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Chapter 498 Ive come to pick you up

 The officer, who had left to get the general Jing, once again ran back to the long-haired woman, who was heading to the position of King Tiger and said, "Miss, General Jing said he can't control it!"

"What? Can't control it!? He, he!" The short-haired female officer almost jumped up and shouted angrily.

"General Jing said he can't do it, and then directly kicked me out!" The officer said helplessly with a long face.

"Fucking useless piece of shit! He didn't even go there, how does he know what he can't control it!" The short-haired female officer was so angry that she shouted abuse at the commanding ship.

The officer shivered in fear when he heard the words, but he dared not to say anything.

"Mingchuan, forget it, let me go and have a look. Maybe it is just feeling some discomfort. Hopefully...." The long-haired woman frowned and became more disappointed in the one, who was in the cabin of the commanding ship. She speeded up her pace, while thinking that the mayor and her uncle had repeatedly tried to persuade her to marry this man. She just couldn't help feeling helpless and sad at the same time.

But before she finished talking, she was interrupted by some people shouting in shock.

"Look, what's that!"

"Flying Riders? It's Yun Sect's people!"

"Not Yun Sect! Yun Sect didn't have this kind of flying mount! It's an enemy! Enemy's attack!"

"It's a sharp-winged flying insect! Not Yun Sect!"

"Quick, quick, ready to intercept!"


Several rows of soldiers marched forward, skillfully set up the Cold-fire Tracker Tangential guns, aimed at the flying shadow in the sky. And before they fired, they were suddenly attacked by the beasts behind them. Instantly, the screams appeared non-stop.

In that split second, everything changed.

In the roars of king tiger, the hairs of all the beasts stood on end. All of their eyes were revealing cold gleams and glaring at the troops, that were originally with them.

"What happened?"

The officers, who were sent from the Western Front to welcome the army from Jin Ling city, were all stunned. No one knew why all of sudden those beasts would turn against their own people.

"Everyone! Don't move!" Jing Ji was still hiding in the cabin of the commanding ship. Seeing the situation was on the brink of crisis, the long-haired woman had no choice but to represent him. Climbing on the top of an armored vehicle, she shouted loudly.

"Don't move, don't provoke them!" The long-haired woman's forehead was soaked with sweats, her heart was beating rapidly, and her eyes were fixed on the lone shadow of an insect and a man.

Serlevich had already been kicked out by Jing Ji, but the Russian beauties were left in the cabin. When he saw the scene outside, his face was extremely livid and ugly. The translators and the officers behind him were swallowing very hard, and all of their faces were very tense.

Everyone knows, that once those beasts went wild, at least half of the people here would not be able to escape alive! In addition to that, once they had problems internally, the "puppet army" under the control of God's warrior would take advantage and attack them. The consequences would be unimaginable!

The temperature on the airbase now seemed to have fallen more than a dozen degrees, it froze all the people and made the airbase filled with a highly dangerous atmosphere.

In the eyes of thousands of the people in the airbase, that insect's speed was extremely fast. From high altitude, until it landed on the ground it was just a twinkling of an eye. The insect lay on the ground, not moving, after the man got down from its back as if it was dead. The man's whole body was covered in a black cloak, and no one was able to see the man clearly. A step by step, the man was moving forward, as if the army was not there.


The most impossible thing happened once again!

The king tiger, that had just come out of the cabin, whimpered and wailed at the man in the black cloak.

At this time, even Serlevich, who had been as calm as a mountain, also could not help but stare at him. But the black-cloaked man even reached out to the King Tiger, also known as "overlord".

How was that possible?

No one could touch the King Tiger, not even Jing Ji - the commander of the "Wild Beast Army". This was the common sense that almost everyone, who had heard the rumor, knew. But the black-cloaked man could, and not only that, the untamed King Tiger actually lowered its head and let the man touch it at will!

Yes, at will!

Not only that, but the voice of the king tiger seemed to be filled with infinite sadness!

Suddenly, an idea of the real identity of the black-cloaked man appeared in everyone's mind, and it shocked everyone, including Sherlewich, as well as the long-haired woman.

There was only one person in the world, who could, and who dared to do this to the king tiger.

It was the master of King Tiger, who was once the God of War of Sky City, even those god's warriors were afraid of him at one point. As soon as he appeared, it caused great chaos in the East. He was the person who was called "the most powerful and influential man in the world" by many Western forces.

No one but him could do that!

Now, not only the translators and the officers, but also Sherlewich and the long-haired women were breathing heavily. They were very surprised. No one would have thought that that famous man would be here.

