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Chapter 500 The First Source Gate Yuanmen

 Chapter 500 The First Source Gate(Yuanmen)

Chapter 500 The First Source Gate(Yuanmen)

It was because of "The Origin" this name, that he was able to take away Hu Zai and a deputy commander from the western front's airbase without single bloodshed. This was probably also the first time Chu Yunsheng felt that the reputation could also bring some benefits to him.

In the East, people called him "the most powerful man in the world", while in the West, he was regarded as "the most influential man in the world".

Those two ways of addressing Chu Yunsheng was caused by the cultural differences between the East and the West. But in any case, even though Chu Yunsheng was now implicitly classified as one sequence of "God", the way that those major forces addressed him, especially among the commoners, had not changed much. The reason for this was not that the major forces did not want to change it, but the same old problem that also happened in the age of light age as well. No matter, how fast the information was spread, once people were familiar with something, it would be very hard for them to change it.

As early as Chu Yunsheng left Luoyang City, he had clearly felt that the way that those eastern major forces treated him began to mitigate in a strange way. In particular, Jin Ling City. Not only did they leak out the location of the tiger, but they also sent Jing Ji out. They even made the relationship between him and Jing Ji very clear to everyone.

This type of change, he did not know what the inside story was. After all, this was not his expertise. He could only speculate from the information he knew and guessed that it would probably have something to do with the man who claimed that he had tempered his Hun Yuan (Soul Source) with his elemental fire. If this guess was correct, then the identity of that man would be very clear.

He must be the leader of the fire race.

Even if he was not the leader, his status within the Fire Race must be very high. Otherwise, all the forces, especially the cities associated with the Fire Race, would not listen to the man.

In this way, it could explain why Jin Ling City changed its standpoint.

Chu Yunsheng still remembered that Jin Ling City had a very deep relationship with the Fire Race. It seemed that not long after Earth plunged into darkness, and before the Ice Race even appeared, the Fire Race had already involved in all kinds of aspects of Jin Ling City.

Speaking of Jin Ling City, from the first commander-in-chief to the forces of the Fang family, even Ding Yan's old friend "Fire King" Qi Xuan, had the traces of the Fire Race's support or involvement.

This reminded Chu Yunsheng, who was standing on the back of the sharp-winged insect, of another thing.

In that year, he saw a confidential letter from Qi Xuan through Ding Yan. Based on his limited knowledge at that time, he simply believed what was written in the letter. Even Qi Xuan himself also believed it.

"Brother 13, since the cloaked man came to visit, my body started to show strange signs. although the negotiation was not yet completed, I have a strange feeling that I don't have much time left. I am very worried. Because I could not find out what caused it. Yesterday, I hid my son in the Bauhinia mountain, if I don't come back to you ask for this letter in three days, it means that I am dead, if you can still see me, that person is no longer me!"

He did not think much at that time, because at that time he thought that the cloaked man might be the great devil that the senior practitioner mentioned. But now he thought it again, it was very strange.

First of all, what did the cloaked man discuss with Qi Xuan?

Qi Xuan did not mention it, Ding Yan did not make it clear, and the cloaked man was later then killed by him. So this secret was buried even deeper.

At that time, Ding Yan told him that it was the power of Fire King that made the cloaked man interested in him, and want him to join them. Ding Yan even told him that the cloaked man might look for him as well.

However, now he thought it carefully again, it seemed like, never once, had the cloaked man actually come to him.

Even after he killed the Purple flame monster, blew up tombs and became famous in Jin Ling city, the cloaked man still didn't come to him. If someone told him that it was because he was busy preparing for the anti-world, he might believe it at that time. But now he would not think so. That didn't make any sense. There must be some other reasons.

And in all of this, what role did Ding Yan play? Or what did he know that he didn't tell him? Or maybe Ding Yan was hiding something from the very beginning.

Chu Yunsheng's suspicion was not without any basis.

Qi Xuan clearly wrote that his body was showing strange signs and it made him worried.

At that time, he didn't really understand what Qi Xuan meant. He just thought that he was probably mind-controlled by the cloaked man.

However, the truth was that Qi Xian was "reviving"!

Although this "reviving" might not have been voluntary, he might have been forced by the cloaked man, the change was not physically but mentally. It was the fear and confusion of having another memory in his mind, made him leave that letter.

But Qi Xuan didn't die.

Not only was he not dead, but he might have successfully received while still preserving his human memory. This could be seen from the Ice messenger Li, who he encountered quite many times before.

Perhaps there might be something wrong with his Revival, or it was just too slow, it was probably the reason why he was not kicked out from the space-time portal at that time.

However, in the years after the disappearance of Jin Ling City, there was enough time for him to complete the revival and completely restoring his power.

With the power of the Dark Warriors in Jin Ling City, they would not be able to defeat him at all. So, who was the actual ruler of Jin Ling City at that time? Was Ding Yan or Qi Xuan?

Or maybe because the cultivation methods he left behind helped them to form a power balance?

However, if Ding Yan knew it at that time, it would be another case. Maybe Ding Yan and even Yao Xiang had already become one of the Fire Race through the revival.

Maybe there was more to the death of his aunt's family.

"Do you know Edgar, that black man, is he still alive or not?" Chu Yunsheng dropped Mo Shangyan on the ground and asked calmly while looking at the fast-flying light dot that was currently piercing through the darkness in the sky from the horizon.

