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Chapter 501 Master Is In The Wes



Chu Yunsheng did not want to fight this man to death. He had not even summoned the seventh nail yet. All he did not was to get ready for the fight.

However, often the more powerful the person was, the easier it was for them to detect the danger accurately. On the contrary, those ordinary awakened humans often failed to realize how dangerous the situation, and then launched the attack recklessly.

The man in front of him was clearly one of those powerful masters, it was definitely not the weak one. Even if Chu Yunsheng had just begun to harness the energy inside his body and gotten ready for the fight, he was still able to detect the type of energy inside his body and retreat quickly.

Being able to foresee dangers and opportunities before a fight, this was the greatest advantage of those powerful masters, but it was also their greatest weakness!

Chu Yunsheng did not need much wisdom to understand this, because he was at least very good at summarizing his mistakes. This kind of thing happened to him very often in the past. In many years of escaping journey, once there was a dangerous atmosphere around, he would always be able to avoid the dangers, using his unique and sensitive sensory organs. Although he would escape safely, he also missed out on many opportunities.

Therefore, when he saw the man was "scared" by him, he immediately decided not to use the seventh nail first.

"Do not ever try to threaten me again," he said coldly. His voice was not very loud, but it was clear enough for the man from the fire race, "I don't mind join Huang Bei Ying, If you ever crossed my bottom line again."

Of course, the man from the fire race knew the hidden meaning inside Chu Yunsheng's words. However, he seemed to be more shocked by the strength of Chu Yunsheng at the moment. He was still standing in the air, staring at Chu Yunsheng, without saying a single word.

'A bunch of useless things! The information they gathered is totally wrong! This level of power is not something that could be achieved by talisman technology!' He cursed in his mind secretly. But he also knew that he could not blame them. Without touching the first Shuji Yuanmen(Source Gate), his people would not be able to understand what this power meant.

Even with his unruly attitude, he felt intimidated by the essence of this force.

In those days, during the war of Five Races, a similar force only unleashed one punch, it could cause the cracks on the ground to appear, and mountains and rivers to be completely removed. It was just that punch that instantly wiped out all the chaos on earth.

Then, with the energy gradually dissipated and the separation of soul and flesh... they were slowly falling into the deep abyss.

This was only the information that he had learned recently, because he was incarcerated in Jian Ni Ti during the five races' war. He could not see or experience it with his own eyes. But he was able to learn it from those long-preserved records. However, what really disturbed him was something in the past, that even his people, who had already been revived, did not know.

He would never forget that day, even if he was imprisoned by Huang Bei Ying for thousands of years, he would never forget it.

That was the day when the "victory" was almost in sight, but the thirteen baktuns unleashed their power together to create an attack called "Shenwei". The destructive force came out of all directions, with no place to escape and no way to resist it. He saw countless people from all the races were killed instantly!

Even the legendary figure, who he sincerely admired, and who thirteen baktuns also did not dare to underestimate, also disappeared during that war. That figure was the eternal pride of the Ice Race - "Jing". It was said that she had inherited something from a corpse that was floating in the deep space.

It was just one combination attack, it shattered the victory that was in front of them. No one knew how many people had died that day, all they could remember was the terrifying scenes after the battle and the endless raining days.

After that war, thirteen baktuns also suffered heavy losses. Some died, and some disappeared, the only survivor Huang Bei Ying only had a broken body. If he had not been captured by Huang Bei Ying and locked up in her cube at that time, he would have probably been dead already.

"Impossible!" Thinking of this, the man stared at Chu Yunsheng and said, "how can this kind of power still exist in this world? But... I was definitely not mistaken. Even if it's just a slight leak... that must be it!"

"Chu Yunsheng, who the hell are you?" The man blurted out. There was faint of murderous gleams flashed in his eyes. But only appeared in a split second, and then disappeared without any trace.

"Many people want to know the answer to this question, even myself as well! Maybe one day you will find out. By that time, please remember to tell me." Chu Yunsheng sneered and said.

The man from the fire Race soon calmed down and said. "Chu, my name is Huan. It doesn't matter who you are. As long as you are not Huang Bei Ying's people, we can be friends!"

Earlier he was calling Chu Yunsheng young man. But now not only did he call him by his name, but he also gave him his name as well. It meant that Chu Yunsheng's position inside him had risen to another level. He was no longer a lowly human, but a person that was worthy of respect.

"Really?" Chu Yunsheng, however, did not appreciate the change. He still said coldly, "Do you think we can still be friends with the blood of my relatives on your hands?"

