looked at the young woman in shock.

He suddenly felt like he didn't know this woman.

"Since you can understand, then you can translate the message yourself." Chu Yunsheng nodded and said.

But strangely, instead of immediately following Chu Yunsheng's instruction to translate the message to Schäfer, the noble young woman moved a few steps towards Chu Yunsheng, staring into Chu Yunsheng's eyes, and said, "Mr. Chu, can I talk to you in private?"

Hearing what she said, Mo Shangyan's brows were knitted even closer. She had a strange feeling that the woman in front of her would destroy Jin Ling city's plan of getting Mr. Chu back.

Chu Yunsheng also frowned. "Whatever the thing you want to discuss, ask the people behind you to come out, and discuss with me three days later."

After that, he simply turned around and prepared to walk back to the room.

His indifferent attitude didn't seem to make the noblewoman angry. The young woman just smiled and said, "Mr. Chu, don't you want to see your family again?"

Her words instantly reminded Mo Shangyan a top-secret. She was gasped in shock and couldn't believe that what she had overheard in the past, was real.

At that moment she almost wanted to catch that woman immediately, and stop her from talking, but it was too late, Chu Yunsheng suddenly turned around, glaring at the young woman. His glare was so fierce as if he wanted to burn the woman into ashes.


It was deadly quiet!

Everyone was suffocated by Chu Yunsheng's fierce stare.

After a moment, Chu Yunsheng finally said slowly and quietly, "If you dare to lie me, you're not the only one that is going to die!"