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Chapter 494 The First Targe


With Chu Yunsheng's current strength, of course, he would not know that his current state of mind was affected by something hidden deep inside his soul.

So he just said to Yu Hanwu, "Hanwu, Master will help you to get back into your body first."

He then reached out his hand to unleash a Yuan Qi grab to gather all the talismans that were floating in the air earlier and stored them back into the storage talisman.

After that, he grabbed Yu Hanwu's body and got onto another flying monster and flew away.


Luoyang City - an ancient city with thousands of years of history, had already become a ruin now. Even the traces of buildings and streets, that were left behind by modern civilization, seemed to have been crushed and erased by many powerful forces.

The world here was only left with dark and dust. Debris was everywhere, and the entanglement of various complex energies still had not yet dissipated. Everywhere had many signs, showing that there had been an unprecedented fierce battle here before, and it was definitely more than once.

The living environment here was extremely harsh, even the seedling of the plants of the dark age could not be found here. Therefore, the savages definitely would not want to live here.

But this did not mean that there was no one here, on the contrary, in the darkness, there were often many figures in the ruins, moving hurriedly and vigilantly as if they were looking for something.

Compared with the Southern Gate, there were many more figures on Mang Mountain in the North.

Three of them took the opportunity, before the hazy shimmer disappeared in the sky, to rush into the mountain col of Mang mountain.

"It should be here. Through the mountain road over there." A blonde beauty, who was fluent in Chinese, quickly opened her portable holographic map, pointed in one direction and said.

The other two near her were a man and a woman. Surprisingly, under the light of the advanced instruments, one could easily tell that their appearances were top-level, even in the age of light.

After hearing the confirmation of the blonde beauty, the young man, who had a trace of gloom and coldness hanging on the corner of his lips, took out a night-vision-instrument-like glasses from his combat uniform and put it on his face.

Soon after his index finger lightly pressed the green button in the corner of the night vision glasses, the glasses flashed a faint green light. Then lines of geographical positioning, ranging and other three-dimensional numbers began to appear, as he glanced around.

"The things from Sky City are really extraordinary, but I still prefer the masterpiece of Dark Studio of Shu Du. I hope that the order of the origin this time will not disappoint me." With a cold grim, the young man pulled out an unknown type of gun from his back, checked the ammunition clip, and led the way into the long narrow mountain road.

The dark-haired woman on the other side of him, frowned her eyebrows slightly, and her beautiful lips moved unnoticeably. It seemed like she was trying to say something, but in the end, she did not say it. However, she still followed him.

Finally, it was the blonde beauty. The holographic map on her hand seemed to have some detection function. Only after a few times of scanning, was she reassured to follow them.

After all three of them left, a thin shadow slowly stood up behind a big stone not far from them, and the Talisman in his hand flashed once and then disappeared. Silently watching the direction where three people headed, he thought for a second and then began to follow them.

This man was Chu Yunsheng. He had just finished meeting with the loose Practitioners that had been gathered by Luo Qing. At this moment, his eyes were flashing with cold gleams.

"No fluctuation of Yuan Qi energy, all using technological equipment... So they are either Duo Neng race or the last resistance force. But no matter who they are, they will be a great use to me!"

Currently, the forces of the enemies that were on his list were still very big. Showing himself mindlessly in front of them would not do him any good. Instead, it might help their opponents.

The order of the origin had just been spread out no long ago, it had not caused a big stir yet. The sealed monsters also weren't enough, and he still needed more offensive Talismans. So he still had to wait...

As for why Luo Qing wanted to gather her group in the ruins of Luoyang, Chu Yunsheng did not ask. He only knew that she was originally from here, and this was the place where the first war between the human race and God took place.

But now, apart from those who sought for the weapons left behind by the war between the human race and god, all the major forces, including the god's warriors, had long stopped visiting this place. It was said that the party, that won the war, had already taken away the secret that was buried in Mang Mountian. And this place now became a worthless and deserted place that even weed would not grow.

In the eyes of ordinary people, those three people's moving speed could be considered as very fast. But in Chu Yunsheng's eyes, even if without armor, their speed was still nothing.

And when following them, no one in their group was even able to notice him.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng and those people entered a narrow valley. With steep hills on both sides, the valley gave people a gloomy sense of oppression as if there was a vicious beast hiding in the dark.

But nothing happened when they were moving inside the valley. Only until they were about to get out of the valley, a group of practitioners with cold weapons came out from the dark. Several of them were smiling at the three people, who had livid expressions on their faces.

"Li Mingchen, I didn't expect that you're still alive. The garbage in your hands are several generations behind, you couldn't even detect us with them and you still dared to come here?" From the group of practitioners came a big beard guy. He looked contemptuously at the holographic scanning device in the hands of the blonde beauty, and laughed loudly.

"What a fucking joke, the last resistance force? This grandpa would like to see how you are going to resist it today. Fan Ge, let's make it clear first. The blonde girl belongs to me this time." Behind the Big Beard guy came another young man, whose eyes were filled with lascivious gleams, laughing lecherously at the blonde beauty. "Motherfucker, stripping your battle suit off, you are just an ordinary person. You might even be a lowly clone. You should feel lucky that I am interested in you!"

When the man and the two women heard the words, their pupils instantly shrank. The man they called Li Mingchen sneered coldly, while the face of the blonde beauty was filled with anger as she slowly moved her body close to each other, forming a battle formation.

However, before they even started, and the practitioners in the group of the big beard guy started to have disagreement internally. It made Chu Yunsheng also confused for a second.

From the big beard guy's group walked out a young practitioner, who had a dignified appearance. He looked at the big beard guy and said sternly, "Fan Zhizhong, you are a Yuan Tian Stage Two master, I cannot believe that you are doing such despicable things. It is only a few unknown resistance forces, your information is also wrong... I'm afraid that I have no interest in working with a man like you! See you!" After that, the man waved his hands and left with half of the people in the group.

The Big beard guy was also dazed for a second, but soon he gave a contemptuous snort and curse, "Go fuck yourself, you hypocrite! Just because they are not the big fish you expected, you don't think it is worth to offend the Loose Practitioners Regiment! Don't give me this hypocritical reason. There is no one good from Jing Ji Island. They are all hypocrites!"

Nevertheless, as soon as the young man, who had a dignified appearance, left, the number of practitioners in the big beard guy's group instantly dropped by half, leaving with only four or five people in the group.

Chu Yunsheng was hiding in the dark in a distance, silently watching what happened. If there was no Yuan Tian Stage Three master, he didn't plan to get involved.

At this moment, he was like a sheathed sword. If the sword was drawn, then blood must be shed.

The reason why he was coming here was, that he wanted to find out the identities of those three people. If they were indeed the last resistance force, the conflict now would be able to help him to determine the real strength of the last resistance force. This would directly affect his future plan. If they were too weak, they would only become his burden. And if they were Duo Neng race, they would be useful to him, because his first target was Chu Clan's disciples.

Therefore, no matter what the result would be, he did not want to stop them from fighting each other. In fact, he wanted to see them fight each other even more.

If the last Resistance force couldn't cope with a group of Yuan Tian Stage Two masters, he would not waste his time to contact them. Although this decision was very hastily, he didn't have much time to waste.

But it was at that moment, Chu Yunsheng's eyes suddenly moved, and he quickly dashed towards a deep crack on the side of the valley. Soon, there were sounds of footsteps appearing in the valley. Although it was very light, it still could not escape Chu Yunsheng's sensory system.