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Chapter 502

 Speaking of Colonel Burke Schäfer, he was actually not a real Ukrainian. In fact, he might be a quarter of some fallen British baron lineages. But in the small surviving city of Horlivka, he, however, had the rights that other Ukrainians did not have. He was the representative of "the moving castle" in this place, and also served as the colonel of the Western Front.

Only a few people knew the inner secrets of "the moving castle". It was even more mysterious than the strongest force of Europe - "the Cambrian force". Even Schäfer himself also did not know much about it, and he had only entered "the moving castle" twice in this life, and every time it was just staying on the periphery areas of "the moving castle".

No one dared to ignore the power of moving the castle. It always appeared in the dark and disappeared in the dark. No one knew their true position. The only time it appeared on a large scale, was at the most fierce moment during the first war between the human race and god. During that time, "the moving castle" showed its scary power to Europe and the world, it was not even waker than "the Cambrian force". It was said that the number of gods they killed at that time was more than one digit!

But the strange thing was that after the war between the human race and god, it disappeared into the darkness, leaving some of its representatives in some important strongholds. At regular intervals, it would follow an irregular route, appearing in the vicinity of these strongholds to collect a large number of materials that those representatives collected.

It was precisely because of the outstanding contribution and powerful performance of "the moving castle" in the first war between the human race and god, not only "the Cambrian force" did not dare to have conflict of interests with those strongholds of "the moving castle," but the world's number one force - Sky City, was also the same, unless it was about the world leader election.

Schäfer , therefore, had been living in a superior position since he became the representative of the moving castle in Horlivka. While obediently collecting materials for "the moving castle", and waiting for "the moving castle" to collect their supplies, he was also managing his "fiefdoms" like a baron.

Nevertheless, Schäfer was a little restless today. Three hours ago, a message came from his friends in the Western Coalition that God's warriors were going to break through the first line of defense in the Western Front, and he must withdraw as soon as possible.

It was just that he was very unwilling to do it. Once he goes back to the rear of the second line of defense, everything he had now would turn into nihility in a twinkling of an eye, which would be a cruel reality that he didn't want to accept for so many years.

But he had to go, and no matter how strong the moving castle was, it was not the opponent of the fierce god's army, nor would they fight with the god's army for a small stronghold. So no matter how unwillingly he was, for the sake of his small life, he had to leave.

So he promptly formulated the withdrawal plan. All the materials, especially the energy reserves, must be guaranteed safe withdrawal, this was all his savings. It absolutely must not be lost. In the future, he had to rely on these things to live a good life.

Secondly, his men, those warriors, were also in his withdrawal plan. After all, after having "money", he had to have fighters to ensure his personal safety, so that he would not end up dead because of the money. As for ordinary people, they already existed like slaves. In order to save food and speed up the retreat, Schäfer didn't plan to take any of them away. Anyway, there were many savages in the wild. If there was a chance to establish a stronghold in the future, he would just need to go out and catch some of them.

Of course, the two beautiful and sexy beauties in his room would naturally be taken away. Those two were the beauties that he had spent a lot of effort to carefully select from thousands of women. Especially one of them was a real noble.

Just as he was preparing to retreat, more than a dozen kilometers away from Horlivka, a large army of beasts was rushing at a very high speed like a flood, causing smoke and dust to roll in the dim light, heading towards his stronghold.

"Are you sure there's a city ahead?" Chu Yunsheng had changed his position and sat on the back of the sharp-winged insect and said.

"Yes, this is Horlivka, but the original city has been destroyed, and now it is only a rebuilt stronghold, Mr. Chu. This stronghold belonged to the moving castle. Are we..." Mo Shangyan nodded. Her reply was filled with hesitations.

Although the Sky city was not afraid of the moving castle, comparing the strength, the sky city was not afraid of anyone, but after all, the moving castle had made outstanding contributions to the first war between the human race and god. Moreover, it was very mysterious and difficult to deal with. So unless it was necessary, generally, they would not want to provoke them.

But the man in front of her, was the most powerful man, in the world.

He was not even scared of the sky city, let alone a stronghold that belonged to the moving castle.