Who could have imagined that the man, who had openly declared to be the enemy of all the major forces, dared to break into the heavily armed areas by himself?

Nowadays, almost everyone knew that this man had a book, which was enough to change everything on Earth, and enough to make any ordinary person become a powerful figure, that even God's warriors had to fear.

For a moment, the officers and the soldiers here, especially the awakened humans who were at the higher cultivation stages, thought that what if they all attacked him at this time...

But as soon as the idea appeared in their mind, it was scared away by the fierce stares of those beasts around him.

He was not just one person.

Just one command, those beasts would immediately turn against them and began to slaughter everyone here. What was even scarier was that this man was also one of the god's warriors. If they made any small mistakes, the entire western front might collapse tonight.

Just as those awakened humans were struggling to make up their minds, Chu Yunsheng held the tiger's head and whispered, "Huzai, I've come to pick you up, I am here, I'm here..."

As he spoke, he burst into tears. All the sorrowful memories began to emerge, making his eyes red. He vaguely saw the smiley faces of everyone in his aunt's family and the scenes of their tragic death. He also remembered Xiaohai, Dumb Insect...

"Huzai, it's only us left. They all died. All died..."

He buried his head in Tiger's hair, using his face to constantly rub the tiger. His shoulders were shaking violently, and his mouth was wide open as he sobbed silently and sadly as if he wanted to tell his only "relative" tiger all the pains he had experienced.

The tiger whimpered and used its big head to rub Chu Yunsheng's face, and respond to his silent cry as if it could feel all Chu Yunsheng's sadness and pains...

After a long time, Chu Yunsheng raised his head and forced himself to stop crying. He stroked the hair on the tiger's back, and bit his lips and said, "Huzai, we will never be separated again. Let's go!"

However, King Tiger was looking at him, not moving.

Chu Yunsheng's heart shook inexplicably, and suddenly he was a little scared. Even though he was not scared of the fact that he did not have much time left, but he was scared that Huzai would not go with him.

Similarly, Sherlewich and the long-haired woman were also feeling the same way. If Chu Yunsheng took the Tiger King away, what about the Western Front? What about Sky City?

But the sad thing was that they could not do anything at the moment.

Serlevich secretly prayed that King Tiger would not go with Chu Yunsheng. Although, it was very unlikely. After all, the Wild Beast Army was led by King Tiger for many years. At least, it would have some feelings toward those beasts. Moreover, such a large number of beasts, without transportation tools, Chu Yunsheng could not take all of them away, as long as he could not take away this force, King Tiger would probably stay, even if it meant temporarily.

So he was at least 50% sure that King Tiger would not go!

But he misunderstood King Tiger. The same as Chu Yunsheng.

In less than a moment, the tiger suddenly raised its head and roared loudly, as if it wanted to roar out the sorrow that it had for many years, it suddenly jumped onto Chu Yunsheng and hugged him tightly, reluctant to let go for a long time.

Serlevich's heart immediately sank, his lips moved for a few times, and his face was extremely livid.

The long-haired woman bit her lips in anger. At this time Jing Ji was still in the cabin. Even if she had a good temperament, she was also getting very angry. 'Did he forget what the mayor had told him?'

But someone had to do it. Otherwise, it would be too late.

"Shangyan, don't go!" The short-haired female officer named Mingchuan saw the long-haired woman heading for Chu Yunsheng, she immediately jumped off of the armored vehicle and shouted.

"Don't move, I just need to say a few words to him." The long-haired woman turned back and gestured to those that were following her, to stop following her.

Chu Yunsheng slowly moved away the tiger from him. But the tiger seemed to be very worried that Chu Yunsheng would leave it alone again and run away, so it still hugged Chu Yunsheng tightly.

"Mr. Chu, I'm from the Office Building. Can I come over?" The long-haired girl said while she was still some distance away from them. Under the pressure of the Wild Beast Army, she did not dare to get very close to them.

Chu Yunsheng nodded and restored his composure, "Your surname is Mo, Mo Wuluo's niece?"

"Yes, Mr. Chu. Without your help, my uncle and I would not have been able to live to this day." the long-haired girl did not expect Chu Yunsheng could still remember her uncle, who at that time was just useless weak awakened human, and her, who was just a nameless infant at that time.

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said, "We've already met once. You and your uncle did not forget your origin, so I don't want to make your life difficult, you can leave. But ask the man in the cabin to come out to see me! Deliberately leaking the whereabouts of Huzai, isn't this what Ding Yan wants?"

