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Chapter 495 A Great Lie

 "I don't know if this origin's order is real or not..." A girl's voice came faintly.

"I've never heard of people impersonating the cultivation propagator. But I have never heard of anyone impersonating the origin before. So It probably is real!" The person who answered her sounded older than the girl. There was a touch of mysterious charm in her voice.

"Whether it is real or not, we will know when we get there. The situation at the front line is in critical condition. I have heard that Moscow has fallen and those God's Warriors once again killed half a million people! It is said that the entire Volga River has been stained red! Some people said that in order to avoid people from panicking, the major forces have blocked the news. In fact, at this moment, millions of people have already been killed! When the god's warriors clear the north, it won't be long before they point their weapons at us.

So even if the news this time is fake, we should still try it. The Origin's skills and weapons... Just the tiny bit, that was left by him many years ago, are still being studied days and nights by several major forces!" this time, it was an old man, who sighed.

Speaking of this, the group fell silent for a while. It was probably that they were scared by the slaughter. After a while, the younger girl couldn't help but ask in confusion,

"Didn't people say that God's warriors are also scared of the Origin, then why don't we invite him to fight those god's warriors? With him, those god's warriors will definitely not dare to cross the northern grassland!"

"Little girl, what do you know? A small force like ours will soon be recruited to the northern front. This will most likely be a one-way trip. So it is time to let you know something. At least, if you die, you won't die without knowing what you are fighting for. What I am about to tell you is a big secret!" The old man hesitated for a moment. No one knew why.

Other young people immediately raised their heads and showed great interest. For them, they seldom heard the secrets of the origin. Now that they had the chance, of course, they would not want to miss it.

The old man was silent for a moment, but soon his eyes suddenly shot out with sharp gleams, and he said sternly, "You must remember, the origin is not a human being! Only a few people from the top of those major forces knew that, and according to the rumor, he is one of the god's warriors!"

"One of the god's warriors!"

"How is it possible?"

The old man's words were like rocks that sparked a thousand waves, and the young people couldn't help but gasp in shock. They had thought about all kinds of secrets, but they didn't expect the secret that the old man said would be this. Everyone felt as if they were struck by lightning!

"He, he, is one of the god's warriors... Then... What do we do...! No, it's impossible. He is definitely not... Not them!" The younger girl stuttered in great shock.

The old man shook his head and, sighed gloomily, "At that time, I was even more shocked than all of you when I heard it. It was as if all my beliefs had collapsed. Because of this, I left Shu Du city to search for the answers. However, the more I found, and the more I am close to the truth, the more shocking it is. It is real. He even has the god's warrior's sequence!"

"But if he is one of God's warriors, why all these years, the major forces still worship him? And name him the most powerful man in the world? Even the candidates of the world leader needed to be chosen from those who are related to him! Isn't that contradictory?" The woman with a charming voice retorted incredulously.

The old man did not speak, he just looked at her silently for a while. And then he said, "understand it now?"

The charming woman nodded dejectedly, her face suddenly became very pale.

The old man said with a trace of sadness in his tone, "At first, I also thought the same, but I soon realized that the first time that God's warriors appeared in public was after the final battle between the human race and insects. At that time, all the major forces had already eulogized his name, and then only until the end of the first war between the human race and god, did all the major forces suddenly discovered this shocking secret, and by that time, it was already too late. Therefore they have to continue lying!

As long as the Origin didn't come back, this lie would never be exposed. Even if God's warriors try to reveal the truth, they will not have any proof. On the contrary, all the major forces might use it against them. They could say that they are afraid of the origin, that's why they wanted to destroy the origin's image! However, it is true!

Now that the origin is back, and he is still alive! They could not continue this lie anymore!... This is probably the greatest mistake that mankind has ever made!"

As his voice fell, all the people were shocked. They were unable to speak, and unable to calm the chaos in their minds for a long time.

Finally, the younger girl suddenly said, "that's not right! If the origin is really one of the god's warriors, then why would he issue an order like that? Does he want us to kill each other? You are saying that we are all fooled by him?"

The old man shook his head and said, "Even if I didn't tell you his true identity, all major forces will soon reveal his real identity to everyone to suppress this chaos. At that time, no one will believe this order because of the hatred between human beings and god's warriors. With the wisdom of those God's warriors, how can they not see this, and why would they want to waste time doing such meaningless things? But the origin still did it. And I can only think of one reason why he is doing it!"

"What is it?" The young Practitioners looked at the old man as if they were anticipating something.

