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Chapter 503

 In Horlivka, after listening to the report from his subordinate, Schäfer frowned and murmured, "I have never had any grievances with the sky city. Why do they suddenly want to visit me?"

At this time, a warrior in a gray uniform rushed in hurriedly and shouted, "Sir, we are surrounded!"

"What?!" Schäfer was still thinking about the sky city. So when his thoughts were interrupted, he rebuked angrily.

"Sir, there are a large number of beasts outside the city. I've seen them once. It's probably the Wild Beasts Army from Sky City!" The warrior pointed outside and said nervously.

"What do they want to do? Do they not know that this is the stronghold of the moving castle?!" Schäfer raged. For years, no other forces had ever dared to provoke Horlivka like this, never once!

"Lord, it's better to meet that woman first." Behind Schäfer came a charming young woman, dressed in a beautiful and clean skirt, her fair-skinned body was emitting a very attractive fragrance.

Schäfer snorted coldly, "Let her in!"

The young woman smiled and came to Schäfer and said to Schäfer's men, "be polite."

Then she turned around and returned to the room side by side with Schäfer and said, "Lord, the western front is now in chaos and there is almost no boundary between enemies and friends. If the other party wants to see you, it means at least, it's not the enemy."

Schäfer snorted, "No one can mess with the moving castle. Besides, it's not us who caused trouble first. Whatever she wants to do, I don't believe that Sky City dares to attack us in Horlivka!"

The beautiful woman nodded, smiled, and said calmly, "Since Lord already knows about this, then why is Lord so angry, let's just see what she wants to do first."

Schäfer was not an arrogant person. He also had days when he needed to tolerate many things. So the young woman's words instantly reminded him that he had lost his composure.

"You are right." Schäfer immediately acted calm and sat on the sofa. Picking up a goblet of red wine, he said it "elegantly".

While they were talking, Mo Shangyan stepped into the magnificent room from outside the door and looked at Schäfer and the young woman. Before they spoke, she spoke in Turkish first, "Mr. Representative, I regret to inform you that you have only 20 minutes to leave, and after 20 minutes, everything here will no longer belong to the moving castle."

When Schäfer heard this, a rage rushed up within him, and just when he was about to say something angrily back to her, he suddenly noticed that his wife was looking at him with a smile. The rage within him was immediately suppressed. He said to himself in his mind, 'I am noble, pay attention to my manners, pay attention to my manners...'

So he tasted the new wine slowly, put down his glass gracefully, looked at Mo Shangyan, and calmly said, "Oh, do you represent sky city? You know, your reckless and rude behavior, I can regard it as a formal declaration of war on the moving castle! And I'm not just a little dissatisfied with it!"

Mo Shangyan's mind was full of Chu Yunsheng's words. How would she have the time to appreciate Schäfer's "noble" behavior? "Mr. Representative, it's not Sky city that wants Horlivka, but someone else. I'm just responsible for sending his message. You just wasted a few minutes. It's only sixteen minutes left!"

"Who?" Schäfer took another sip of the wine and asked. However, the beautiful young woman's face changed in an instant.

"Mr. Representative, it's better to prepare your things now. That is the person, that even sky city also didn't dare to offend." Mo Shangyan looked at the watch in her hands and said.

She didn't want to tell the representative that the man was Chu Yunsheng. After all, it cost Sky city a lot to get the final location of Mr. Chu. But she also realized that if Chu Yunsheng's name was not mentioned, it would be impossible to make the moving castle give up this place in ten minutes.

Sure enough, Schäfer shook his head and said, "If you don't want to say who that person is, then please leave. We, the moving castle, are not afraid of any force!"

"Fine, if you want to bear the responsibilities, then I'll tell you. His name is Chu Yunsheng, also known as the world's most powerful man and the origin of the cultivation!"

With Mo Shangyan's words slowly faded, time seemed to have stopped, and the airs were solidified in the room.

Schäfer was first shocked, and then he began to deny the possibility that that man would be here.

However, while he was shocked the beautiful woman next to him was unusually calm.

It was at this moment, a sharp monster's cry suddenly appeared from outside. As the energy fluctuated rapidly, a shadow broke through the windows and brought building debris into the room.

Schäfer screamed, threw aside his goblet, and ran back in panic. He was screaming loudly, as if he were calling for help. But Mo Shangyan and the young woman were so calm that they only stood aside to avoid dust and debris.

About a few seconds later, they could finally see that the shadow was a huge flying insect, and on the back of the flying insect lay a "man" who was currently twisting his body in pain.