The man nodded without any hesitation, "Yes, there are some things that they did not handle it very well, but I believe that it can be explained, and your body contains the dead sequence of Huang Bei Ying. She will not let you go. We have common enemies now. Why can't we become friends?"

Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but laugh, "Enemy? You probably haven't figured out yet. How could my enemy be Huang Bei Ying? My enemy is only you! And do you even know what friends are? The ones that you share the common enemies with, are not called friends. You are just temporarily using them. Friends are those people who will not betray you, no matter what happens! So you are in no place to call me a friend!"

The man frowned, silenced for a moment, and said softly, "Chu, I know you want revenge, and I understand the pain and anger in your heart. If I were you, I would be the same as you. But you have to understand that there is no way you will be able to avenge your family's death. If you have to regard us as your enemies, there are too many of us, even if you want to kill us one by one. You will never be able to kill us all in your lifetime. Moreover, although I don't know how you can use that force, it's still very weak at the moment. You probably won't be able to defeat me, let alone taking revenge."

Chu Yunsheng sneered, shook his head calmly and said, "Yes, I probably can't kill you, but it is not going to stop me from doing it! You are not a human, you won't understand it."

After listening to this, the man sighed, "Why do you have to do it? The truth of the world is not always what you imagined. Sigh, whatever, you are just like how I used to be. You will never change your mind unless you see it personally. It's no use to persuade you again. If you managed to think it through, come to Sky City and find me. As for your hatred, I can try my best to help you do something and give you an answer. But you have to remember, no matter my race or other races, they will not sacrifice too many of their own people for you! Not only you care about your family, but we also care about our people!"

He then paused for a second. With deep regret in his eyes, he looked up at the dark sky and said, "I hope you won't make the same mistake as I made in the past. Don't wait until it's too late."

After that, the man flew towards the aircraft and left Chu Yunsheng. His words suddenly touched something inside Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng did not know why, but he couldn't help but fly towards the man and said, " Dark... I mean the Lord Insect they said. Do you know if it is still alive?"

The man hesitated for a moment and said, "It has returned to its original place. The space tunnel has disappeared for nearly ten years. It will not open again in the future. Even if it is opened, it will not be in the original place. In the vast universe, the distance between the two nearest stars will cost your whole life... You can't find it again. It is time for you to forget it!"

"So it's not dead yet?" Surprisingly, Chu Yunsheng smiled.


Somewhere in the sky above the Pacific Ocean.

A fleet of three aircraft flew at high speed in the sky, glittering with dazzling light.

"Captain! There's signal interference ahead!" The pilot on the middle aircraft stared in surprise at the red dots, that appeared one after another on the hologram image in front of him.

"Analyse the signal source and identify it! Wait a minute, everyone, pull up immediately! Pull up immediately!" The captain of the fleet suddenly shouted through the commutation channel.

At this moment, his screen was already filled with dense red dots as if it was a red fog covering his screen. The number of them and the area those red dots covered completely shocked him.

All kinds of warning sounds on the aircraft was ringing constantly. Especially the energy index detector, the warning level had already risen to the highest level.

"... analyzing... analyzing... Targets identified... Insect! Insect! They are all Mins. And they are all in their final form! They're back! Oh my god! They're back!" There was a suffocating cry of terror from one of the aircraft.

The mouth of the captain, who was on one of the aircraft, was wide open. He looked at those Mins flying towards them quickly from the distant horizon, in shock, "Quick! Report it to the Headquarters! They're back! Insects are back! Quick..."

"It's too late, the remote signal is disrupted! They... fire... Ah!..." The pilots in the aircraft in the middle only managed to let out a scream before it was swallowed by the army of mins. No one knew if they were still alive or not.

The fleet captain's mind was completely blank. Everything happened in just a few seconds. There wasn't enough time for him to react properly. Even if he had time, how was he able to compete with this kind of army?

However, strangely, instead of crashing his aircraft, those Mins carefully removed his cockpit shield and then took him out.

Just when the captain thought that they were going to keep him as a hostage, and when he was slightly relieved, a fat, creeping, disgusting ball of meat floated up to him from the army of Mins. In his panic-stricken shouts, the meatball stretched out innumerable soft pipes, grabbed the captain and then stuffed him into its big mouth...

A moment later, waves of murderous noises began to ripple in the army of Mins, "Master is in the west!"

All of the Mins instantaneously turned around and faced the same direction. In the next second, they all flew out at their maximum speed, leaving a huge trail of flame behind in the air.