"You're talking about the cultivation propagator?" Mo Shangyan calmly adjusted her clothes, raised her head, and looked at Chu Yunsheng with complicated expressions in her eyes.

At the moment, the excitement in her heart was far greater than the fear and nervousness.

Nowadays, in this crumbling world, no one else had more complicated feelings towards the man, who was currently standing in front of her, than the people from Jin Ling city, or from the city that they now called the sky city.

They were the people who witnessed the power of Chu Yunsheng the earliest, and they were the people who knew Chu Yunsheng the longest, most importantly, they were the people who witnessed the collapse of the office building that day.

The fears on that day, the worries on that day, that struggles on that day, the despair on that day... There were many, many, many things that happened on that day, that people didn't want to remember because that day too much blood and tears were shed.

Mo Shangyan still remembered, that on that day, before the burning office building, one of the Wind and Fire Masters, the most powerful two men team in Jin Ling city, was holding the body of a girl, crying hysterically until he could no longer make any sound...

"Yes, is he still alive?" Chu Yunsheng nodded as his eyes reflected clear gleams.

"Alive..." Mo Shangyan sighed and murmured, "But maybe it is more painful than death for the old man. At that time, he eventually chose the last residence force, but because of his son's betrayal, it is said that now he is in a persistent vegetative state. If it hadn't been for the army of the Lord Insect, maybe he had already died at that time!"

"Lord Insect? Who?" There was a trace of confusion in Chu Yunsheng's eyes. This was the first time that he heard this name. He did not know much about the war between the Human Race And Insects, and the people he caught also did not know much about it.

Unexpectedly, Mo Shangyan opened her eyes wide and blurt out in a great surprise. "You don't know about the lord Insect!?"

"Is it Shang?" Chu Yunsheng frowned and said.

Mo Shangyan shook her head strangely, while taking a secret glance at the tiger and said, "Is it not yours? It always said that you are his master!"

"You mean Dark!? It's not dead yet!?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly turned around and stared at Mo Shangyan aggressively. At this moment, he completely ignored the light that was still approaching him closer and closer.

"I, I don't know." Mo Shangyan was shocked by his stare and said intermittently, "It has disappeared for ten years. No one knows whether it is dead or alive."

"It..." Chu Yunsheng's eyes gradually dimmed and sighed gloomily, "Sigh, if it is still alive, why can't I feel it? Perhaps it's better to die than stay alive, regardless of human or insect. What's coming, will eventually come!"

After that, he stepped on the back of the sharp-wing insect again and flew out like a lightning bolt, heading towards the light dot, that had already revealed it's true face - a flying machine.

At the same time, a red shadow shot out from the aircraft approaching Chu Yunsheng quickly. Soon, they both met each other in the air.

"You know that I'm coming to see you?" The bright light from the burning fireball slowly dimmed, revealing the face that Chu Yunsheng had seen once before.

"I don't know." Chu Yunsheng answered straightforwardly and directly, "But an aircraft that is directly coming at me, will not make me hide like a mouse!"

"Young man, they've told me everything about you!" The man nodded unconcernedly and smirked, "You definitely think you are the most miserable and the most unfortunate person in the world, right? You definitely hate us a lot, right? Come with me to a place where I will show you something that has been buried in the ground for many years!"

Suddenly his tone was changed and he said with deep hatred, "You will know that the one you should hate, is not us! And you are not the most unfortunate person in the world. There are many, who had much worse lives than you, a hundred times worse, maybe a thousand times worse!..."

Chu Yunsheng sneered coldly and said, "Why should I go with you? Moreover, why do I have to compare my pain with other people? Their worse lives won't make mine any better!"

A faint of surprise flashed through the man's face, then it became a faint of approval, "I don't believe that you don't want to know the root cause of all this!"

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said with a sneer, "Yes, I want to! But do you think you'll tell me the truth?"

The man was apparently stunned for a second, and then laughed, "I see, you don't believe anybody now! Young man, you're right. If it was me, I also won't believe it! When I learned that Yun Er died in that man's hands that year, I was also like you, did not believe anyone!"

"All the truths, if I want to know, I will find out myself, because I don't believe any of you." Chu Yunsheng calmly said, but he knew in his heart that it was impossible. His time was running out.

"Young man, there are some things that are up to you to decide. I don't care what Huang Bei Ying was worrying about. I always do things that I want to do. We, the Fire Race do not like to use plots and machinations to get things done. So, I'll tell you frankly, you have only two choices today!" The man looked at Chu Yunsheng with a smile and said frankly.

"You're wrong again. Didn't they tell you that I always have the third choice, my own choice?" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and his face was cold. The strength of this fire race was much higher than his. He probably had reached the realm of Yuan Tian Stage Four, but for some reason, he might have not been fully recovered yet.

However, it did not mean that he himself did not have the means to suppress him, as long as that fire race did not have the full strength of Yuan Tian Stage Four, the seventh divine nail could kill him.

"You're very good. But I don't mean any harm. On the contrary, I hate this world as well, but your strength is too weak. In other words, you are not qualified to... Huh!? What power is this?! It is... It is?... Is it really...? That is not possible at all! The level of this power is not something you can master! This is the power of opening the first Source Gate(Yuanmen)! Fuck! Stop it! Have you lost your mind!"

The man was shocked and retreated as quickly as possible.