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Chapter 496 Who Are We?

 "Zeng Kexin? Who?" Chu Yunsheng had saved a lot of people before, but he really could not remember this name. In terms of his promise, Chu Yunsheng didn't take it seriously. He had saved many people before, however, had anyone ever helped him?

"Lord Origin!" Li Mingchen, who was on the side, moved slightly forward and said sternly.

Chu Yunsheng took a quick glance at him and snorted, "How do you know that I am the Origin!"

His voice was very low, and there wasn't any expression on the mask.

Li Mingchen, however, seemed to be very certain. His eyes showed a seldom trace of respect, as he answered, "In this world, no one but you can make the first master of the Cambrian force retreat with only a few words."

"Is it!?" Chu Yunsheng sneered, and his eyes were getting colder.

Li Mingchen immediately realized that it was inappropriate, so he didn't dare to speak anymore.

"I don't like smart people." Chu Yunsheng said the reason without concealing it. He then continued, "What do you need from me?"

During the conversation, his sight landed on the black-haired woman, who was one of the three people. His eyes were revealing the sharp gleams as if he wanted to see through this woman.

Under his eyes, the black-haired woman tried very hard to keep her mind calm. She had seen many people with sharp eyes, so this kind of look would not intimidate her. The real reason why she couldn't keep her composure was not just the name of the Origin, but also that he was her...

"Lord Origin, we three have the order from General Qin. We sincerely want to invite you to visit a top-secret place of ours!" Li Mingchen frowned his eyebrows and interrupted Chu Yunsheng's stare to help the black-haired woman.

"Why do I need to go?" Chu Yunsheng did not seem to be interested in the topic. Most of his attention was attracted by the black-haired woman. Only when he came near did he suddenly find a trace of abnormality, which made him uneasy.

Just when Li Mingchen just wanted to say something, the black-haired woman gritted her teeth, stopped him, looked up at Chu Yunsheng and said, "Lord Origin, my surname is Qin, Qin Qiying is my mother, and my father is..."

"Stop!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized the source of unease and immediately interrupted her. A scary thought, that suddenly came to his mid, was instantly killed by him. "If there is no better reason, you can go back and tell Major Qin that the strength of your forces is not powerful enough to be qualified to play this game with me!" his voice was getting even colder.

All three people were shocked. They still remembered that before they set out, Qin Qiying said, "You don't understand him... Sigh... forget about it, you won't give up unless you see him."

Seeing they were silent, Chu Yunsheng was also disappointed. The so-called last resistance force was not worthy of his time. So he turned around and began to leave.

These three people's strengths were just average. And they clearly did not have other plans. Without strength and plans, he did not even know why they were here.

"Lord Origin!" Li Mingchen shouted to Chu Yunsheng's back, while his face was filled with the sad and bleak expression "You may not acknowledge Qin Fault(Note). but the human race will be extinct soon! I mean the real human race! How could you have the heart to watch aliens occupying our homeland, enslaving us like animals, and exterminating us! Exterminating your people!

Didn't you say you would rather die than surrender? Didn't you say you wanted to kill all the aliens? We used to be the masters of this land. Now, what are we? Animals? No, we are even worse than animals. They can kill us at will!

Every day, every hour, every second, countless of our people are placed on the dissecting table, and forced to participate with all kinds of experiments that are worse than death!

Just because we are lowly human beings? Just because we are the inferior species they said. I don't believe it!

But why! Why did God create us and then abandon us! "

"My people?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped and turned around, "My people and my families are already dead!" he said coldly.

"No!" Li Mingchen suddenly his knelt down while his face was filled with tears, "Lord Origin, we are all the same. Because all of us are not awakened human beings! Because we have the same blood flowing in our bodies! Pure Blood! Uncontaminated blood! We are real human beings!

But people with such blood are regarded as lowly species by those mutants!

We have risked our lives to come to Mang Mountain just want to tell you that there are people like you that are still fighting. We are still fighting! I just want to ask you, do really want to abandon those who are still struggling on the verge of extinction!"

His voice was sad and shrill, his eyes were filled with endless hatred and sorrow, and all his pride turned into endless pain at this moment.

"Human beings?" Chu Yunsheng sneered, "How do you know that I am a human being? You say that I am human, but they say that I am one of those God's Warriors! Huh, what a fucking joke! I don't even know if I am real or just a faint of consciousness!"

"Ask your heart!" Li Mingchen raised his head and said sternly, "Lord Origin, ask your heart! Let it tell you who you are! Only it can tell you!"

"My heart?" Chu Yunsheng laughed, "My heart has already died! It died decades ago! I don't even know where to find its ashes!"

"No, it's still alive! I know it's still alive! It was the reason why you gave out the order of the Origin!"

"Alive? What do you know? I only got a few more months to live, and you are telling me it is alive? Moreover, you said you are resisting? But you are on your knees now. Is that how you resist? Begging not to be killed?" Chu Yunsheng sneered coldly and then left. Before his shadow disappeared, his voice appeared in the valley again, "If that's the case, you all deserve to be wiped out!"

"I don't care! If it means to save my people. I will do whatever it takes. And this kneeling means nothing to me. Lord Origin, please, are you really willing to fight alone and see the end of the human race? Do you really have to wait until the last human being dies, and then regret it!


Li Mingchen shouted as loud as he could using his hoarse voice. His eyes were already swollen red. However, as Chu Yunsheng's shadow gradually disappeared in his sight, his heart also fell into the dark abyss accompanied by cold and despair. The images of many people being slaughtered flashed before his eyes one by one constantly, the shrill and bitter screams of them before they were killed became more and more clear in his ears. The belief that supported him to resist for so many years finally collapsed, leaving only despair.

"We are abandoned people, we are inferior creatures..." He murmured to himself as if he had lost his mind. Suddenly he pulled out his pistol from his waist, pointed it at his head and laughed loudly

"We are were abandoned people, We are inferior creatures!"

In the mournful voice, there was strong sadness and unwillingness.

The blonde woman and the black-haired woman behind him wept silently. Yes, they did not want to give up. Bearing the hope of many people, they had risked their lives to come here, just to attract the Origin's attention. However, what was the use of them coming here now? Lord Origin had already given up!

In his desperate laughs, Li Mingchen pulled the trigger.

Suddenly a long white beam came from afar and shot toward him. The gun sounded, but his head was still there.

"If you want to die, die somewhere else! The real soldiers I know would still fight even when they were dying!" A voice came from afar.

Li Mingchen was dazed for a second. The two women were shocked too. And then all their faces were filled with excitement.

"It's not dead! It's still alive! I know it's still alive!" Li Mingchen's chest was moving violently, and he roared wildly against the dark sky.


Chu Yunsheng did not go back. He walked all the way to a ruined building and sat down to smoke cigarettes, one after another.

"Awakening may not be a good thing, and not awakening may not a bad thing..." The veiled woman once said this.

"I didn't kill you because you are a human being that wasn't contaminated by deviant!..." The Min outside yellow mountain once said this.

"... Can't believe that the powerful and cruel deviant, that the book of insect mentioned, would have such coward descendants!?" The Min outside of Hong Kong once said this to him.

"We were armed and ships were ready... Since we couldn't go back, then we will eliminate all the heresies...'


Many other thoughts began to appear in Chu Yunsheng's mind one by one as if they had hidden inside his mind for a very long time, just waiting for moments like this to break out.

Aliens, deviants, rebellions, heresies?

'Are Xiaohai and Jing Yi also aliens? If they are all aliens?

Then, who are we?'