"Mr. Chu!" Mo Shangyan was the first one that reacted, since she was the one that was familiar with Chu Yunsheng the most in this room.

The noble lady next to her frowned her eyebrows and stared straight at the man that was struggling in pain. It seemed like she was thinking of something.


At this time, a silhouette of a tiger jumped in and roared at Mo Shangyan, who was heading towards Chu Yunsheng.

"Don't come here!" Chu Yunsheng's face was extremely pale.

"Mr. Chu?" Mo Shangyan was both worried and confused at the same time. Who would injure the most powerful man in the world? Was it the leader of those god's warriors?

Apart from that, she could not think of anyone else.

However, just thinking about it, she could not stop the nervousness in her heart. In the first war between the human race and of god, the reason why human beings were able to win with a relatively weak force, was that besides the great encouragement from the "Shu Du attack" video, there was also a very important reason - the "leader" of God's warriors did not appear.

If her guess was true, then how powerful would that "leader" be, if it was able to injure Mr. Chu so easily?


Chu Yunsheng's face was twisted in a great pian, and all of sudden, he spat out blood.

And then in the eyes of the other three people, the blood that was spat out from Chu Yunsheng's mouth disappeared from the ground.

Yes, it disappeared, apart from the dust and debris, there was nothing there.

"What happened?" Mo Shangyan was startled. She had never seen such a strange thing before. Nowadays, many warriors' abilities, including the weapons and the abilities used by god's warriors in the first war between the human race and god, could be explained using the new scientific system. But this was different, clearly, there was no energy fluctuation, so how did it disappear?!

In contrast to Mo Shangyan's chaotic thoughts. Schäfer was miraculously calm at the moment. Although he did not understand what the woman was saying to the man earlier, he knew that the man in front of him was injured, and no matter who injured him, it was better not to get involved.

So as he made up his mind, he secretly gave the young woman a look, signaling her to follow him away. But after a few winks, he could not believe that his wife seemed to be stuck there by a magic spell. She was not moving at all.

Schäfer was worried that the longer he stayed there, the dangerous it would be. He did not care that his movements would cause noises and attract the attention of other people at the moment. He just quickly approached the young woman, and grasped her arm, wanting to pull her away.

"Let me go."

Suddenly the young woman wrested her arm from Schäfer's tight grasp and said calmly.

Schäfer was so surprised that he could hardly believe what he had just heard. "Are you crazy?" he blurted out.

The young woman did not answer him, but the tiger roared again to warn that Schäfer's behavior had irritated it.

Mo Shangyan did not know what had happened. But looking at King Tiger's angry eyes, she gritted her teeth and said to the other two in Turkish, "Let's leave here for a moment."

After that, she stepped on the debris on the ground and went out nervously. This time, the young woman did not refuse. She took another look at Chu Yunsheng, who was pale on the ground and followed Mo Shangyan out of the room. Schäfer already could not wait to get out of the place. So when he saw the other two moved, he also quickly moved as well.

Chu Yunsheng struggled to take a monster seal talisman and gritted his teeth in pain and said, "Huzai, guard the door."

After Huzai sat before the door, Chu Yunsheng sealed the sharp-winged insect back into the monster seal talisman.

Since his cultivation went wrong, the symptoms occurred once again today. It reminded him once again that he had less than one month to live.

The collapse of zero-dimensional space began to intensify, resulting in the disappearance of the blood he spat out. And not only just the blood he spat out, but it also happened inside his body as well.

He did not know what to do, because he had no way to stop death. Breaking through Yuan Tian stage nine was not possible in a month, nor would it be possible to kill all the aliens.

But what made him worried was not just the limited time he had. He did not know why, the sharp-winged monster, he sealed, suddenly disobeyed his command earlier.

Unlike the "timid" monster, the consciousness of the sharp-winged insect had been completely erased, Chu Yunsheng's will should be the will of sharp-winged insect. But why was it able to disobey his order?

Was it because there were flaws in the talisman technology? Or the life force mechanism was much more complicated than he thought was.

It was not that he had not thought about reversing the monster seal talisman again to save himself. However, this time, the problem came from his the zero-dimensional space and his life force both. Even if he was turned into a monster, he still was not able to stop death. Moreover, when he was shocked to discover that the sharp-winged monster was even able to disobey his order, he completely gave up the idea of reversing the monster seal talisman again.

Thinking about he only had one month to live, and little things he could do within this one month, he felt very helpless.

What should he do?