As a person who was able to meet with those powerful figures of the sky city, Mo Shangyan knew clearly who the man, that they had met earlier, was.

He was the most honorable man of the Fire race!

However, even he was also talking to Mr. Chu cautiously all of sudden.

Thinking all of this, there was inexplicable uneasiness hidden in her mind, and her body began to sway slightly with the sharp-winged insect.

She was sitting opposite Chu Yunsheng, less than a fist away. Fortunately, in order for the slow beasts below them to catch up with them, the sharp-winged insect already slowed down a lot. Otherwise, with her strength, she wouldn't be able to stay on top of the sharp-winged Insect steadily.

"I can't speak English well. When you see the leader there, tell him that I only need materials, and I don't want to hurt people. As long as they are human beings and they give up resistance, they will be fine!" Chu Yunsheng interrupted Mo Shangyan's thoughts and said.

Then he jumped off the flying insects and landed before the beast army. As Huzai stopped next to him, all the beasts behind him all stopped.

In front of him, about a few hundred meters away, a group of worn-out Turks was swallowing very hard. Their mouths were wide open and their chests were moving ups and downs while they were breathing breathlessly. Their faces were ashen as they looked at all kinds of beasts that were coming towards them at high speed.

They had been running for their lives since they noticed the smoke rolling from far away, but they were still caught up in less than a moment. Now they had reached the limit of their physical ability and couldn't run anymore.

They thought that they were going to die, but they didn't expect that a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stopped in front of the beast army. Immediately, all the beasts also stopped.

"It's god's warrior!" No one knew who shouted, it instantly caused a commotion in the crowd. Chu Yunsheng didn't understand what they were saying at all. All he saw was that all of them began to kneel one by one while crying out loud.

"They thought you are a god's warrior." Mo Shangyan slowly got off the flying insect, after it landed and spoke to Chu Yunsheng.

"You also understand their language?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised. Although he didn't understand what language they were saying. He was sure that it wasn't English.

"Three years ago, there was a serious riot in Turkey. I learned a little when I was assigned to help out dealing with the riot." Mo Shangyan modestly answered, although she was really gifted in this particular area. But what made the sky city proud the most were not, that she was proficient in all kinds of European languages, but her knowledge in God's language. However, she always felt a strong sense of insignificance and inferiority in front of Chu Yunsheng. No matter how smart she was.

"Oh..." Although Chu Yunsheng was confused about why would Jin Ling city need to send a representative out to deal with other forces' problem, he did not carry on asking. Obviously, there was something going on between Jin Ling city and other forces, but it was meaningless to him, "You tell them, that I'm not a god's warrior, and I won't hurt anybody. I just want the materials."

Mo Shangyan shook her head and said, "Mr. Chu, they are only the slaves of the representative in Horlivka. It's no use talking to them. If you believe me, I'd like to go to the city and negotiate with the representative there."

"Slaves?" Chu Yunsheng sneered and said, "I'll give you 30 minutes. If the people from the moving castle don't agree, I'll kill all the awakened human beings here... No, they are aliens now!"

As soon as he uttered this, Mo Shangyan was startled. Then she began to remember something. And it was constantly sending chills down to her spines.

"To the heaven above me, if you do really exist, I swear on my parent's souls that I'll kill all the aliens and destroy all Shang's forces. I'll mark my words with my blood and carved it on my bones, even if I am dead, my vengeance will last forever!" Over the past ten years, with the sad roars of the Lord insect, this oath once swept through the whole world and made countless creatures tremble and sway in a bloody storm in fear. So not a single person didn't know about this oath.

However, nowadays, the world had already changed, and the alien races were no longer the same alien races as before. More and more people believed that Chu Yunsheng would eventually stand on their side if he was not one of the god's warriors, especially those who still supported him.

However, no one expected that although Mr. Chu repeatedly expressed he was not one of those god's warriors, he began to regard the major forces as aliens!

With the help of the sharp-winged insect, Mo Shangyan and Chu Yunsheng quickly approached the Horlivka stronghold with the complex feelings inside her mind. At this moment, her mind was no longer on the representative of the stronghold. She was completely frightened by Chu Yunsheng's statement.