"Actually, the mayor..." Mo Shangyan tried to recall when she had seen Chu Yunsheng while she was trying to say something. But she was immediately interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

"Kid mind your own business! You don't understand what happened between me and Ding Yan, so you'd better not to get involved. And ask that kid to come out!" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and stared at the window of the cabin. Over there, a shadow suddenly disappeared from the window.

"Yes, Mr. Chu." Mo Shangyan stopped talking, knowing that she was indeed not in the position to discuss something like this. She was just a messenger, "But, Mr. Chu, Jing Ji is not a clone. He is indeed your true last relative. He is Jing Yi's son. Things in that year were very complicated. If you want, the mayor wants to invite you to Sky City, he will explain to you personally."

Chu Yunsheng smiled coldly and said, "He wants to see me, then ask him to come to see me!"

Mo Shangyan smiled helplessly, but she said nothing. There were only a few people in the world who dared make this kind of request. But it was still not her place to say anything. So she just left to get Jing Ji. However, when she passed Serlevich, the interpreter next to this old man suddenly said, "Miss. Mo, can Mr. Serlevich talk to Mr. Chu?"

"Personally, I think, it's better for you not to say anything and ask anything." Mo Shangyan seemed to be polite to everyone. Even to Jing Ji, who constantly harassed her.

After the interpreter passed the message, Serlevich looked very disappointed. Originally, he planned to used the information the remain of the Vankamersche spaceship to exchange something useful from Chu Yunsheng, at least, he wanted to make up for the loss of the king tiger and its army as much as possible.

But it seemed like it was just extravagant hope.

"A bunch of idiots!" When the young man in the cabin saw Mo Shangyan walking towards him, he frowned and said. As his eyes moved quickly, it flashed a few strange lusters. Then he suddenly shouted in a seemingly panic voice, "I don't want to see him, I don't want to see him, he killed my father, my grandmother, I don't want to see him!"

He then suddenly ran into the table in the cabin. However, he didn't realize that although he tried to make himself pass out, eventually, he didn't use enough strength. All he did only caused so much pain in his head. But then he quickly came up with another idea. He just lay on the floor of the cabin, playing dead.

His actions could deceive Mo Shangyan and the maids in the cabin, but he couldn't deceive Chu Yunsheng, who had the sixth nerve-like line. His actions and words had all been noticed by Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was the master of playing dead, so he could see through the trick instantly.

However, while he noticed this, he had also caught a glimmer of an anomaly. From the time he first heard about this kid, whether it was Mo Shangyan, Yuan Xuejian, or even Yan Ge, Luo Qing and some other Loose Practitioners, everyone was saying exactly the same thing. "Lustful, shameless, coward, useless..." From beginning to end, no one said a single good word about him.

It was because of Chu Yunsheng, that the kid was able to live a great life.

So, normally, that kid should be happy to see him. But why would he act like this? Chu Yunsheng frowned.

Although he didn't like what Jing Ji did,

If he really was the son of Jing Yi. Then, there was no reason not to acknowledge him.

'What does Ding Yan want? Does he really simply just want me to see Jing Yi's son?' Chu Yunsheng's brows knitted even closer. 'Wants me to forgive him? No, Ding Yan isn't that kind of person. Then...'

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in his mind.

'Is it him! The man who claimed to have already tempered his Hun Yuan (Soul Source) with his elemental fire.'

Chu Yunsheng grinned coldly and snorted, "you think you can end it that easy!"


What Chu Yunsheng guessed was right. Hidden in between clouds in a corner of the sky, in a top-secret building in Sky City, a man was laughing wildly after checking all the documents.

"You bunch of fools! There is only a dead sequence inside his body, and you fools still regard him as the enemy of our future... Huh? Wait a minute. When did you all learn how to use so many crafty plots and machinations like Duo Neng race that group of useless things?"

"We have already sent someone over trying to..." In the conference room, a skinny man said in a haggard manner.

"Forget about it. It's not entirely your fault that you can't detect the activity of the Ying sequence. The most important thing at present is to kill those unreturned sequences before Huang Bei Ying gets them, and you did a good job in this matter. The battlefield in Europe is just a show. Killing the sequences should be a real battle!" The man stopped his wild laugh and said sternly.

"Chu's business, I'll do it myself. He's qualified to know something now. Nevertheless, as for his dead sequence, we must not disclose it to other races for the time being. Although we are working with each other now, who knows... In addition to that, we need to speed up the progress of waking up our people, the strength of our force is still too weak! "