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Chapter 499 Continuation

 At the moment when Jing Ji ran into the corner of a table and patented to have lost his conscious on the ground, all the beautiful girls in the room screamed loudly in fear, and the scarlet blood running down from his head aggravated the panic and fear of the girls.

They didn't know why this lecherous young master of sky city, who was also the commander of the aid army, would want to injure himself, but they did know that none of them would be able to live if something happened to this man.

No one wanted to die if they could live, especially die in a miserable way. So when Mo Shangyan, the deputy commander, entered Jing Ji's luxury cabin, all the girls held their breath and bowed their heads down, not daring to look at her.

Fortunately, this female deputy commander wasn't angry at them. Although more than half of the girls didn't understand the eastern language, from the relieved expression on that eastern maid, they knew that they would not be punished.

In fact, Mo Shangyan didn't have the time to think about punishing them for failing to protect their master. If Jing Ji was unconscious, then the things that the mayor told them before they left the city would not be completed. After all, she was just here to assist. Only Jing Ji had some weight in this matter. And it was the weight that even the mayor also didn't have.

At this time, her mind was full of anxieties and worries. The maid was afraid that she might change her mood, but she was worried about Mr. Chu would change his.

Nowadays, everything regarding Mr. Chu had been repeatedly studied by all the major forces. Although she would not dare to claim that she knew everything about the old man, she still understood more or less about his personality. She knew that in this world what mattered to this old man the most.

That was why the mayor's mission, only Jing Ji was able to complete it. Today, the reunion between the old man and king tiger had made her understand something that she couldn't understand from the videos of Shu Du attack.

Now she knew how ridiculous Yun Sect and Jing Ji Island were. No matter how bad and despicable the man who lay fainting on the ground was, his identity and his weight in Mr. Chu's heart were not comparable to that person from Jing Ji island and Yuan Qiyang from Yun Sect.

It was at this moment, she completely understood why those uncles in sky city would want to tolerate Jing Ji so much, no matter what kind of things he did. It was all because of the man who was currently standing outside the ship. And all because of what he could do.

Mo Shangyan took a deep breath, tried to calm her anxiety, and thought about what to do next. However, before he could come up with something, Chu Yunsheng's voice had clearly sounded from outside.

"You don't want to see me, I won't force you, but you must remember that you are Jing Yi's son, don't disgrace your father, and don't disgrace Chu family and Jing family!"

After that, Chu Yunsheng jumped onto the back of the sharp-winged insect and shouted, "Huzai, let's go!"

To be fair, apart from the blood relation, Jing Ji was basically a stranger to him. He had no feelings towards him or whatsoever.

However, nowadays, all his relatives were dead. If that kid was indeed the last blood of his aunt's family, it would make up the regret and guilt he had towards his aunt's family.

In his mind, he was always an old-fashioned person, and "having a kid" was a very important thing to any family.

'Maybe, I should change my plan a little.' Standing on the back of the flying insect, Chu Yunsheng murmured. Then he didn't know why he suddenly thought about having a kid for his own family. Maybe to his parents, they were more concerned about if they would have a grandchild than someone stealing their remains.

Then the shadow of Qin Fault suddenly flashed in his mind. But he quickly shook his head and sighed. Knowing that his life would be end soon, he guessed that maybe his mind was just subconsciously obsessed with the continuation of life. And it was this obsession that was currently influencing his decision making.

'Wait a second! Continuation?'

He was startled, and a very scary and shocking guess suddenly came out from deep inside his soul, and it made him broke into a cold sweat.

At this moment, it seemed that he was about to touch the edge of the eternal mystery, and only just a little bit more, he would then be able to solve the questions that had been troubled him since the beginning. However, as if someone didn't want him to discover it, no matter how hard to try to grasp it, everything was getting further and further away from him.

"It seemed like I have to go to a secret place of the last resistance force now!"

Looking back at countless beasts that were currently running behind him. His eyebrows were knitted close together.

Those beasts were no weaker than the monsters he sealed. But leading them to across entire Europe to arrive in China would take a lot of time.

So at the present, it seemed like he needed to find a place to allocate them first.

Nowadays, the whole European continent was full of barren land, and all the surviving human beings were gathered in some big remaining cities, that were still struggling to survive in this dangerous world.

On the way to meet up with Huzai earlier, he had actually checked the situation on the ground while he was in the air. However, the land below was completely strange to him.

Therefore, he needed a guide, a person. who knew the distribution of the European forces and was proficient in Chinese and European languages.

In just a moment, Chu Yunsheng made up his mind and ordered the sharp-winged insect to turn quickly, fly towards Mo Shangyan, grab her and fly away.

Everyone was confused by the return of Chu Yunsheng. When they realized, Mo Shangyan had already been taken away by Chu Yunsheng.

"Let her go!" A short-haired female officer rushed out of the crowd, pulled out a pistol from her waist and shouted at Chu Yunsheng.

But her tremoring hands could not hide the extreme fear in her heart. It was said that those who dared to pull a gun at the origin were dead already.

So, at this moment, everyone was looking at short-haired female officers in shock, but no one dared to do anything.

Chu Yunsheng just took a quick glance at her and then flew away.

"Mingchuan, don't follow me. This is an order! I'll be fine. Mr. Chu won't hurt me!" Mo Shangyan's reaction was surprisingly fast. Before Chu Yunsheng disappeared in the sky, she shouted to Mingchuan.

"Shangyan!" The short-haired female officer, who was still chasing, shouted loudly. However, she still couldn't catch up with them.

In the east, a high-speed aircraft, pierced through the sky, heading towards the place where Chu Yunsheng was like a meteor.

In the flickering cockpit of the aircraft, an unruly man laughed wildly, "Chu, I didn't expect that when I just escaped from 'Jian Ni Ti' the first human being I met was you! But thanks to Huang Bei Ying for leading the way! I hope that you can make the right choice this time. Since you are the first human being that is able to make me willingly come here!"