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Chapter 497 The Legendary Tiger

 The answers to those questions could not be found, at least Chu Yunsheng could not. He still vaguely remembered that Yan Min once treated him as one of their own and told him it had been like this for more than millions of years.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not know what happened tens of millions of years ago. The knowledge he learned from textbooks was limited to the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and then it was blank after that.

If it was even further back, there seemed to be a Cambrian geological period as well. It seemed to be an era that had a "big explosion of life". All kinds of different creatures almost appeared magically overnight. The number was so large, the species were so many, that it had completely contradicted the normal law of the evolution speed as if there was a hand in the darkness pushing the evolution forward.

This hand, in the age of light, had been called the "hand of God" by many scientists!

Now, it seemed like, it was not just a theory...

Chu Yunsheng exhaled a long smoke and rubbed his temple. He felt slightly heavy-headed.

What exactly happened in the past, and who was the real owner of this land? and why did he set up a plan that caused Earth to become like this?

He stood on the top of the ruined building gazing afar, his figure was bleak. As the cold wind swept across the fragmented land of Earth, blowing his white hair and making his thoughts drifting away.

The senior practitioner once said that this planet was not a good place. The sooner he left here the better. He came to earth five thousand years ago. With his knowledge and ability, he must have found something that made him say that. Unfortunately, some words in the ancient book still could not be deciphered. Otherwise...

'However, why should our generation be burdened with the debt that was caused tens of millions of years ago? Aunt is dead, Xiaohai is dead, and Dumb Insect is also dead... They're all dead... Why! Why do we have to suffer!'

Chu Yunsheng's chilly gaze pierced through the sky, seemingly capturing a glimmer of an evil smile of the ancient secret.

'Who has human blood and who has alien blood, God, you also don't know, do you? You don't even know which side I belong to! Unfortunately, I am running out of the time...'

He lowered his head and his eyes reflected the piles of desolate ruins. The former prosperity of Luoyang City was now only buried under those ruins. Occasionally, there were a few steel bars piercing through the collapsed concrete building, pointing stubbornly at the sky.

The crushed and burnt cars were everywhere, but the complete wreckage almost could not be found. No one knows how many battles they had survived. But people do know that when it was quiet, there would be one or two small blurry creatures, emerging vigilantly from the interstices of those broken cars, from time to time. With the green light coming out of their eyes, they would often glance around for a moment, before they quickly jumped from one pile of ruins to another, searching for the rotten tires on the car to eat. Every bite, the green eyes on the head would move like an eerie green ghost.

'Is this still the world that I used to live in?'

The city that had unusually crowded streets, and the city that had access to a network that could reach all corners of the world. How many people could still remember that kind of world today? Even if they did, it probably only existed in their dreams!

Chu Yunsheng tried to remember the life he used to live. But he suddenly found that those "memories" were getting farther and farther in his mind, like a boat sailing into the sea. All it left was the dark sky and blood occupying most of the space in his memory...

At this time, his ears echoed the hoarse scream of a member of the last resistance force Li Mingchen.

"Do you really want to wait until you lost everything, and then regret it?"

Chu Yunsheng finally sighed softly, "Cherish what's left... But what else do I have? Maybe there is only Huzai... But where is it? and is it still alive?..."


On the southeast bank of the Volga River in Russia, there were large armies gathering in the sky over Samara City. Many awakened humans and armies from many Eastern Asia and Western Asia, had been deployed here to form an airtight defense line. This was the first line of defense of the Eastern Joint Forces of the battlefield of human rance and god.

The cold weather and the massacre of Moscow by the god's warriors had greatly reduced the morale of the Joint Army. There were frozen corpses everywhere. The wounded people moaned in pain in various languages constantly like ghostly wails in the ice and snow, making the originally quiet night even scarier.

The reconnaissance aircraft in the sky also seemed to be wheeling in the sky dispiritedly. After a round of careless scans, they immediately flew back to the airbase. Regardlessly how their comrades would laugh or curse at them, they still did not dare to fly cross the Volga River at all. They were already terrified by the super-advanced cubes and the flying beasts of God's warriors.

Since the beginning of the war, people had died every day. People use to die in the battle, but now, people would rather die before the battle started.

The cold wind from the Arctic had brought bone-chilling ice elemental energy. Even the people who awakened with ice elemental energy would be shivering in cold, let alone those who awakened other elemental energies.

The daily looting over the new batch of food and other supplies had already become the only large-scale movement on the Eastern Front.

Fortunately, there were fewer and fewer bullets and energy beams flying overhead, so they did not have to worry about losing your life accidentally while they were peeing.

According to the gossip, the "puppet army" and the "Beast army", that were under the control of the god's warriors on the other side of the river, had transferred their main forces to the Western defense line. The mysterious creatures that were dealing with the bodies on the other side of the river had also disappeared. All the signs indicated that the gossip was quite reliable.

However, despite that, all the people in the joint force had already lost their courage to push over the river. Even the people from the top were also the same.

Even so, the situation on the Eastern Front was like living in a paradise than the Western Front. Almost everyone in the Western Front, which was located in the border area of Orsha City, Belarus, would curse the "allies" on the Eastern Front thousands of times a day. However, apart from that, there was nothing they could do. They had to grit their teeth and face the fierce attack of the "puppet army" and "the beast army", and step by step slowly retreated to the second line of defense in Warsaw City.

Every day they suffered huge losses.

Compared with the terrible battlefield situation at the beginning of the war, the joint meetings of the major forces were even noisier and chaotic nowadays.

Through the communication methods that had been rebuilt over the years, the hologram images of many powerful figures of the major forces were arguing day and night, in the joint conference building of the Sky City.

General Oslton, who was at the second line of defense on the western front, turned off the remote communication device with a livid face. He slowly leaned back while crossed his arms before his chest, and his blue eyes were revealing the fierce gleams.