The old man sighed and said, "I lived in the same era with the origin, and I heard many rumors about him. One of them was that the origin was an eccentric and aloof person. In his life, he had experienced many tragic things, that no one even dares to imagine, and lost everything he had. Therefore, he has reached the extreme of hatred. He hates all the non-human beings on Earth. He hates them so much that he wants to eat their flesh and drink their blood! Even death could not change his hatred... Maybe... Maybe this order came from the human side of him. Maybe he does not want to admit that he is one of those beings that he hates the most!

So as long as his human side still exists, this order is real! And as long as it is real, then we will be able to get the powerful things that are still in his hands. Otherwise, the major forces would have already cleared the Loose Practitioner regiment in Mang mountain.

However, he is still not a human being, one day, he will still return to those god's warriors. So many forces want to take this opportunity to get as many things from him as possible. Once they missed this opportunity, there will not be another chance in the future."

Before the old man finished, a young man next to him suddenly said vigilantly, "There's someone fighting at the front!"

But the old man was not surprised. As if he had known it already, he said, "just several resistance forces. I have received a piece of information saying that they have an important thing on them. Everyone spread out and get ready to fight!"

Chu Yunsheng calmly watched the group of people passing by him one by one. What the old man said didn't surprise him.

He had already speculated that the aliens might have already known that he had one of those god's warrior's sequences. But he knew from his heart that things were not that simple. There must be some other more obscure reasons for the major forces to treat him like this.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want to think about it. No matter what kind of reasons they had, they must pay for what they had done to his family. . .

Silently, he slowly turned his eyes back to the three members of the last resistance force. By this time, they had begun to fight with the big beard guy already.

The big beard guy seemed to be very surprised that the three members of the residence force had prepared such advanced weapons secretly. He had tried to approach the three people's formation several times, but every time he would be forced back by dense energy bullets. Having failed so many times, he was also running out of patience. While cursing, he began to gather a lot of fire energy, ready to break through the bullets' shield.

At this time, a group of practitioners appeared in the valley, which amounted to more than a dozen people. They spread out and quickly surrounded the three members of the residence force.

"Elder Wang, why do you arrive so late?"

Seeing the arrival of reinforcements, the Big beard guy's face instantly showed excitement. On the contrary, the faces of the three members of the residence force were even more livid.

"Put down your weapons, I'll spare your lives!" The imposing aura of the old man who was speaking earlier, instantly increased dramatically.

Chu Yunsheng, who was in a distance, sneered coldly, "Yuan Tian Stage Three!"

With a cold smile, Li Mingchen suddenly stopped shooting and shouted loudly, "Listen up, the Loose Practitioner Regiment, I'm here to deliver a letter. This letter is addressed to the Lord Origin. Take it or not, it is up to you to decide!"

As soon as the old man heard the words, his face instantly dropped. He took out the bow that was hanging on his back, and pulled the string. It seemed like he wanted to kill Li Mingchen.

It was at this moment, a voice as cold as ice suddenly came from the valley.


At the same time, came a strong blast of ice elemental energy. The ground was instantly frozen!

"Yuan Tian Stage Three Third Layer master!" The old man was shocked, and retreated hurriedly.

"Retreat!" he said hurriedly.

"Leave! All of you!"

The voice was freezing, but this time it was directed at the crowds looming outside the valley. It was the people from the Loose Practitioner Regiment.

"Fuck! Not the master from the Loose Practitioner regiment! It's the first master of the Cambrian force!" As if the big beard guy knew the man behind the cold voice, he cursed and immediately retested towards the valley.

"You are mine!" As the voice appeared the third time, a cold man flew in through the icy frost.

"I don't want the letter. Give me that thing! If you resist, you will die!" The voice of the man was permeated with irresistible force, constantly sending chills down to everyone's spine. Even the extremely arrogant Li Mingchen was also shaken by his ice energy.

In the midst of the shock, a man came out of the valley quietly as if he had just appeared out of thin air. With no traces of the energy fluctuations around his body, the man was like an ordinary person. Of course, they would have thought that way, if they had seen the man somewhere else, instead of this valley.

"You can leave. I won't kill you, the Cambrian force is not on my list!" Chu Yunsheng unleashed a Yuan Qi Grab to grab an ice piece in the air to examine the energy contained in the ice piece. The appearance of the Yuan Tian Stage Three Third Layer master was outside his observation plan. So he needed to change his plan slightly.

The cold man stared at Chu Yunsheng's mask, with a complicated look in his eyes, after a while, he murmured, "It's you! They are yours!"

After that, he flew away without turning his head. But before he disappeared, his cold voice appeared in Chu Yunsheng's ears again, "You saved my life once, and I, Zeng Kexin, is a man of my word, The Cambrian force will help you once, but only once!"