A moment later, he pressed a button and calmly said, "Please let Mr. Serlevich in."

About a minute later, a well-dressed old man opened the door of Oslton's office and said politely, "General."

Oslton pointed to the table and said without any expressions, "I regret to tell you that those eastern cowards are ready to abandon all Russian defense lines completely. They have most of the seats in the joint meeting. We can't help it. Of course, your delegates will send you the message as well soon."

The old man did not seem to be surprised much, as if everything had already been expected, and with a slight smile, he changed the topic and said, "General, although we lost a lot in the last war between the human race and god, and we also failed to change in the joint meeting's decisions, we still have forces in the Krasnoyarsk and Sakha Republic. Including the remains of the Vankamersche spacecraft..."

The fierce gleam flashed through Oslton's eyes and quickly disappeared, then he shook his head and interrupted him, "These things, all the forces in Europe know about it, but you also need to know that the return the so-called 'the most powerful man in the world' has not only caused great chaos among the eastern defense forces, but it also directly led to the god's warriors change their attacking direction to avoid eastern front line!"

The old man nodded, but then shook his head again, and murmured, "He's a complicated man. Nowadays the whole world is studying him, but I bet nobody knows what he wants to do and what he can do! Even if I was not in the meeting room, I can tell you, that those major forces in the East and that city in France would still be busy fighting each other over the position of the world leader in this kind of situation even if Chu did not appear."

Oslton looked at the old man before his desk with a faint smile on his lips and nodded, "Tell me about your plan."

The old man sat down with a smile and said only one sentence, "I think it's time for us to unite, and choose one of the eastern forces and support them. Some of them need our support!"

Oston sneered, but he did not speak. He knew that in exchange for the eastern forces' support at the moment, European forces had to join one of the eastern forces, such as Sky City or Yun Sect.

But if it really reached that point, he knew that all of the forces in Europe would most like choose the sky city, which was the only force that was able to organize a large scale global battle.

But he personally opposed it. Because the things that the mayor of sky city had done in the past left a very unpleasant memory in his mind.

Oslton sighed. "The first batch of reinforcements from Sky City will arrive by early tomorrow morning. The commander of the reinforcements is the last member of the Chu lineage - Jing Ji. I've heard that this man is extremely lustful. We will leave it to you Russians to deal with him."

The old man nodded his head without any expression, but in his mind, he was quite surprised. He had no idea why Sky City would send such an important person to here. Not only was he notorious for being easily manipulated by others, but also because he was the only one who could control the "Wild Beast Army". Moreover, his relationship with the most powerful man in the world...

Oslton looked out of the window and then told the old man that he could leave. He needed time to consult with his staff about Sky City's mayor's intention of sending such an important person here. He didn't think that gloomy man was a fool at all.


In the early morning on the battlefield of the Western Front that was slowly being pushed back, a well-armed force slowly walked out from the transport ships one after another. The sounds of verbal commands were constantly reverberating on the battlefield.

The welcome group, that was led by Serlevich, had been waiting for a long time in the cold wind. The several selected Russian beauties were trembling in cold, looking very pitiful.

Gradually, the officers of the Western Forces in their long uniforms began to complain in a low voice that the commander of Sky City was so arrogant. They had clearly landed, but the commander still did not show up as if he was deliberately making them wait in the cold wind.

But when they saw the sea-like Wild Beast Army, their discontent disappeared instantly without any traces.

With this well-known Wild Beast Army on the Western Front, they would finally able to stop the extremely troublesome Beast army of god's warriors. Their subordinates also would not need to risk their lives to fight those dangerous beasts.

At this moment, all the officers, regardless of color, language, even the beautiful girls that were brought by Serlevich, stood on tiptoes, raised their heads to look for the legendary king of the Wild Beast army - the legendary tiger. It was also named "Overlord" by many forces.

Mr. Jing Ji, who was the commander of the First Western Aid army, was completely forgotten by all the European forces. However, it seemed that he was not dissatisfied at all. Instead, he simply stayed on the warship, hugging two beautiful women on his left and right, eating and drinking until Serlevich got on the ship to see him.

"Oh my god, this useless piece of shit!" A short-haired, beautiful officer, spitting at the commanding ship and said disdainfully, while holding a pistol in her waist, and being accompanied by another long-haired woman.

"Take care of King Tiger. Don't forget that King Tiger only listens to him. Even the mayor and those uncles could not command it." The long-haired woman sighed, "Although my uncle grew up beside it, he never dared to touch it."

It was at this moment, a powerful tiger's roar suddenly came from one of the cabins of the command ship. The roar was so loud that all of the people near the tiger were covering their ears trying to stop the painful noises.

With the sound of King Tiger, all the animals in the Wild Beast Army raised their heads and roared madly into the sky at the same time to respond to their king. It was like constantly thunders appearing on the ground, making the ground shaking violently.

The faces of the officers of the Western forces suddenly became pale. They almost could not standstill. Even the soldiers from sky city were also shocked.

"Miss! something...! Something happened to King Tiger!..." The officer in charge of serving King Tiger was running breathlessly and shouted.

"Quick, go get General Jing!" the long-haired woman bit her lip and urgently said. Others did not know, but she knew clearly that King Tiger was still an animal after all, and more importantly, it could not be controlled through mind control. Therefore, once the beast within it came out, terrible things would happen. And this kind of thing had happened before.

This was probably the great disadvantage behind the "powerful" and "fierce" of the Wild Beast Army. No one could absolutely control the animal nature of King Tiger, even Jing Ji.

However, what she did not know was that in a ruined building not far from her, a shadow was standing in the darkness while holding a cold sword in his hand. And that roar seemed to be calling for him.